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This trail is not well marked . You see colored blazes everywhere but I didn’t see any signs of what color goes were . If your trying to get to Apple Pie Tower you need to follow pink. I missed a right turn at one point ended up adding a extra mile . Maybe about est mile in -AFTER A BRIDGE Look to the right for a small opening in a wooded area and pink blazes . You now will enter more of a wooded area . If you see a blue blaze at any point on your left you went to far and missed your turn ...turn around . Wear waterproof shoes . I didn’t think I needed them on this hike but it rained a few days before and a lot of the trail was walking through puddles. Also, take your time on the little bridge passings as they are slippery. They look so innocent but they definitely aren’t . My hiking boots have good grip and I still managed to fall. This hike took me 4 1/2 hours -that’s including a very long lunch break at the Tower . I walked fast on this day as I started late .There was no cell service the entire hike for me and I did not see anybody on the trail the day I went . Something to think about if you choose to go solo . I enjoyed it a lot but the fact there was no service and nobody to be seen I didn’t always feel too safe . Jersey Devil could be out there haha .I think if I did it again solo I would have to bring my emergency beacon . It’s a long way out on your own if you needed help for anything .Not a difficult hike at all but if you do not hike much this may end up being a leg burner for you as it’s long . Great trail to train for harder hikes !!!

Excellent hike. Varied terrain, nice views, rocky at points - boots are appropriate.

Loved this trail. We did it in last week in winter. Will do it again in spring, summer and fall for sure!

One of best So. Jersey hikes .includes mysterious Mt. Korbar. and then the snow capped peak of The Apple Pie
Hill (when there's snow). way, way
too bad they blocked access to the fire tower (asshole kids). Start early in winter.

Have done this trail several times over the past month. Nice little hike - not a lot of blazes to follow, but also not a lot of places where you could make a wrong turn. Bring a change of shoes! It is MUDDY in quite a few areas.

The trail was very muddy and wet. It was not well marked, which made it hard to follow the All Trails map. The vistas were not that aesthetic, with houses and highways in view. This trail should be rated Moderate. I recommend going south at the start of the back loop. Overall, this hike was disappointing.

Beautiful hike. Hiked it in the snow. Enjoyed every second. Well marked trail, a few uphill battles but pretty easy hike. I was lucky enough to have a clear day so the views were spectacular. some of the spots you have some branches in the way of the view but overall I have 0 complaints.

Pleasant hike, dog friendly, mild incline and right outside nyc. Would definitely go again

Myself and my 12 year old hiked the full loop today. We started at the beach parking. Headed north along the river, took the unmarked trail until it met back with the main trail. That added about 100 ft of Elevation and a bit of fun after about a 1.5 mile walk along the water.

Once you wrap the bend and get to the Knickerbocker Ice Company sign board, that’s when the work starts...

You now start following the green markers throughout. The entire trail is very well marked. The first drop off point is an amazing view, but it gets even better from there. Well worth it.
The descent is pretty kool, some narrow trails along drop offs. It takes you to the white trail, which was very muddy. We ended up taking the street adjacent to the state land and walking the rest of the way back to the parking lot that way. I believe it was because of the rain the day before.

If I were going to do this again, I think I would explore parking elsewhere so we can do more hiking and less walking. I think there are other places to park.
But the 6.1 mile loop was a lot of fun. 3.5 hours, with an 11 year old. Not bad.

1 month ago

Beautiful views & well marked trails.

Great for a nice short hike. Nothing special to see, but there are a few overlooks and its a lot of fun on the rocky parts. Make sure to keep an eye on the trail markers.

I really liked this trail. Going up and down the hills was a workout, but the the landscape was beautiful. There were many good view points, some castle ruins, and a far away view of the NYC skyline that kept this trail interesting.

Very sweet and well marked, perfect in the fall! And definitely on the easier end of moderate. We made it in 1.5h with stopping at the monument which was quite chilly and windy. The monument was closed for the day (we kind of deserved that having driven through 5 hours of rain to get there) but it cleared up nicely for the hike.

I did it in peak fall. So it was spectacular.
I started with the Blue trail which is quite steep and has several rock steps. Stopped at the lodge and had my lunch on the patio overlooking the Delaware valley. I took the White trail to the parking lot. It was a gentle walk that passes the remnants of an abandoned farm. On the return I took the Red trail. It descends quite rapidly but the trees were at peak fall so it was heavenly. There is an extended walk in a valley before the ascent back to the white trail. The ascent is steep and rocky and I had to pause for breath several times along the way. You reach a meadow and the road. I took the road to the parking lot by the Blue trail.

it was beautiful and hard work!!!

ps no bathrooms or water fountains.

2 months ago

Not a bad little trail. It’s worth it to see the monument but don’t expect an endless view at 1800 ft. The trail itself isn’t that scenic, just typical woods besides the wooden walkway by the swamp. I drove 1.5 hours to hike here and wasn’t disappointed, but not a place I would go to twice.

