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Jump in the water

3 days ago

We parked on the side of the road on Hwy 11. This route is 1.5 miles longer making your hike 8 miles round trip. It’s also much steeper with a lot more switchbacks that make you want to turn around. A few small creeks to cross but they were not a problem. At the 2 mike mark, you will come to a lookout point with a bench to sit down and have a snack. It’s a beautiful view and if you feel you need to stop there then that would be the place. If you have the energy, keep going. Once to the top of Oyster dome all the switch backs were worth it. It’s amazing up top.

5 days ago

The trail was well maintained and moderately trafficked. There are some slippery roots near the creeks so use caution. The view is worth the switch backs that will make you wonder how much further. But the switch backs are only .75 or less miles depending on where you are at on them from the sign to turn toward the dome. Which is only .25 miles from that! Use caution with small children and the dome edges .

great views. very snowy on april 18 2018. extra gear needed to reach the top due to weather that time.

10 days ago

11 days ago

Steep. Wet. Worth it.

Went last weekend. Good hike. It is difficult. This was my first time doing it. I look forward to doing in the summer time. I would highly recommend taking micro spikes. My dad did it without but it was much more difficult.

Leg Day!!! A nice challenge. The journey is definitively worth the destination here! You'll be glad you did this one. Fair warning, the water is freezing cold! Even in July.

14 days ago

The lake is stunning. Went and camped here on a perfect weekend last summer. Does not disappoint

21 days ago

Great view but bring spikes for the last 400 meters

It was definitely difficult for us but so worth it!

Easier way up/down to than the old trail

23 days ago

This hike is a must-do on a clear day- you can see so many peaks, including Rainier right in your face! We did this on Saturday and hit snow about 2/3 of the way up. While many of the people we saw had microspikes, we didn’t. I would say if you have them, use them, but if you don’t own them (like us) you will be just fine as long as you have trekking poles. We were also able to glissade part of the way down from the top- so fun :)

23 days ago

Nice day for hiking! We got snow all the way. Took us 5hrs to the top. Amazing view- love it!

24 days ago

Amazing view! Challenging trail but definitely worth the effort!

24 days ago

Great trail and beautiful view. Get there early, by noon it’s hard to find parking.

The most beautiful trail yet!! We hiked up to Lily Lake first and then Oyster Dome. When we got back to my car, three people where paragliding. There was a little bit of snow around the lake but everything else was clear.

Hiked this yesterday for the first time and I submitted in just my hiking boots, no spikes. My friend, who never ever hikes and is 40 lbs over weight, got to within 100 yards of the mailbox but did not have good footwear. He was wearing running shoes with wool socks pulled over them for gripping, gym shorts and a Superman shirt. This is instantly my most favorite hike. there are minimal flat spots, all climibing or decsending, and a few gorgeous views that can bring a grown man to his knees. Treking poles really help extend endurance. The snow on the pass was slick slush, worthy to slow down and gain sure footing.

on Oyster Dome Trail

29 days ago

Amazing views of Salish Sea. We went in July so no mud or ice. Incredibly haunting old trees despite the sign of loggers from a time past. Strenuous but you can do it with kids if you park at the top lot.

Can’t wait to go back (bonus that it gives an excuse to visit Bellingham afterwards for a beer at http://www.aslanbrewing.com

On Sunday a friend and I climbed to the top of Mailbox Peak I made this video along the trail: https://youtu.be/NjPD0IV5a8M

We parked at the lower parking lot and at 6am we started our hike up the new trail the snow was patchy until mile 2ish where it turned into a solid snow pack. The trail was very well maintained and cleared I would recommend crampons but micro spikes work. We reached the top around 9:30am with clear skies and almost no wind. We headed down about 15 minutes later. We passed many people on the way down. We reached the trailhead at 12:00 only to find both parking lots where full and people where parking on the road. Check out the video I made about the hike: https://youtu.be/NjPD0IV5a8M

Overall it was a great hike with amazing views and weather. I suggest crampons for the steep sections and a early start to beat the people.

Be safe out there,

NW Adventures

We hiked this in September and it was incredible! I had no idea we would see so many peaks in the distance. The first part of the trail is woodsy, then much more exposed (it got a little hot!) and steep with some rocks to climb over at points. The view at the top was more than worth it. This is in my top five hikes for sure!

View of the San Juan islands at the top was incredible! Could have still used cramp ons when we went in March.

1 month ago

This is a nice hike, not too challenging. It’s pretty steep in the beginning, evens out for a bit, and then gets steep again before you get to the top. Muddy in some places, no snow or ice. It was cloudy and foggy but still worth the hike. I’ll have to go again on a sunny day.

my favorite hike

Did this in August with some friends and it was so much fun! Definitely recommend starting early because it took us a while, especially since we did bridal falls first. This trail is hard with tons of switch backs and a lot of uphill stairs. If you are somewhat fit, you will be fine. The lake is nice to swim in during the summer time as it is completely clear and cold. Reminds me of Lake Twenty-Two but you can’t walk around it on a board walk :) Bring lots of water and snacks because there are a ton of places to take a break and look out at the landscape. Highly recommend for those of you who want a challenge!

Visited last summer and the views were UNREAL. We did the loop in a clockwise direction, heading left at the trailhead; if you hike this way, then all of the elevation gain is done in the first mile or so and there are views the rest of the hike as well as a downward slope the rest of the 6 or so miles. Conversely, if you hike the loop counterclockwise, there will be a lot more uphill hiking as the elevation gain is spread out over the miles.

trail was in great shape. it’s not an easy hike but worth it to get the views and my dog loved it.

Found a pair of glasses on my way down from this hike today (3/15/18). anyone lose a pair? they are thin lenses and a pretty strong prescription!

1 month ago

Beautiful day for a hike up and back, watch out for some ice near the top.

Make no mistake, unlike many other hard-rated hikes on this website, this one is actually hard. An information board in one of the ranger centers rated it as extremely strenuous, and while I'm not sure about the "extreme" part, "strenuous" is definitely an apt description.
You start straight off with the hardest part - very steep switchbacks through a forest that feel almost endless and offer absolutely no views to take your mind off your misery. While you gain a lot of altitude in this section, on the map it looks like you are making no progress at all, which can feel somewhat discouraging. It was warm and really humid when we did the hike, which made the first part even worse.
Once you make it beyond the switchbacks, you finally get some views, which gradually open up until you have full 360 at the top. The final push again comes in the form of a few steep switchbacks but this time they are fairly short.
Mid-July, there was still a lot of snow at the top, so sturdy boots and hiking poles are a must.
During the whole hike, we only met 3 or 4 other people, so if you want some quiet time, this hike is definitely a good place. We saw some ground-squirrels and bear footprints but no other wildlife.
In sum, this is a great hike with stunning views at the top, definitely worth the effort.

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