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on Telescope Peak Trail

1 day ago

Hike it on October 18th 2018. Beautiful trail enjoyed it thoroughly!

Awesome hike. If you go with snow on the ground make sure to wear spikes. The switch backs up to the saddle can get slippery.

5 stars for a sunset view! After a long day of hiking this was a nice end of the day stroll

Very nice hike, as mapped here taking the chapman trail back it is 9 miles though. I enjoyed the chapman trail, hiking back along the wall of the canyon provides nice views.

I hiked this trail shortly after the first snowfall and it was a killer workout. If you will be hiking through the snow be sure to take appropriate gear.

The views along the trail are gorgeous.

11 days ago

Great trail for families. Easy and fun for the kids

12 days ago

Hiked this trail on 11/22/18, started from Mahogany Campground. We drove up with a 4x4 but also saw non-4x4 climb up (including a Tesla model 3!) the dirt road. We started the hike at 11:30a, completed at 5:40p, so 6 hours trekking up. Bring layers, enough water and enjoy the views!

Awesome trip! You want to experience backpacking in solitude? Telescope Peak via Shorty’s from Bad Water Basin is the real deal! That elevation gain of plus 11k is challenging and Death Valley is rare and beautiful! Off trail for the vast majority of this trek, you are alone in the wild with literally no one near you... for any many miles. Obviously, as you interest Telescope Peak Trail, you may run into another hiker- I saw 2 other people on the way to the summit and nobody on the 9 miles out. It’s windy and cold up top of Telescope Peak- but the view across thousands of acres of dozens of rugged mountain ranges is beyond compare. I found very little sign of humans- one old can and it was an old pop top! Pristine, no trash. Our company runs this trek in a small window- October 1 - November 15. Kind of a Goldilocks time- not too hot at the bottom and not too cold up top. Was perfect daytime hiking weather, and it was cool afternoons and chilly to cold nights. However I did sleep under the stars. I suggest a 0* bag Incas you get up top and a cold front comes in, which is possible this time of year at 8k and above. You’ll need to bring a lot of water- have to go far up into Hanaupah Canyon to get good water. Great trip- go discover Death Valley- it’s amazing!

Great view! Your knees can get a little shaky when you have a fear of heights, but the view will make you forget the fear!

16 days ago

cool views. i didn't even go on the trail. i just parked at the viewpoint got out, took a few pics and took off afterwards because the temperature dropped down to like 40 degrees ( this was on the 12th and I wasnt dressed for that chilly, windy weather...the rest of the day was perfect, warm prob mid 70s). so overall, it was cool, I wish I had ventured out on the trail with the appropriate attire

off road driving
19 days ago

Was a nice trail for the most part it was pretty easy with my 4runner with a 3" lift and 33" ko2 tires. Their was a gate keeper to the loop which is right before this trail starts. But we took our time and made it up Pick a good line And the more clearance you have the easier you will have. Fun day

Its really rocky for the first half the way up then the trail turns into a normal dirt trail. Steep steady climb. Take your time and don’t rush and you will make it. My 8 year old made it up to the saddle and back down in 4.5 hours for a total of 7.2 miles. The stream running down the mountain is great way to take your mind off the burning legs and chest. Loved the crisp mountain air.

Should be a "5 star" walk, but very poor visibility due to fires in California. Trail approx 13 miles, not 14 miiles as sign-posted. Road was very rough from about 2 miles before Charcoal Kilns due to recent storms - would challenging without an SUV/AWD.


Kicked my ass

Pristine conditions, but this trail is 14 miles, not 12.

off road driving
1 month ago

Your passenger car (or Subaru) will NOT make it through here. Your stock SUV may not make it through here. There is one legit rock wall to climb over that you need a lot of ground clearance and good tires to provide traction.

1 month ago

Nice trail. Lots of bugs though. Annoying.

1 month ago

I thought I was gonna die! Lol! I am just starting to hike again and this might have been a bit ambitious of me! We were heading to Ontario Peak, but I only make it to Icehouse Saddle. 4.2 miles and 2500 ft elevation gain. This trail kicked my butt! The fall colors were putting on a show and the trail is beautiful, paralleling a stream part of the way. I wish my spaghetti legs had allowed me to head down to if for a photo op, but I was afraid that I wouldn't make it back up to the trail! I will do this hike again, and I will make it to the peak next time!

1 month ago

Fun out and back with small boulder scramble

1 month ago

It’s full of scrambling once you get in the canyon. Not the best for trail running but I’d do it again if I wanted that type of vibe.

I love it !
It’s the best trail
Trying it again this Thursday

First hike in twenty years and loved it. Went on Friday around 9:30am. Not crowded, only crossed about 20-25 others during the entire hike. There is quite a bit of rock, gravel and step-ups that make the hike a challenge. A few elevation runs get your heart rate going but there is plenty of room to rest if needed. The scenery is beautiful and peaceful. Legs were burning about half way down with all of the rocks.

The other best hike in Red Rock! Make sure to go in March or April when the snow melts. It's not a hard trail by any means unless you want to climb up to the pool where the waterfall goes in.

Awesome hike and views, not too many people. While not the highest in elevation gain, the combo of Panamint City, immediately followed by Telescope kicked butt.

1 month ago

To date, one of my most favorite hikes I've ever been on. 5/5 for sure. Went on a Labor Day weekend, had the town to ourselves. Multiday trip makes for awesome exploring in the mines and structures. Read up on hantavirus. Water from the spigot is potable, made for a cold shower!

I don’t care for hiking on rocks .. trail is better after the saddle.

Amazing view at the top and really great cliff-side hiking most of the way. I would only do this trail if you are steady-footed as most of the trail is cliff-side and gravelly. Dress in layers as it can be both hot and cold depending on sunlight and wind!

Love this hike! So beautiful with running water throughout the hike :-) Bring hiking poles!

Beautiful, amazing hike. Wish I had brought lunch and extra water bottles.

Did it today, was tough but awesome

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