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My top 10 hikes so far

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Hiked on 3/14. One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done! The views are well worth the steepness battle after Loch Lake. Did it only using microspikes, and like someone before me I did not use the strap on the icy steep part, but instead crawled with my hands around the left side of the boulder that's there. Wind is pretty brutal at all of the lakes and the steepness after Loch is no joke, but well worth the efforts! Would highly recommend!

Hiked this yesterday with my daughter. It was awesome! Some tough climbs at the end with ice and snow pack but well worth it. Micro spikes are a must. A frozen Glass lake and ice fall made for some great pictures.

Wow! The description of this trail is on point, as well as everyone's reviews. We had hiked Emerald Lake the day before and wanted something more challenging... we got it! We wore microspikes and used trekking poles the whole way up. We were hit by a snow storm about halfway to Sky Pond and pushed through. The most difficult part is right before you hit the pond. The trail is barely hiked and therefore you sink pretty deep at such a steep incline. The part where the strap is is extremely icy and therefore I "Spidermaned" my way up the left side of the boulder instead of the right (not using the strap). The pond was gorgeous and frozen solid. *caution** heard a bear as we began our decent down the steep incline. You should bring : snow shoes, microspiked, snow pants, and trekking poles at the very least. *** Also, I dropped our little fox somewhere around Loch Lake, when the snow melts and if he is seen please feel free to contact me via Facebook, he's a precious part of our lives ;(***

4 days ago

March 14... micros spikes needed... snow shows suggested mainly for coming down in slushy snow... this hike was really good... not until hitting the tree line on the north slope does the wind pick up. My guess 70 miles per hour. Make sure and bring face coverage as the last half mile you are walking into the wind with complete exposure. View are amazing and getting to the top was not to hard.

Hiked 3/12. Only used microspikes for the entire hike. Someone has bolted a strap by the only sketchy part of the hike. Slid most of the way down on my coat. Definitely recommend if you are in shape for it. If you’re questioning it at the lock its best to not go up. It only gets steeper from there. If you take snowshoes make sure to also bring spikes for the sheet of ice you have to climb before glass lake

Hiked on 3/3 and it was spectacular! Minimal wind and plentiful sunshine. Not much need for snowshoes until you continue up in elevation. The ice on the falls made it difficult, so ditch your snowshoes and go with microspikes at that point. Make sure you download the map and have adequate GPS as the snow can often lead you astray from the main trail. I also misplaced my cell phone at the bottom of Glass Lake (Lake of Glass?) if anyone finds it in the snowmelt. :)

Hiked this a few months ago and was just as amazing as everyone says. Definitely a difficult hike and not for everyone. Getting above Timberline Falls was very sketchy and difficult with the ice and wind but is necessary to make it all the way. I can't wait to come back up here in Summer

Took a pack of flatlanders up for a morning hike and had an amazing time. Wind was brutal so make sure to bring a face mask and lots of layers. No snowshoes are needed but I would advise using boots this time of year at the bare minimum. Download the map to use offline as the trail splits in a few places that can be confusing. Amazing views, and a challenging but rewarding hike.

Started early in the morning to make sure I got a parking spot. Wore spikes and carried snowshoes. The trail was well traveled with hard pack/ice at times. No need for the snowshoes. The weather was absolutely perfect! Sun, blue skies and not much wind (relatively) at all. The Loch, Glass Lake and Sky Pond all ice with no/little snow cover. The climb up Timberline Falls not bad at all and someone placed a strap at the point where it there is ice. At the lakes, a lot of exposed rock, ground so easy to get around. On the way back, the snow was softer after the sun on it all day long. Hiked it in the summer and first in winter and both beautiful in their own ways.

Such a stunning hike! You can’t go wrong with hikes in Rocky Mountain but on this hike you pass so many other falls and lakes there is so much along the way. We had our trekking poles and spikes on. I don’t think we could have competed this hike without them. Very slushy in some areas and ice in others.

19 days ago

beautiful place to go.

This was an amazing hike/snowshoe, the trail is fully covered in snow and snow shoes definitely advised. We didn’t make it to the sky pond sines the last climb near the frozen waterfall is ALL ice, we felt it was to dangerous to climb.

Wow! My favorite in Rocky!

For 2/2 we turned around at the lake of glass with winds literally blowing us over. Broke trail most of the way past Loch vale second to wind blown snow- will definitely be back!