Very nice hike. I would recommend it to people who have at least some experience, since the trail is sometimes very steep and rocky. Proper hiking shoes is a must! Great views and nice places to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

Phenomenal views - rivaling Breakneck or better. Agree the elevation before the flats along river. We did clockwise loop from golf course. Be ready for a bit of a slog on trail adjacent to 9w - we just bypassed this and walked shoulder of 9w to save some time and it worked out.

We did eastern half of the PA side today, from the Stockton bridge halfway up and back down again. It was a very pretty walk, flat and easy, mostly firm dirt, shaded, very few mush areas, about 25 feet above Delaware River water level between the river and an abandoned canal, pretty well isolated from the adjacent River Road and very lightly traveled with a few walkers, bikers. Not too much color today but I don't think the leaves are destined for that this year. I suspect the peak may be next weekend.

I don't think the segment on the north/east side of the Delaware (NJ side) is open this time of year, it was fenced off going both ways at the bridge.

Parked on Bridge Street in Stockton, walked over the bridge, went down the stairs on the left and made a right onto the trail. There is a parking area on the PA side maybe a mile north/west of the Stockton bridge which was open with open rest rooms.

Very pretty and pleasant, esp in today's crisp air, though no to-die-for views. Definitely a 4+ star easy trail, but not 5.

We had a nice lunch at the Milford House Inn in Milford NJ about 12 miles north. The Centre Bridge Inn is right at the PA side of the Stockton bridge but it was not open for lunch today. Apparently nowhere else in Stockton for a lunch with servers. New Hope, PA is just south.

Deciding where to park was tough but a fellow hiker helped us out. Trail was fun.

You could hear the highway pretty much the whole time and the views were ok but kind of blocked by the trees. The beginning/end part by the river was really nice though, and it’s good for seeing animals. I saw a hawk catch a squirrel, which was both terrifying and super cool! I might do it again but it wasn’t my favorite hike in the area.

This isnt a hiking trail. this is really just a path in a strip of preserve woods going through Verona and Cedar Grove. You're never out of sight of a backyard. but it's a nice walk if you're in the town and want a tiny bit of nature.

Decent hard work, exactly what was looking for. Given enough time almost anyone can do it, even beginners. It is nice and long, make sure it's dry out.

3 months ago

starting at the north end of the trail sucks. your crossing roads the whole time. near roads and hear roads and civilization for at least 10 miles. not secluded enough. theirs a camp ground about 8 miles in and you have to reserve a spot. didnt see any designated camp sites along the trail like on the appalacian. theirs barely any water sources for miles. its flat. not much scenery and it is so boring. we hiked so far to have a camp site we could have done right at the trail head. id suggest trying the southern starting point by atlantic city. i havent done it yet but everyone elses reviews say theirs plenty of scenery and i havent seen it on the northern end. and 10 miles in is a ways to go without anything tk look at. and you arent supposed to have fires i dont think. we had to clear out our own area to set up camp. it was a little ridiculous. i feel like we were all jus th missurable.

3 months ago

Nice, easy trail that’s dog and kid friendly. The recent storm and flooding has done a decent amount of damage to the path though. As for local trails around the Cedar Grove, Verona, and Montclair area... I prefer this tenfold over Mills Reservation.

We did the river walk first and I wish we’d saved it for the end, but it was still a great hike. The ascents require effort, but they’re not hard from a technical perspective. And the western side of the loop has several elevation changes, so you get just shy of 1k vertical gains according to my gps.
Good time. Definitely wear boots, there are muddy sections and we hadn’t had rain in over a week.

Hiked in September 2018. The description of the hike doesn’t match the mapped area and trail markers. So we followed the map downloaded from AllTrails and it worked great. I’d say it’s more easy than moderate. There are some nice viewpoints - Castle ruins, a water tower, nice lake, few streams with some waterfalls.
There are 2 parking areas, the one with directions from AllTrails has 2 portapotties. No ranger station, only trailhead with a map posted. Trails are clearly marked. We didn’t get lost as were following the app’s map.
A lot of people with dogs at the beginning of the hike. You can combine trails for various difficulties. Parking is tight but people come in and out all the time, as there are a lot of locals who just come to walk with dogs around the lake.

3 months ago

Good trail...amazing overlooks @ the top and some spots in the trail.. trail is marked very well... narrow in spots & of course rocky in spots. Overall a decent trail...recommended

This trail is not rated correctly. It is an easy trail. Follow white trail to green trail from Nyack beach parking lot ($6 fee). They have maps at the gate. Hike is extremely easy for anyone that doesn't have mobility issues. I hiked it solo a day after lots of rain so some rocks were a bit slippery. My recommendation is to wear hiking boots/shoes or any shoe that has excellent traction and ankle protection. There is no scrambling on this hike. I saw ederly and children at the peak. Compare this to the difficult breakneck mountain trail and this is a breeze. Watch out for bikers on the riverside section. I did that part last and the elevation gains first. Most people did the opposite direction based on this map i assume. Don't miss the unmarked trail towards the northern section of the ridge with the best views. This would be right before your descent if you went clockwise like i did. Took me 3 hours with several stops along the way for photos/rest.

nice 2hrs and 1/2 hiking, you can decide if you want to go the easiest way or the more difficult one at the beginning or at the end. Not hard anyway, good exercise.

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