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Lots of rocks going up and hard to find some footing, but well worth the slight challenge. Coming back down the valley side was relaxing and had beautiful views.

I've been here multiple times & it's one of my favorite hikes in Boulder. South Boulder Creek is a great place to take a break for picture taking or have a lunch/snack or just take in the beautiful scenery. I tracked it at 7.6 miles. Beware...don't leave wallets or purses in your car! When I was getting out of my car, an older couple warned me that their window got broken & a wallet was stolen!

on Meyer Ranch Park Trail

1 day ago

Perfect for small kids. The aspen are stunning.

Very nice trail. Great views of the area. Started early when cool so it went great! Got a little steep for at the top for a flatlander.
Would recommend for everyone except young kids. Great time!

trail running
2 days ago

Going left: nice declines!! 7.8 miles. Not difficult :)

Outstanding hike! Probably one of my top 5.

We took the steeper side up, and it took a little more than an hour to get to the top. It was worth every step. Lots of beautiful views throughout the trail.

We got a late start around ten; it wasn’t crowded, but it was hot. There are some shady places.

Wouldn’t recommend any kids on this trail. The terrain gets pretty rocky.

Good short morning hike, with some rocky areas

Great hike; great views! It is somewhat busy, though. Pack lots of water and expect some rock scrambling.

love this loop and have done it with my dog multiple times. My only concern would be that I don't believe it's only 7.3 miles. my fitbit eve time has put it closer to 8.5-9, just a heads up!

Awesome trail! We started on the East side of the mountain and went up Dakota Ridge trail. It was a nice hike but very hot outside starting at around 9 am. I would suggest getting there earlier and bring water.

Definitely medium difficulty due to slope and rocks. The distance is accurate, but assumes hiking the Summit Trail only. The Nature and Summit trails split about 500 feet above the parking lot.

Started out at 7:15 a.m. with only two other cars in the lot. Saw only a few people the entire time. Fairly nice semi-obstructed views eastward after about the first or second mile. The trail runs along a contour line for the first mile or so, with a steep downhill drop (not for the faint of heart). The summit is a little underwhelming, with limited views.

Lots of road noise for the first mile, and someone decided to put a materials yard/quarry just downhill from the first set of switchbacks, which makes a lot of noise for the first mile or two. There's a public park being built across Highway 34, so expect some potential construction delays getting to the trailhead.

10 days ago

Nice trail run or hike on biking prohibited days. Saw some wildlife and had a great 4 mile hike!

We love it's close convenience to Denver. It's beautiful year round.

We started this hike just before 7pm and made it to the top in exactly 1 hour. The trail is very well marked so we had no trouble finding our way. We did The Valley side up (also well marked at the trailhead) and the other side down (40 minutes to descend). The Valley side seems a bit longer since it starts very gradual and leads to a steep incline for the last 3/4 mile or so of the hike whereas the other side is more of a direct route. The views are well worth it, especially for a trail so close to town. Although we started late there was a decent number of people on the trail. Many trail runners too. I assume we hit it at a time when the traffic was modest though. I’ll be repeating the hike in the opposite direction just to give it another go. Very enjoyable and a workout!

Beautiful! Most difficult part was the way down-a bit hard to find footing.

A lot steeper than expected but worth it. A good workout and a good hike for those starting off like myself. Hard enough for a challenge but not too long or strenuous to where it was impossible. Tired at the end but glad I went. Came up the valley side to start, had to get on my hands as I got closer to the top. Gets very crowded as the day goes on, coming down there were a lot more people to pass than going up.

Good hike. Went up mount Sanitas and came back down via the Valley. Very easy to follow. Started at 7am on a Sunday and saw very few people. Great for the dog, she had a blast. Going up mount sanitas is a decent climb. Coming back down the valley is a bit steep at first, had to use hands a few times. After the first bit, it’s just a long flat walk for most of the loop back. Took about 2hr total including 15min stop at the top.

Trail was scenic, but with the elevation gain was pretty steep at times for my young kids. We made it around the whole loop pretty quickly though even with the steep grade. In all a nice hike that was closer for us since we live on the south side of Denver.

Tougher than I thought. But view is great at top!

This is a beautiful trail! It is easily made into a 3.3 mile loop, if you cut off the Benjamin Loop section. If there is a lake, I have never seen it, and I have been there many times to hike or mountain bike. If you want to hike or trail run, go there Wednesday or Saturday, when mountain biking is prohibited.

Beautiful view of Boulder valley and there is a lot shade from tree when it is a hot sunny day. Enjoy your hiking

Great hike with beautiful views at the summit! It's tough! Make sure your pup is ready for rough terrain and lots of leaps. Our 50 lb. Bassett-Pointer was a trooper but she'll sleep away the next two days in recovery...

We arrived at the trailhead just before sunrise around 5am. There was only one car in the lot other than ours. I would recommend getting there early, because as we were leaving around 7:45am it was already packed. We went up the side with the steps and came down in the valley. Coming down in the valley was a little bit harder, because there was some difficulty in finding your footing. We both complained the trail was a bit too rocky for our tastes. However, the view coming down in the valley was SO worth it. Rated 4 stars, because it mostly looked over Boulder & surrounding areas at the top, and it was a bit rocky throughout. Great hike for the morning though!

trail running
20 days ago

This trail has so many ecological features and a real diversity of landscapes. You get everything from meadows, to forests, to waterfalls. There are even some spots that look like they have good bouldering potential! Great medium-hard trail run/hike. I ran the parts I could (flat or slightly downhill sections) and finished in a little less than 2.5 hours.

Definitely not the correct distance but such a nice hike. Lots of cactus blooming, wildflowers, berries (even some raspberries) Definitely “moderate” especially after you reach the rocky outcroppings. The inclines are pretty demanding.
There is lots of shade and a tiny spring halfway up. Will do it again soon!

Love this trail! It has ups, downs, rushing water, sun, shade, views, birds, wildlife, flowers, trees, and amazing rock formations. Went solo on a cool sunny Saturday morning and saw fewer than a dozen others on the trail, mostly going the opposite way. I went clockwise and a young man running past told me to watch out for the bear near the switchbacks, which made me that much more mindful and appreciative of the beautiful terrain as I kept my eyes peeled (didn’t see the bear after all). I took lots of photo breaks and finished the loop in about 3.25 hours. Would love to bring a bike next time! Downhills would be a blast, but I would definitely allot plenty of time for the uphill parts.

Beautiful views of Boulder. Decently challenging but nothing crazy, it is a great way to spend a morning.

its a great trail to bring less than in shape visitors to hike.

Awesome hike! We enjoyed it so much.

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