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Absolutely gorgeous view and really easy to get to.

Great hike, one of the most scenic and rewarding ones in Banff area, especially doable for not such experienced hikers. Anyone in moderate/average shape can do it (you just go slower). People of all ages including children and toy dogs were even making Sentinal Pass! The trail starts with a incline, turning into switchbacks to ease the elevation gain (this makes it a lot easier for the average person). It then opens up into a much flatter valley with larches, incredible in late September with golden colors and a super view of the 10 peaks. The flat valley gradually opens to a slight incline over a km or two until you reach some lakes, one at the base of Sentinal Pass. When I went in the morning on Sunday Sept 23/18, Banff area had a week of rain/snow and there was fresh snow that fell that night. I did use my microspikes due to the snow/ice up the pass (I also had poles), and it made the trek far far easier. The incline up the pass is steeper in parts with scree slope down the sides but looks worse at a distance than it is. Having the right equipment makes it very easily managed although some people were going up the pass with just sneakers but were slipping and sliding more. Most people that went stopped at the lakes and did not go up the pass that day due to all the snow/ice and poor traction. Extremely busy on a weekend in later September (larch season) shows just how manageable this trail is for most anyone. Go on a clear day for outstanding views and have the right equipment just in case. The weather can change as you go up, too. It was raining as we went up, changing to snow but luckily cleared by the time we got to the top rewarding us with great views. Enjoy this classic hike that will make you want to get out even more!

1 day ago

We were out on September 23. Beautiful trail, but muddy at the beginning. Once you get out of the forest the views are great. We did see a grizzly on the trail, from about 80 meters away. We had an air horn and a loud whistle which seemed to work. Didn’t need bear spray. Be prepared

2 days ago

Did this hike mid-sept and it was outstanding. Great views thru Larch Valley and even better when you get up the scree path (steep, but not scary, nor dangerous) at Sentinel Pass. We stopped there and did not go on to Temple Mtn because that started to get too steep for us.

Such a beautiful hike and great views from the pass. There was lots of fresh snow on the hike from the larch valley up to the pass, micro spikes for your hiking boots are really a must in these conditions and on that type of slope.

Short, Steep hike up the road from where the cars parked. Buses were allowed all the way up. Crazy, pushy tourists crowded onto the icy trail from the buses to the view of Peyto Lake.

A-ma-zing. Even with bad weather (snow today) very well worth the trip. The last part, to Sentinel pass, is quite icy...so watch your step.

One of my all time favourite views.

We did this hike today and it was nothing short of amazing! If you decide to go up to sentinel pass make sure you have proper gear. It is very icy coming back down and if you slip it’s a long way down!

6 days ago

Wonderful, easy hike up to the ridge and stunning views. Very windy, come prepared. Path is icy snow, hiking poles help. Please stay on trail.

We did this as part of a Loop : parked midway up Moraine lake road at the Paradise Valley parking lot (first we dropped off bicycles at Moraine Lake). We hiked paradise valley to Sentinel Pass, then over the pass and Larch valley to Moraine lake road. Then we biked back to the car. It was about 21km of hiking and 950m elevation but it was just gorgeous! Paradise Valley in particular was breathtaking.

8 days ago

Wonderful hike. A little tough up the scree path to the Pass, but not too bad and the views at Sentinel Pass are worth it. One of my favorite hikes.

8 days ago

Gave it a 3 because it was so snowy/cloudy/foggy that we couldn’t even see the water. Trail was snow/ice covered and very slippery. Definitely not worth the drive when it is snowing as the roads were snow covered with sheer drop offs with very few guard rails. People were driving with their flashers on and cars/buses were backed up (ie, at a stand still) trying to get up the mountain road. Cars were turning around to go back to Banff on a very narrow mountain road with curves and very limited visibility. We made it to The Crossing, spent the night, and with more snow being forecasted decided not to continue onto Jasper, but to go back to Banff. Disappointing.

Beautiful view! Saw the fox outline and mountains surrounding it so clearly. 12/10 would recommend.

