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trail running
5 hours ago

visit there from time to time. This time I do a trail running in circle with bunny run on the other side 2 weeks ago again. Some places are still wet, muddy and tree fell in 2 places. also some wood small bridges path has some losses. MTB, run or hiking if you don't mind some mud and a little bit off trail. Bunny run on the east side of the river is nice and dry.

This was a pretty good trail, keep in mind this is in winter with feet of snow on the ground, cross-country skiiers were out there. Great for all types, easy trail, well owen in paths and the loop that goes through moore park to the brickworks is a great workout at about 7km.

A long walk, flat and concrete, nice views though. Very hot on a hot day, no shade.

I love this trail. There is ample parking and a few porta potties along the route.
The trail is flat and well maintained. If you are nervous about walking alone in the woods...this trail is for you. It’s clear and there are many friendly hikers around. This doesn’t mean that you won’t see any wildlife. There are many birds including owls, coyote scat, and snakes in summer. A lovely urban-type hike.

Near where I grew up. I swam in the radioactive waters basically my whole life so I’m fucked but it’s home.

1 month ago

there's construction at the beginning point of the trail so parked on Willowbank Trail.

a good place for walking. especially with strollers bc the whole path is widely paved. as for a hike... felt more like a neighborhood walk ... houses along side the path ... there's a river that runs along side the path but u can't really walk beside it ...

definately not secluded or quiet. came during the week . lots of people from the neighborhood walking and then once school is out the children use parts of the path as well.

Started at Limehouse went to Acton.
Took 3hr 45mins

Takes you through fenced in quary, Trail got good at 4th side road.

Really great rustic section between 5th line and Dublin line good and challenging

Good for rollerblading

Nice walk along the Don. Nice for rollerblading.

Great local wooded trail, other then the sound of the odd lawnmower from the houses on the top of the ravine you feel like you're in the middle of much larger forest. I went on a colder fall morning so there wasn't much traffic....definitely going back

Fun and adventurous trail!

trail running
4 months ago

Went Trail Running quite a few time (at least 5 times) over there in Winter and Summer. I only met one Trail Runner so far. 85% are MT Bikers. and 10% are hikers. Most of people bike/run/hike over the west side trail over because it is longer and connect to Crother Wood, Brick Works and then Lower Don Trail and so many trails and park. If you run slow like over 6:30 you shouldn't have problem. Part of the elevation is high and run is narrow, but yeah, just respect the trail and you should be fine. it is pretty now in the fall Sept to Oct. Rather I recommend the east side over the ET Seton park from Arrow shooting yard to the ET Seton park #3 park lot. It's elevation is higher. BTW, great scenes and challenging running.

Pretty busy trail, was under construction when we were there. But definitely beautiful and in a great location!
Not everyone has their dogs leashes, so be cautious of that if trekking with a pooch!

It's more about walking than hiking and can be busy on the weekend. Paved path. If you go at the right time in the Fall, you see the fish swimming upstream.

Absolutely loved this trail.
The trail head at Moore Ave is kind of hidden and not signed at all. It's on the south side of the street. Look for the "Mount Pleasant Visitation Centre" sign on the north side of the street as a landmark; trailhead is directly across from there.
This is a great trail! Beautiful wooded area with rivers/creeks and tons of stuff to see and explore with kids. We went with a group of 8 adults and 8 kids (ages 2.5 - 7 yrs old) and this trail was perfect length and difficulty. Bonus is that we went on Sunday so at the exact halfway point, the brickworks farmer's market was happening so you can get delicious food. We stayed there for a while and then just hiked the same trail back. We didn't technically do the "loop" in that sense.
Will do it again!!!!
Oh - I haven't mastered using this app to find my way in trails so i just asked ppl if I was going the right way towards the brickworks.

love it

off road driving
5 months ago

5 months ago

It's nice but it's not a hike. It's a crowded walk on a paved road. Lots of cyclists on the same path and you have to move out of the way often.

Very pleasant walk in the park.
Very easy. A Beach walk.
Walked for about 2 hours - lots of cyclists.

Too many road treks

Gorgeous in the fall - easy walk.

road biking
6 months ago

great escape from the city, with fantastic views. It's not only open on weekends as someone said in another review. It's just only open from 4pm to 9pm Mon to Fri.

Not really a hike, more of a walk , but definitely worth it and beautiful. Took us 2.5 hours to do the whole thing. Saw lots of wildlife like snakes and muskrats and tons of birds and wild flowers as well. Great views of the city too!

Easy , nice walk.

Beautiful forest and perfect for little kids, my four year olds had no problem with any of the terrain.

7 months ago

If you live in toronto it's a must

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