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Beautiful hike! A little difficult on the way up, but I can’t complain about the views!

Beautiful hike!! We had a sunny crisp (35deg) day and it was perfect!

Remarks from the Buck Ridge Trail Overseer for exactly twenty years. I helped rescue this trail from planned abandonment in the late seventies. Perfect circuit when coupled with the more attractive and older Buck Hollow Trail. There are, BTW, 612 steps at the bottom. I know. Patrick Wilson and I dug most of them in. Boy Scouts lugged most of the steps up when needed. Patrick was…and may still be…the Buck Hollow Trail Overseer. Of all the Blue Blaze trails along the AT, BRT has the greatest altitude change in a short distance. Something like 1800’ in a quarter mile. Don’t hold me to those numbers. I last did the circuit in 2012 when I was 78 (6 ½ hrs). I love that trail.

great exercise hike. plenty of spots that open up to see some views, took me only 3 hours 10 mins with a little delay . would do again for sure

We hiked this on 2/27/18 and it’s a beautiful journey. I recently had major reconstructive foot surgery due to an injury back in October so I was a little worried and probably a lot crazy to to do this hike but I faired very well. I will say that though the description says kid friendly, in my opinion this trail is ok for older kids maybe 10 and up. I have a 11 year old daughter she wasn’t with us but I cannot imagine bringing younger kids on this trail. There are some tricky areas and the up hill journey back would entail lots of carrying or complaining from younger children. I don’t recommend his trail for children under 10 unless you plan on carrying them a lot. It’s a beautiful view once you get down to the falls. Would definitely go back.

Just hiked this trail today in an inch of slushy snow. The first 4 or so miles were pretty steep and challenging. After that it was a breeze. I’d say this one is on the tougher side for Shenandoah N.P. Certainly moreso than it’s neighbor Old Rag.

The falls were epic after all the recent rain. Going down to the base is absolutely necessary. You won't be disappointed. The return is all uphill and it wore me out a bit, but not too bad. I did the loop with the fire road and part of the AT.

The trail the app took us on was extremely challenging by horseback - borderline dangerous. Thank goodness we had good horses! Wouldn’t recommend riding in the wintertime as the trail was frozen solid at the highest points of the path. Several really slippery, rocky, mountainous areas where we dismounted & lead our horses. No doubt a beautiful hike but wouldn’t recommend for horses.

Nice easy trail! Beautiful at the top!

Just moved to Virginia and wanted a nice first hike in the state, I’m used to doing longer, strenuous hikes in NC so I was worried about this being too easy since it’s a moderate trail. It was actually a great trail with just enough challenge, rocky and ice/snow in February but still beautiful. View is absolutely worth it, I bought a park pass so I can keep exploring this area.

Would not recommend for kids under 12 who aren’t experienced. It’s all fine and dandy going down, but the whole return trip is uphill.

Loved doing this loop today! Was able to do the summit of both Stony Man and Little Stony Man in one go. Was a bit muddy and there were parts of the trail covered in ice so be mindful if you’re going during the colder months.

My first time back to the Shenandoah’s in more than 20 years and the Mary’s Rock summit did not disappoint. Fun hike, and the view at the top was literally breathtaking. It was possibly a combination of beauty and the fact that the wind chill was -10, but breathtaking nonetheless. A hike my kids would love in the summer. Can’t wait to go back.

Gorgeous! If you are in this area and you do not check this site out, then you’ve missed out!

2 months ago

Lovely views and solitude during the winter. It’s an easy hike for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness.

Great trail. Hiked two weeks ago with 4 inches of snow on the ground. Will hike again in the Spring.

Great trail to hike up close to the falls. Long downhill track in the beginning.

Phenomenal view at summit. Kid-friendly trail with shallow gradient.

Beautiful trail! We hiked this in december and there was some snow on the ground, a lovely hike with rocks and trails, dogs are allowed, not too heavily trafficked and a beautiful view from the top!!

Tough trail with killer views , hiked up old rag after from the bridle trail and this one is tougher . Lots of crunchy leaves so bring poles ! Make sure to check out the trails near and at the top with some good view points .

Nice moderate hike.

Hiked Robertson mountain trail yesterday but the clouds never cleared up to enjoy the view.

Loved this trail. Only went to the summit, so out and back was under four miles.

4 months ago

Good for families and kids. Great view from the look out point

4 months ago

Great view well worth the trip oct 18 2018

Begin at the trailhead at Red Byrd cabin. It's near mile marker 22. Follow trails doing left turns. Trail is long inclined but also long flat areas. Not incredibly beautiful but a nice walk in the woods.

A little crowded at Stony Man overlook, but a nice hike.

4 months ago

This is actually South River Falls Trail. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful hike!

Pretty crowded. Very rocky. With so many leaves on the ground, it made the rocky trail a little treacherous. Very glad we had on hiking boots, but wish we had hiking poles. Views make it worth it!

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