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The lower falls is an excellent hike if you are looking for a fairly short and easy hike with high reward. Be sure to make your way to the base of the falls!

Loved this hike! Very pretty waterfalls.

Boyfriend, me and our dog did this trail June of 2017. Great trail, and our xl dog loved it. The lava rock was amazing! Taking the “off trail” trails to the bottom of the falls is worth it.

6 days ago

We did this hike on our way home from camping at Odell Lake and enjoyed the reward of Goodman Creek. We did not go past Goodman Creek and it's inviting swimming hole and mini falls. There was a small campsite made at this junction, but sadly, whomever camped there felt that the forest would look much prettier with their collection of toilet paper and body waste off the side of the trail. It was approx 4 miles round trip from Hardestry Trailhead, moderate and mostly dry. Some steep inclines but mostly gradual and a pleasant hike.

First several miles were through burned out forest the upper Chush Falls made it worth the hike.

Very nice enjoyable hike. I would consider this easy. perfect for my 2 and 6yr old. they loved it! both walked the entire time. not very crowded.

like this hike is down the rd.. I love it for the incline. if u want to work on ur butt. this is the hike. short and sweet and def to the point

Beautiful hike. Easy trail not too much of a climb. No issues find the trail head. Incredible waterfall view if you climb down the hill.

Other than a little rocky patch in the beginning the rest was very easy!
Beautiful!! I have MS and my balance can be off often but just using a walking stick made this trail SUPER easy!

20 days ago

This place is GORGEOUS! We will definitely be going back. We were warned about the bad roads Google maps wants to take us, so here are the directions we found that were much better. From Eugene, drive 33 miles west on Hwy 126. Between milepost 26 and 27 turn at the Whittaker Creek Rec area sign. After 1.6 miles turn right and cross a bridge. Drive 1.5 miles and fork left onto Dunn Ridge Road and continue 7 miles to a T-shaped junction which marks the end of pavement. Turn left onto Knowles Creek Rd for 2.7 miles and then turn right onto paved Road 23 for another 1.6 miles. Finally turn right onto paved Rd 919 for 2.8 miles to the trail head parking area on your right.

I am just starting to get into hiking by myself and it was the perfect length and such beautiful falls!

We had a very nice hike on a hot day, so hanging out near the waterfalls and river was a good way to stay cool. I see some posts stating that this should be a Moderate hike, and I somewhat agree. Although 5 of us adults had few problems completing the hike, the trail and steps are steep and irregular.

Quite a drive! wasn't awesome in a Toyota Corolla. Definitely follow the Forest Service directions to actually find it. Beautiful! I've been there twice.

the mapping for this trail is severely incorrect and my daughter and I ended up on a BLM logging trail, and very disappointing. if you attempt to locate, please stop before you hit the BLM roads.

My adult daughter and I took this hike and felt that due to the steepness of part of the trail it should be listed as a moderate level hike. The area is a nice old growth forest with two waterfalls. According to my phone app the hike was about 3.5 miles long with 20 flights of stairs. The waterfalls are worth the hike, but the park needs restrooms in both parking lots and there were a few places where steps needed to be repaired. A map of the park would be nice, but the trail is will marked and the lower parking lot has a map to look at. The lower lot has picnic tables and a restroom. There is no fresh water available in the park. Besides the hike there is nothing to do except picnic and enjoy the old growth trees. Water level was low for mid-July. There were a few places where people were playing in the water and swimming, but this was mostly a shallow creek due to the water level this year. I wouldn’t go out of my way to return here, but the falls are worth the trip.. The park would draw much bigger crowds if Silver Falls Park weren’t so close by. Not being crowed though is a plus for this park. I’d rate it a 3.5 Park because of the waterfalls, old growth forest and not being crowded.

Read the reviews about the directions. Other than that the hike was beautiful!!! Wasn’t too busy on a Saturday around noon. Though i would suggest bringing or applying bug spray prior.

Super fun and easy trail with a great rewarding view! My personal favorite part of this hike was walking through the lava rock and walking up to the Lower Falls. I wouldn't recommend this hike for smaller children only because in the beginning of the trail there are a lot of rocks and a major tripping hazard for the little ones. Beautiful hike all around and one I will definitely be visiting again!

It has easy parts and hard parts. Good for all ages. Not wheelchair accessible. Great hike. Beautiful waterfalls.

A nice short hike. Was perfect for a couple kids who prefer to be indoor cats and on a device. We went on a holiday and as expected it was very busy. We will return and do this again hopefully on less busy weekday.

1 month ago

Waterfall is amazing! To get a really good view it does require going down a trail that requires you to use both feet and both hands but it is worth it if you can do it. A nice hike on a well maintained trail with some good mountain view’s. As others have pointed out, the google maps navigation will send you on the wrong path. Once you turn on to the gravel road from the main paved road, just stay on it for quite a while. It’s a nice well maintained gravel road. Take the left just before the one lane bridge. If you cross the bridge you’ve gone too far. Once you take a left head up to the left, not lower to the right. You will get to the trail head soon.

Easy quick hike when you need a little Mother Nature after a day at work.

Love McDowell Creek. Great simple hike for the family with gorgeous scenery.

One of my favorites

1 month ago

Beautiful hike--the lower falls requires a fair amount of scrambling to get close to the falls. We managed it with an adventurous 3 year old, but it was a bit tricky. The variation in landscape throughout the hike is really cool!

love love love this hike!! so many options. Walking by the river and seeing the waterfalls was beautiful.

pretty easy until it starts to go straight down. kind of a goat trail at that point. moderate danger level. Very beautiful. great pics!

Never did find the trail. Ended up on a terrible road we had to stop halfway up. Better directions are needed! Did find a hill to picnic on and see the mountains!

short lil hike. good for kiddos. stairs can be slippery in wet season. both falls are pretty..

Great first hike to do!

great hike. got to see many deer. falls was amazing. directions suck. So map it out.. worth every second.. views are great.

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