Definitely not a hike, rather a walk to a view point of Morraine Lake. Great views from the top of the lake and surrounding mountains (though we went today 9/13 and there was heavy snow and limited visibility so the view was very obstructed). Parking is extremely limited and unless you get there early will need to park elsewhere and take a shuttle (for a fee I believe) or be part of a tour group. The one huge drawback (other than lack of parking) is the large number of tour groups that show up and inundate the trail and view points. To me really takes away from the beauty of the place when are trying to enjoy it and people are jostling to get past you to take their millions of selfies. It seems that many would rather take pictures of themselves there then taking in the beauty of it all.

The view from the top is of course spectacular, but this is not a hike. Just a short climb up a series of rock staircases.

12 days ago

This trail is well-trafficked and it’s clear why. The views at the top of the pass are absolutely spectacular! Be prepared for changing weather conditions on the way up, as it was sunny when we started, started snowing lightly midway up, and was snowing a bit harder up at the pass. Because of the heavy foot traffic, the trail is easy to follow. The elevation increases quickly at the start and at the end on the switchbacks up to the pass, but the middle of the trail is easy to manage. Overall, incredibly beautiful and well worth the effort!

The most beautiful hike of my life from start to finish. Started by doing the short flat lakeside trail around the lake, then up and up all the man switchbacks. It’s a challenging hike for the grade, and takes about an hour to an hour and a half if you’re young and in shape, but well worth your efforts. The view at the top is a perfect scene with the Ten Mountains peaks being a feast for the eyes! I recommend a later hike as the trail clears out and when you get to the bottom the light causes a great reflection of the surrounding mountains on the lake.

14 days ago

Great easy hike to expansive views of the Saskatchewan Glacier below. Switchbacks for about a mile up before the trail reaches the ridge and the views begin. The hike to the end of the trail gives the best views but the slope gets pretty exposed, with the thin, rocky trail passing through a steep scree field. Still, a good reward for relatively little expended effort. We got there relatively early (10 AM) and the lot was nearly full. Up and down in about 2.5 hours, with ample time to gawk at the views and take a lot of photos.

Hiked to Larch Valley. The view of Ten Peaks is well worth the effort. You won't get much solitude because of heavy trail use. Definitely a challenging trail because of the steep grade.

So epic!

Such a marvelous lake !

This is a good hike with beautiful views. We ran into a grizzly 50 yards off the trail just as you leave the trees nearing the top of the hike. We saw another 3 on the west slopes of Mist Mountain (1000 yards away). Go prepared and make lots of noise!

Hiked to Larch Valley. Definitely one of the best views of Ten Peaks - worth the steep climb, assuming it's a clear day!

We went late afternoon and it was very crowded! A lot of buses and tourists ! We were a bit disapointed but we walked the main trail anyway and took a trail away from the main path after the belvedere! What a good choice we made !! The view is much more impressive! And you can appreciate your moment without having thousands of tourists behind your back ! My advice: take the small trail after the belvedere!

Best hike in Banff hands down - must do on a clear day. Try and go early, the trail is empty and Lake Moraine is best in the morning. Seeing all 10 peaks from Larch Valley is unforgettable.

Very crowded, but beautiful views

21 days ago

This is a fairly easy hike. Lots of kids and dogs on this trail. As with any hike, the earlier you get there the less crowded it will be. The views are spectacular!! I’d do this hike again just for the views alone .. loved it. It was chilly and windy on the ridge so be prepared to add a layer of clothing.

Excellent trail - we started around 9 and it took us just over two hours to ascend to the top. There was snow coverage and quite a bit of ice. It is very windy at the top of the pass so make sure you wear a good jacket! The descent was a little tougher than the ascent because we didn't bring poles with us. We had good hiking boots, but next time we'd definitely go back with poles for a quicker descent.

Amazing! We started at Lake Moraine and hiked up to the switchbacks at the pass. The meadow at the top was gorgeous. We couldn’t make it up the switchbacks because it was too icy and we had no gear (you’d need poles at least), but it was still an awesome hike.

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