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Make sure to take out your trash!
Right now the trail is well packed down, which also means its a bit slick and yak tracks would be a good addition. The gate it closed adding about 1.5 miles each way to your hike. This makes is about 3.5 miles each way. Still a pretty popular trail in the future.

I hiked through this canyon two weekends ago with my dog. It was SO awesome. We didn’t go all the way because my dog kept getting nervous and she was sliding on some of the rocks. I would probably bring some booties for her paws next time. There wasn’t any water to walk through which was a bonus(would’ve been so cold!) but it was so pretty and not overly crowded. I’ll be going back when the weather is warmer!

26 days ago

We went in Sept. 2018. If you aren't familiar with finding unmarked hikes, download the GPS map when you are in an area you get cell signal. There is no cell signal in this area. In fact, you'll probably only get signal in Hanksville or Green River, both some distance away. I have a recording under the recording section. The straight line you see in my recording is the drive from the paved road to the unmarked trail head. This drive is a dirt road, but short and manageable by many types of vehicles. Do bring a hat, sunscreen, plenty of water and snacks. When we went, there was only one other couple on the trail, so when we got to the window, we had it all to ourselves. As it was getting dark, we only stayed about 20 minutes. I'd go there again! it's a nice little walk with amazing views.

I love exploring slot canyons. What I like about this trail is that when hiking the loop you hike through several different slot canyons. Non of them look alike. Each has their own uniqueness. I enjoyed hiking counterclockwise. I got some great pictures.

This is a fantastic little hike. There is mention no actual trail to follow and that is correct. There are not many cairns either so it’s helpful to know that once you park, go over the little hill through the wash, and go due WEST. A compass is necessary. Just follow it west through the wash and you’ll be fine.

trail running
1 month ago

Did this finishing just before sunset and the views from the Knob were spectacular and better than the first viewpoint, although both are indeed great.

A fairly short/compact trail, this still packs in the sights, and it was nice to look over and see the Capitol Gorge trail from earlier in the day (nowhere near as good as this!).

Finished this up and down in 2h40 with two bars and no water. A few sips for getting down would have been nice, but the weather was not hot at all.

Started at the creek crossing in a Nissan Pathfinder 4 wd, but didn't need 4 wd. First half is rougher than the second half, which is pretty smooth and a fairly good clip can be maintained. Clear skies, and only saw one other vehicle (Subaru Wagon) on the back half. Roughest section is about a mile or two each direction from the Cathedral Valley Campground.

off road driving
1 month ago

Drove this in early November. I came in from the north along BLM route 920/1 from I-70 and camped on BLM land just east of Temple of The Sun. Vehicle was Jeep Grand Cherokee with 33" BFG KO2 and 2" lift.

Most of the route is pretty easy and could be complete with a stock GC with good tires. There were some stretches of the road that turned into 8" deep gravel mud trenches from melting snow coming off the mountains. The northern half of the loop coming in from Caineville wash was the easiest part. I saw a couple stock Subaru Outbacks in that area that seemed fine. The southern part of the loop from the Fremont river to the campground switchbacks was sprinkled with more challenging stuff.

There are numerous hiking trails along the way that allow you to explore mover of the South Desert and Cathedral Valley. Enough to help break up the drive and allow you to stretch your legs. If you are looking for more of a challenging drive there are a bunch of old mining/BLM routes along the way to push the limits of your vehicle.

2 months ago

Had a blast. Took our Wire-haired Pointing Griffon and he loved it. Definitely a thrill and go prepared. There are some areas we had to walk through standing pools but hey.

2 months ago

Went the first week of November. There was some waist deep water we had to walk through. it was ultra cold. other than that we were able to avoid the other pools. The most entertaining canyon I've done in a while.

Uneven but easy walk to both points. You get the colors of sunset and the sunlight on the cliffs behind you.

2 months ago

It is about 10 miles for the loop, not 8. I went up Little Wildhorse Canyon and then down Bell’s Canyon and loved it. Don’t skip Bells- some people say it’s not as pretty as Little Wildhorse, and if you are looking for a slot Canyon sire that’s true, but I think the variety in landscape and views you get with the entire loop is worth it!

2 months ago

Stunning views and good reward for the effort. I would not do this hike in hot weather though.

The Goosenecks was perfect for sunset! Amazing views all around. Then to Panorama Point to watch the sky change colors over all the rock, it was beautiful.

Not doable after Rain. But still the Canyon is great.

2 months ago

Hiked early in the morning when the sun was just coming up. The orange sunrise really lite up rock and was beautiful

I drove up the gravel road. It’s fine for low clearance cars if you drive slow on the bumps and rocks. It’s much shorter. The Goosenecks Trail goes a little further than you’d think and ends at a fenced in overlook on the edge of the cliff. Sunset is a nice walk to a beautiful view.

11 miles for the loop NOT 8!!

Would do again, but only Little Wild Horse in and out. Glad I did the loop once though.

The views on this hike are spectacular! The Rim Overlook is breathtaking. Once you get over another ridge and find The Castle it is absolutely stunning as well. Would definitely recommend this hike. I went in October so it was not that hot. However the hike has little to no shade, so go early or at a cooler time of the year. The only thing that makes this hike hard is the length. The incline is not bad.

Great hike but you do need a GPS. We did not descend into the ashtray as there was no place to tie off the rope. We went in at a slightly higher level. No one else around

3 months ago

The first overlook is stunning, with sheer cliffs that overlook the main road and let you gaze down the waterpocket fold. The view from the knobs gives a different view, not quite as stunning, but very worth it. I would rate this trail as moderate. Besides the heat, it is not very difficult.

off road driving
3 months ago

Wow. Just wow.

Easy and gorgeous with a full moon view

Surprising slot and very, very accessible — right off the highway. Does get quite narrow and requires a bit of creativity in places, but is not considered technical!

3 months ago

Beautiful! Went early on a weekday and encountered very few people. After walking from the parking lot for about 10-15 minutes you’ll reach the canyon. The trail is not clearly marked, follow brown sign up and to the left. After about another 5-10 minutes you’ll reach the sign for the trail split. In September there was no water.

Went on this hike Sunday the 16th. We’re really amateurs at this stuff. Few hairy spots but u can figure it out. The hike was very hot and glad we had enough water.. The surroundings were beautiful and really peaceful. It took us a good 4 hours to complete. Drive as far as u can down past the parking lot-it will save a lot of sweat. There was water in the rocks not much. I’m 5’1 and it was up to my waist. Glad there was not more! Bless the souls that left the rope! Bless the souls that make it easier for others to enjoy too.

I just spent the last week hiking in Utah and Colorado and this hike was my favorite hike! A must do if you are in Goblin Valley!!

The hike has great views, some decent shade from the afternoon sun and a great ability to explore the area around the trail. Will definitely be doing this trail again in the future.

Stay at Goblin Valley Campgrounds if you can - great spot to camp, with plenty of room, showers and a cool little visitor center with some nice treats to buy.

Not really a specific trail, but you can easily get to the window. A very neat hike that is completely exposed to the elements, so bring plenty of water. Would definitely recommend if you have an hour to take a short hike.

Fantastic, one of my top five ever! I did it alone and haven't seen anybody else there, which wasn't a good idea, as there's some danger in falling in some of the technical parts. You must get wet (I'm 6'4" and it got to my knees 09/10/18), so a pair of sandals in your backpack will prevent you from walking in soking shoes.

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