Great weather. 5 hours round trip from TH. Snowshoes definitely needed. Able to scramble up falls on rocks but microspikes were helpful. Trail was easily visible.

I found prior reviews to be largely accurate--this hike would be rated "moderate" save for the final scramble up to Sky Pond, at least in winter. I found a heavily-compacted trail from the parking lot to Lake of Glass, with occasional ice and bare spots, easily handled in microspikes. The short distance from Lake of Glass to Sky Pond appears to be much less travelled, so less compacted. Snowshoes were necessary and very useful. The mapped trail is difficult to pick up in snow cover along the west side of Lake of Glass, so it appears many previous hikers just walked to the far end of the (fascinating) frozen lake where it narrows to a point. From there, I advise staying along the right side of the gorge going uphill, as the pass to the top of Sky Pond occurs on that side. I mistakenly followed a pair of snowshoe tracks up the left bank of the ravine for a half mile, only to reach Sky Pond on the wrong side of monumental ice and boulders, and no way to continue. Took an extra hour re-routing off-trail (must've been a mountain goat wearing those 'shoes).

2 months ago

We hiked this as part of a three-day trip with Buchanan Pass in late August. it was awesome, but get an early start. Cliuds roll in and you will wouldn't want to he is there in the rain.

2 months ago

Loved this hike! It had everything from breathtaking views to animals to scrambling up rocks to summit!

2 months ago

Challenging hike in the snow. Considering having under weighted snowshoes - the hike was doable with only boots to about halfway. I'd recommend snowshoes from there just to make the hike more enjoyable. The steep climb up to Glass Lake is a bit tricky as it's icy, just confirm your footing and proceed cautiously.
Recommendations: A light pack, snow shoes, start early.

3 months ago

Did this in 9/2016. 3rd ever hike and it was brutal above tree line. Little bit of snow, sleet and rain....and lots of wind. Last 3/4 mile up visibility was terrible. Fellow hiker caught up to me and we booked it to the top. No views whatsoever! Would've turned around if I continued by myself as the weather was getting rough. Started this hike at 7:30 AM. Wear light but very warm and wind resistant clothing if doing this late Sept! Stayed in the small town of Nederland after, awesome place!

3 months ago

I did this in the snow. My favorite part was sliding down from Lake of Glass on my derrière

beautiful hike. views are amazing. trail is packed snow and a bit icy, yack tracks did the trick for me. the last part up is some what sketchy. a little icy and a sort or rock scramble but really not that bad. deffinetly recommend doing this hike now. great experience in the winter! enjoy

It was a beautiful day to hike. Did this hike w/o crampons but can come in handy once you pass Loch. Here is snow but manageable. It’s definitely worth trying now! It looks great w/ snow w/ breathtaking views!

I thought I would be able to access sky pond based on the reviews... I made it halfway up the frozen waterfall using microspikes and trekking poles. It got way too sketchy for me. It was completely ice and I could not get good grips; If you fall, you could die. So I turned back at this point. I think crampons and an ice pick or something would be more ideal. Although, I'm sure some people made it past this point with only microspikes and trekking poles, but I did not feel like risking my life.

where the trail splits to go to Andrews glacier is it covered in snow. snowshoes are required at this point. I hiked maybe 1/4 mile in microspikes but the postholing was just too often so I had to abort and turn around.

3 months ago

Did Flat Top to Hallett - very good workout, great views, definitely challenging but rewarding! Very steep with elevation gain. Need lots of water + snacks!

I’ve lived/worked in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area for the last 4 years. Two-thirds of this trail is above the tree line. An early start is strongly recommended...no later than 9:00 am. The fee was raised in 2017 to $11.00.

One of my favorites in RMNP. Bring your crampons or microspikes in the winter!

Great conditions this thanksgiving weekend, awesome trail. I highly recommend. Took about 3 hours 45 Min to get to Sky pond.
Some reviews say you need “crampons” to complete this, I disagree strongly. All you need is micro spikes and poles, snowshoes might be needed later in the season for powder. There is a frozen waterfall which might be a good ice climbing spot (only place I can think of that you would actually need crampons + axes),but you don’t have to climb it to get to sky pond. There is a trail covered in ice nearby (has a sign saying “sky pond”) that goes to the top that circumvents the main falls. Hopefully this helps!

Amazing in the winter, less crowded than Emerald lake right nearby making it less icy and a very peaceful hike.

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