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This trail is now an official, maintained trail with adequate signage up to the Hackberry Spring turnoff. After the Hackberry Springs section of this hike (going counterclockwise) there is no signage and few trail markings. The Alltrails App was of great benefit! The hike itself was beautiful; changing scenery at every turn. Would definitely do it again!

What a great weekend camping trip and hike with Boy Scout Troop 131 from Scottsdale. We got a late start, but were still able to summit and get back down to the saddle in 3 hours.....just in time to see the sunset. We completed the hike under headlamps and a half moon, while getting glimpses of the crimson sky and city lights coming to life. It was a spectacular hike and one of my all time favorites. We were fortunate to have the entire mountain to ourselves on a calm and cool day. Extra special experience for me to summit for the first time since 1999, while with my 13 yr old son. We will be back! Best advice: wear gloves when starting up the crevice on the scree, and bring plenty of water and snacks. It's a solid 4 hours despite this trail's 5.4 mile distance.

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11 hours ago

Be real careful taking kids around there. Lately, nudest frequent inside rainbow room where the hot tub is inside, or in the outdoor, luke warm, hot tub triangle pool, and they are super friendly, but they don’t typically move or leave and just chill out there sometimes nearly all day it seems, especially the ones camping there; so if that makes anyone uncomfortable in your party, just be for warned and have a plan ahead of time to try again another time???

Can camp there up to 5 days, too, but didn’t see any camping fee or permit required. Cave at the hot springs was kinda interesting. .One restroom in campsite, but none at hot springs. There is a changing area inside the rainbow room but it is not private as it is next to the hot tub without walls dividing the two areas. Camping area (on opposite side of river) had lots of neat shade trees right along river, but must read rules on fire pits and bbq restrictions. One tent was camping right next to hot springs and had its own firepit made of rocks; looked kinda safe, but not sure how legal that was.

We took Child Powers road because heard other road weeks earlier (I assume Dugas Rd) was gated and closed from rock fall, but not really sure about that. We left from Camp Verde around 11 am and got there around 1 and left around 3 or 4pm and got back onto I-17 before dark in mid Nov. We went 15 miles on Fossil Creek washboard dirt road to Child Powers road for maybe another 5 miles down to campsite, but last 500 feet or so of road was horrible with pot holes even with a 4x4 truck, so just took it extra slow and did fine.

No signage for the hot springs trailhead, but it starts just outside campground along old power station building. Used gps to help guide us or might have felt was getting lost.

It is more like a hike than just a flat short walk. Not recommended for everyone, but most people used to any hiking would do fine. Had to rock climb a little bit, took the dotted line shown on gps from this app on where best to cross the river so don’t run into an island and have to cross twice. The dotted line crossing was narrowest and closest to the hot springs, and looked like a boat ramp area, too.

Don’t kayak this area with a lot of experience with right kayak. Apparently kayaking was or is still a thing there. (I recommend kayaking Verde up around Clarkdale and Cottonwood where longer stretches with less technical rapids.)

I recommend crossing the river even in Nov like we did today, but bring appropriate clothes that dry fast and watershoes and switch shoes just before crossing river. Yes it was cold but only mid thigh deep and current wasn’t too, too tough while we were there, but maybe after heavy rains it would be too high and fast and too dangerous; not sure.

(Fossil Creek 1 mile waterfall trail is on way there or on the way back, and I recommend doing both hikes in same day to take advantage of both since sooo close together and if you get a real really start in the day, but fossil creek requires a permit April 1st to Oct 1st and you really want to select the closest parking lot online or may have to walk a long, long ways just to get to trailhead itself. Fossil Creek is worthwhile and not a nudest hangout from what I recall.)

21 hours ago

Easy hike with great scenery along the way. Dog and kid friendly. Nice to have a waterfall hike in Arizona

This a really nice hike, it gets a little technical as you near the summit, need to pay attention to the trail markers as they aren’t always visible. Used this app to navigate back to the trail which was very helpful!!! Enjoyed the view from up top, relaxed on the bench and read a few notes from other hikers/adventurers. Definitely worth the trip!

Rollie Pollie little Trail easy very pretty lot of houses being built around it


Take away the INSANE foot traffic, the views are spectacular!

What a watery wonderland!! :-D

Hiked the trail counter-clockwise on a weekday. I've done parts of the trail on a weekend & there's usually lots of cyclists and horsebackriders. None today. Saw 2 cows. I clocked the hike at 10 miles on an Apple Watch & my friend clocked it on a Tom-Tom at 9 miles, so the posted distance on this website is was shorter. Some parts of the trail (near mile 5) were not easy to find, but we looked for footprints & bright coloured tags on trees for assistance. My fave part was where there was an oasis with ponds of water & lots of smooth rock. I would def do this hike again!

6 days ago

Great hike! We found water!!!

We took a high clearance SUV that we weren’t prepared to drive the last mile to the trailhead with as we were scared of getting stuck. The last mile to the trailhead is the most difficult part of the drive. That being said, this hike has it all, scenery, bouldering, crazy elevation gain, a creek, with the biggest payoff being the ruins. I will say that it is physically challenging and serves as a full body work out. The trail is fairly easy to follow and we did leave additional cairns for those future venturers. The 20 plus mile off road was worth it.

