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38 minutes ago

Beautiful hike!! Be prepared for weather changes. Sleeted and rained on us the whole way back off and on. Beautiful scenery! Snowed on peaks across from us. Lots of picture opportunities!!

39 minutes ago

Some great views of the valley and a very reasonable hike.

2 hours ago

This was a really fun trail to do, however when you get down to the lake there seemed to be an avalanche that made it hard for me to find the trail. I turned back because I felt uncomfortable being down there on my own, but it would have been doable. the trail down is very slippery and snowy. I saw people in running sneakers making their way down, but I'd really urge against that. the way up is pretty steep, but the views were so rewarding that it made the crazy weather and terrain all worth it. This trail will probably be cleared up closer to late July, but it's still doable.

Getting an early start is key. The falls were beautiful and going the extra steps to the ink pots are worth it!!!!

Great views of the water- stick to the river! Made the mistake of going through the forest unnecessarily.

Great hike when you are limited on time. The views were wonderful. Challenging at parts and switchbacks were a nice change.

Amazing views!!!

We hiked it on a foggy day so you couldn’t see all the tops of the surrounding mountains. Felt like another world as a result! We didn’t see any moose but several hikers on the trail said they had earlier that morning. Just the right amount of people - not nearly as crowded as other popular trails in the park. Very flat, too.

on Lake Agnes Trail

6 hours ago

Beautiful view along the way to it. From lake Louise and lake mirror and further up to Agnes. Three steps to explore further and further. Amazing!

6 hours ago

Steep in the trees but then levels off to beautiful views

Leg burner with amazing views. At the very top it’s a bit of a scramble on loose rock. Noticed all levels of hikers on the trail. For people that don’t hike much, it’s a challenging but rewarding trail. I’ll do it again once my legs have forgotten ;)

7/14/2018: wasn’t sure how I was going to like this trail at first but it was worth it. Has a little of everything... forest, rocky “open” terrain (looks almost desolate), ice glaciers, blue lakes and basins, and even a waterfall. I would recommend doing this hike clockwise to get the sharp incline out of the way. The back half will be more of a gradual decent and easier on the knees and the last few miles will be more on flat terrain (I like having easier miles at the end of hike in case of any injuries or pains that could occur at the higher elevations). Bring sunscreen as a good portion of hiking is out in the open. And bug spray. There were also a few trail runners on this route as well as solo hikers.

Stunning hike - not to steep, and the ground is very easy to walk on! If you want more of a challenge, continue on to the Big Bee Hive!

10 hours ago

This is a premier hike in the Canadian Rockies and it is not difficult to access or hike. You quickly get into views of the Columbia ice field, Mt. Athabasca, the Athabasca Glacier, and Dome Glacier. The views are spectacular!

Highly recommended hike, leg burning hike for sure, hard on the lungs going up, hard on the legs/knees going down, very steep all the way up, but worth the view at the top, please make sure you have enough water to last you a total of 4 hours, i find that going down was much easier for me so only took us 1.5 hours going down compare to going up took us 2.5...this is a difficult hike for a beginner like me, make sure you are with someone who will push you all the way...wear hiking shoes and use trekking poles, it’s a big help....and oh yeah bring snacks:) will give you energy going down...hope you will have fun just like me who almost gave up after 30 minutes, but nonetheless #IMADEIT so #WORTHIT, oh and go there early so it’s not busy, we went up around 9:30 am less busy but when we came down around 12:30 lots of people are going up....you have to wait for people to pass through as the trail is very steep....

18 hours ago

Beautiful hike. Some steep sections. Some later sections through loose boulders. A nice mix of open and covered areas.

18 hours ago

Easy and relaxing hike. I got to the trailhead around 8:30 AM on a Saturday. I only passed two other couples on the way up and had the lake to myself for a while. On the way back I passed lots of hikers on their way to the lake and the parking lot was full when I got back to my car. I would recommend getting an early start to beat the crowds. Also, there were quite a few muddy spots along the trail that you have to deal with, but other than that the trail is in good shape.

Fabulous hike! Good incline for the first couple of kilometres but nothing too strenuous.

19 hours ago

Amazing hike!! Absolutely beautiful!! A challenge but worth every step!! Saw longhorn sheep and a grouse and definitely scenic!! Beautiful picture opportunities the whole trek!! Another beautiful part of the park!! Don’t miss this one!!

eine super Tour mit immer wieder tollen Ausblicken

Amazing hiking. Recommended

10/10 views. Lots of steps. Sooo many people at the top, but you will get why, as the view is magnificent. scramble down some rocks to get picks without 100 million people in them. the color of the lake is un like anything. Watch out for thieving chipmunks.

10/10 views. Paved, very short trail with steep incline to the look out. Bathrooms in the parking lot. SOOO many people acting like fools.

Easy hike. Beautiful payoff!

Best destination hike I’ve ever done. So pretty. Go early- beat the crowds AND the bugs. We were on the trail by 830. Saw a few people. On the way back after 1240-yikes, Dear God, it was crowded. And hot! There’s a lot of exposed trail on the latter end with no shade so I’m imagining those hiking had to be miserable. At least the icy lake at the end could cool them off. Baby waterfalls and one big waterfall about 1/2way frequent the path. Fortunate enough to see a female mouse grazing the hillside. Views for days. And then the lake-There’s no adequate words in the English language to describe Iceberg Lake. Think of a mermaids tail and you might be close in visualizing the glorious color of the water. Don’t miss this hike!

Good warm up hike for future hiking during the summer months

So pretty! We arrived at the park before 8 but by the time we were able to load a shuttle, it was after nine- keep that in mind! We shuttled from apgar- we didn’t want to take the chance on parking once we got up there.
Like others before me have said- go early to beat the crowds- somewhat! My advice to crowd haters like myself- go the extra mile around to the other side of the lake. You can be more by yourself. It’s a gorgeous hike

On the trail at 7:30 AM with few other hikers. Busier on the way back but not crowded. Beautiful easy hike. Gorgeous clear lake. Boardwalk section is accessible for all abilities and quite lovely.

1 day ago

Not a long hike, but fairly steep. It's worth going up to the Little Beehive or Big Beehive from Lake Agnes. Less chance of running into a bear with all the people on the trail :)
Parking at Lake Louise however, is a whole other story! Went on a Thursday, got there at 10am and still had to go back to the shuttles and wait 45 min to get on one.... The entire day we had to be mindful of the time so we don't miss the shuttle back... Very dissapointing that they can't build more parking.

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