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Only raiting this a one because we couldn't do it, but I wanted to write a trail condition update for those who may be attempting it. We tried this on October 18, 2018. The creek that runs along the tracks has flooded due to a beaver damn and all of the recent snow/rain. We tried going through the water barefoot, but it was extremely cold and rutted. We couldn't tell how deep and we were a afraid of rolling an ankle in a whole and falling in. As it was, the water was already halfway up our shins and ice cold. We tried three different routes as we hate "quitting hikes" but we just couldn't find a way around the water and my feet were aching from the cold. If there has been a lot of rain/snow, check the conditions before attempting this one. We ended up going to McGillvray Falls instead.

The Falcon Creek Self-Guiding Trail is a short 2.2 km loop trail, just a short drive from Falcon Lake townsite off the Trans Canada Highway, next to the Falcon Beach Ranch.

The trail follows over the rocky landscape and through forested areas. There was one very large rock positioned along the trail that was deposited there by glaciers back in the day, from the receding ice, which was interesting to see. You can also spot lots of quartz veins in the rocks along the trail.

This trail was scenic and had great views and beautiful nature along the way. Would recommend!

The Top of the World trail had fantastic views and was really rewarding, although it took some effort to figure out where the trail was and how to get there.

The beginning of the trail starts from the parking lot of the Falcon Trails Resort, across from the main office building, about a 15-20 minute drive from the Falcon Lake townsite. You have to follow the High Lake Trail and follow the signs for the High Lake Eco Cabins and it eventually meets up with the Top of the World loop, where there is a sign indicating this trail. It was a little difficult to find and confusing at times and the signage could definitely be better. The trail map on this site is wrong and the top loop is not part of this trail, just the bottom loop.

The loop was along the rocky and forested landscape typical of the Whiteshell. The viewpoint overlooking Falcon Lake and the surrounding forest was gorgeous and there was a nice bench for sitting and admiring the views there. This was definitely the highlight of the trail. It was a short and scenic trail that was moderately challenging.

The trail and views were worth the initial confusion and effort in finding the right path. Would highly recommend this one!

1 month ago

I did this hike for my first time at the end of October and it was absolutely beautiful! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t ventured to this area of the Whiteshell before, but this hike is definitely a new addition to my list of favourite hikes in Manitoba!

The first part of the hike to the Pine Point Rapids was flat and easy, along a wide path. There was a fork in the trail where you could continue on the wide path for 2.4 km to the rapids or take the self-guiding trail for 2.7 km, which follows along a narrower path along the river. I chose the 2.4 km trail but heard that the self-guiding and slightly longer path was beautiful as well, so I would definitely check this one out next time. The first set of rapids were pretty and there were lots of large flat rocks to get some good photos and views of them. There were firepits and picnic tables on the large rocks as well.

I then opted to do the additional 2.8 km loop which I would highly recommend. The hike led to two other small falls/rapids and it was very scenic with gorgeous views at various points along the way. This section was slightly more challenging than the first part of the hike, as the trail led over a rocky landscape and through the forest, with some ups and downs to maneuver. It was much less busy on this section and made for a peaceful atmosphere. In total, the hike was around 8 km if you include the loop at the end.

I absolutely loved this hike and will definitely be back to hike it in the summer! Would highly recommend this one in the Whiteshell.

1 month ago

Scenic trail full of changing landscapes. Perfect for a half day hiking trip from Winnipeg.

Short and scenic. The falls weren’t really falls, more a trickling stream, but the hike itself is nice.

we found this trail hard to find, but found it eventually while walking around. the trail map on here is wrong. the first loop closer to the water is a trail, just not this one, although you can still do it and it will lead you to it eventually. you can park near the resort and the trail head is right across, follow "High Lake Eco Cabins" trail. there is signage for Top of the World trail now. it is a short hike, not steep. well worth it! we just went in fall, the colours are stunning!

Second time doing this trail. They have made signage better and have added some Woden bike challenges. View at the top is amazing.

2 months ago

Great trail for a fall day. Interesting terrain, ups and downs over rocks and roots, well marked. On the first fork 10 minutes in, go right for the pretty trail; stay left if you prefer more of a road. Took about 45 minutes to first sets of rapids, an hour to add on loop which has 2 more waterfalls. So pretty! All done in under 3 hours. Great day hike from Winnipeg.