My favorite Maricopa County hike. Cool air, trees, adrenaline, and jaw-dropping vistas. If you have a fear of heights, however, or if you don’t trust your arm strength/balance, do not attempt to reach the top. As others have mentioned, the chute (the area in between the two northernmost peaks) can be quite intimidating, especially for inexperienced climbers. That being said, I’d guess it’s doable for about 90% of people who are reading this.

As a further warning, keep an eye out for the turnoff on your way down the chute. Due to the steep descent, it’s easy to keep your eyes on the ground and miss the trail. That happened to us, but as a result, we were rewarded with a truly awe-inspiring sunset. Best views in Maricopa County.

They view were spectacular and the hike was scenic. I completed this hike solo and found great difficulty in navigating it as the trail was horribly marked. I must have spent and extra hour or two trying to find the trail both on the way up and he way down. What can I say, I was determined. I will not be hiking this solo ever again. A group is recommended. I left my fair share of cairns to help those future venturers, if you could contribute as well, please do.

8 days ago

This was a nice hike. Again, we got off trail, on purpose, because we wanted to explore the Ridge. We were glad we did! It was beautiful. We even found a cool shelter someone had built among some trees. Some parts were pretty steep with loose rocks but not too bad. We didn't see a single person. Parking was weird as we parked just outside of someone's gated driveway... Pretty cool hike!

Not my ideal type of hike, I went counter clockwise. The views were magnificent, trail was perfect. I prefer a hike up like the Peralta. At 2.5 miles I just turned around. Other than that it was absolutely beautiful, barely anyone on the trail only saw 5 people in a span of 3 hours.

Great hike. Started from the trail head and went counter clockwise. The trail was a typical desert hike until we passed the turn off for the Arizona trail. Then the trail pretty much followed a wash with occasional water though beautiful shaded canyons for the last half of the hike. Also trail/ route not marked to well after AZ trail. If I do it again I’d try it clockwise.

9 days ago

Very deceiving as there’s no actual trail. Best way to start is to climb up to the cave on the right and then down in. Was an adventurous hike as it’s definitely moderate to hard at times. Very enjoyable.

10 days ago

Beautiful trail! Our beagle loved it, too. There are a couple shallow creek jump-over spots (more if it has just rained).

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10 days ago

The view was amazing! The hike was short but intense

If you’re a beginner but you have a steady foot, this would be a great trail to step up your hiking game. Most of the trail was pretty sandy. Going up and down got tricky and you had to be sure of your footing for some parts. But none of the trail was extreme. There were a lot of beautiful views of the mountains and the boulders. We walked across a few small creeks. We could tell after monsoon season where all the water washed through. I’m sure hiking during monsoon season it would be full of water. Probably making it difficult to stay on the trail. There were trail markers everywhere. Impossible to get lost.
Only complaint would be the road you have to drive on going up to the trail. It is in a small neighborhood. But if you don’t have a truck you may scratch a bumper. Too many potholes and un paved, uneven roads.

11 days ago

I loved the bridge and all the amazing views there! There was a waterfall coming down from the top of the arch when I was there, and I chose to go all the way under the bridge and out and up on the other side instead of going back up the way I came. Watch the slippery rocks!

11 days ago

This is quite fun if you like hopping from one rock to the next, but it’s not the best trail if you are just looking for an easy stroll. I liked it! A bit hard to navigate and there are several paths you can take...but it’s hard to get lost with a GPS.

Great trail! The first couple of miles are somewhat generic, but once you make it down to the creek it’s really nice.
The trail gets confusing towards the end but keep going as the waterfall all the way at the end makes it worth the trek!

12 days ago

LOVED this trail. Lots of scrambling, bouldering, and rock hopping. We paused many times to observe the beautiful rock formations, caves, tree varieties, fall colours and explore each area. My wife had our 7mo daughter on her back and managed to navigate fairly easily. It has challenging sections that follows the rocky creek bed but is very doable. The massive cave with falling water at the end was spectacular- pictures do not do it justice- it’s epic.

It's one of the tuffer trails of fossil creek. Waterfalls are beautiful but not easily accessible. Be prepared for this one because the road is very rocky and it can hurt the legs.

Things to must have.
1. Good trekking shoes
2. Water
3. Power bars

13 days ago

Such a beautiful place to visit, family friendly. Went in early November and it was the perfect time to visit, trees were changing color and the weather was perfect. Heavily trafficked, go as soon as it opens

14 days ago

This hike is amazing up to the spring. Past that the trail is extremely hard to follow and steep loose rocks threatened injuries. After about a half mile or so it is well marked with carins up to Rim Road. Even with this app and trail markers I lost the trail several times. Many great spots to camp by and below the spring.

One of favorite hikes. Great place to sit and play at the bottom. Nice fall leave colors in October!

Great trail! Mostly well maintained and easy to follow. Lot’s of great views of Weaver’s Needle from every angle. Love the Superstitions!

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