The north side trail is nice, easy and a bit shorter in comparison to the other trail which offers more of a scenic route since it goes along the river. Make sure you bring bug spray for this one.. especially for the loop by the rapids.

Its easy to find once on the high lake trail. An enjoyable trail with a very nice view especially in the fall when the leaves are turning.

It's an easy hike through an area with great spiritual importance: the Anishinabe and other First Nations people believe that the petroforms were left for the benefit of all who would receive their teaching and healing. I am always grateful to have access to and be in this place - cloth, tobacco and other offerings are commonplace. @jesiannoutdoors

The trail is technically still closed from the 2016 flooding. If you don’t mind getting a wee bit muddy at the start of the trail, you will be rewarded with a winding trail with changes in terrain and incline.

3 months ago

Easy trail that’s not too far from the city. I recommend combining this trail with others in the area for a decent day trip from Winnipeg.

I did this trail last year but some parts were inaccessible because there was too much water. This time, we could make it entirely.
It's a very great trail with beautiful scenery! I deduct one star because at one point, it's not well marked and instead of following the blue and pink ribbons near number 7, we went straight inside the bush and got lost... you need to take a turn ascending instead.

One of my favourites. I don’t agree with the rating of Easy as the trail is in a state of disarray, with many fallen trees over the very overgrown, poorly marked path. Navigating the bog without getting feet wet is always a highlight, as well as scaling the short granite walls. It’s no Hunt Lake, but if you don’t have the time for that trail, don’t pass up on the Bear.

People aren’t joking when they say it’s hard to find. It took us awhile to actually find the right trail after having to ask two people for directions. The directions from this app are incorrect!! Directions: follow the dirt road down past the place where it tells you to turn in (this area is a guest only area and not the trail), you will see the resort office building, park somewhere close to it. Across the road there is a trail called “High Lake Trail”, you walk in and there are three ways to go: two are a bike path I believe. Just stick to the right path. Follow the “High Lake Eco Cabin” trail until you find the sign for “Top of the World”. There is one sign and then another which is the entrance to the trail itself.

Once we got to the trail it was beautiful and the view point was amazing. The view point was definitely worth the confusion at the beginning. Hope my directions help!

3 months ago

This trail was exactly as advertised, easy but scenic as well.
I saw a black bear which was startling but the trail is shorter so it wasn't difficult to track backwards.
I would recommend this trail for beginners and experts alike.

great picnic/swim spot after the walk. terrain is suitable for bikes too.

Easy trail. Take the self guiding option as the gravel walkway was really boring. Rewarding rapids at the end of the trail. I’m deducting a star because it was so busy! Tons of people on this trail so be prepared to encounter lots of people!

Did the trail 1 Sept 2018, loved it !! I took the trail from the parking lot all the way to the picnic area and back, Strava said 5.4km. Amazing trail, beautiful scenery.

We enjoyed this hike, especially the lovely view of the lake from the lookout. Having skied these trails in the winter, it was nice to see what they looked like in summer.

short trail, very easy. on the map there is a split, it says falls to the left and a river to the right. we searched everywhere for the trail to the falls but could not find it, so we took the right trail, it just ends. still fun, a little disappointing we couldnt find the falls.

nice trail, not too long, was very wet anf flooded when we did it but we didnt mind getting a little dirty. cute little falls

3 months ago

loved Pine Point Rapids! you can hike to the rapids, you have the option to do the entire loop, we did it. didnt take us too long to finish the entire trail. you get to see 2 other rapids/little falls along that trail that are very nice, loved the rock switchback. our dogs adored this trail!

great trail. loved the terrain. the short loop could be better marked where it forks but overall had a great hike.

3 months ago

very fun trail, beautiful views, not too hard like said! loved it!

Great trail! Some areas were a little poorly marked but we made it in the end. Good mix of terrain. Trail map says it takes 3 hrs, at a good pace you can do it in under 2.

It is a great trail, but a little bit confusing trying to get to the falls from the marked area as the path seems to disappear. Bugs were out even though it was very hot, and some parts of the trail could be more difficult if you are not use to hiking with giant bolders and steep inclines. One of the best things was wild blueberries, they were delicious.

My friend and I spent 11 nights in the Whiteshell so we also did this trail 11 times haha wrote our name in the little book inside the cabin too every time great trail!

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