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Love this hike a lot. Just be careful because toward the end there are steep hills with loose gravel. ALSO it’s easy to get on the wrong path with the trails that meet with it so I would have this handy dandy map out.

Great short but steep hike! Perhaps not the most scenic by comparison to its southerly bigger siblings, however Mt. Wire is an awesome experience unto its own. Great views of northern Salt Lake. Be sure to climb the ladder at the top for even better views!

Very hard. Very steep...about 1000ft elevation gain per mile. Went last fall and while there where beautiful areas of the hike, and definitely you probably be the only one on the trail, I won't be a repeat user of this trail.

pretty easy, quick hike. Really beautiful views of the city. There is a lot of loose gravel is some of the "peaks". The rest is pretty much dirt. Would definitely do it again.

The hike from silver lake up to silver glance is pretty steep in some areas and it bites! But definitely worth the extra distance to get away from crowds and have lunch.

This hike is very fun, but make sure you know the area or pay for the all trails app (not just use the free one) it is not a well marked path. The hike is very beautiful and the small lake is beautiful, especially with the little island in the middle.

good first hike solo

mountain biking
19 days ago

I was planning on mountain biking the Pipeline Trail because I read that it was a good beginner trail and I hadn't been on my bike in a few years. What the site I read didn't tell me was that I had to ride UP Rattlesnake Gulch to get to Pipeline. I moved here a few months ago from Houston which is virtually sea level and needless to say, that combined with not having been on my bike for a few years, I was totally UNABLE to ride my bike up Rattlesnake Gulch. I ended up walking my bike up almost a mile and when I saw a very narrow part of the trail that had a rock wall on one side and steep drop on the other, I decided as accident prone as I sometimes am that it would not be safe for me to walk my bike on that portion of trail, so I turned around and walked my bike almost all the way downhill because of the loose rocks......I rode it down the last hundred or so feet when the trail was more packed dirt.

As a hike only, it would probably have been okay if I hadn't had to push a bike up it, but as a biker, you definitely need to be in better shape than I am to ride up this trail. Maybe next year, I'll be better able to conquer this one!

On the plus side, it was partially shaded on the way up but not too many places to stop and rest if needed.

This is the most beautiful trail I've hiked so far this year. My first time and I was amazed at what surrounded me. It's an easy hike and a very lightly traveled trail compared to Red Pine or White Pine. The lakes aren't much to look at but there are awesome views with Pfeifferhorn as a backdrop.

Started the hike at 5 am and it was awesome!!! I would definitely recommend doing it early morning since there isn't lots of shade through out the hike. Also, the city lights looked amazing!

This is a great trail with a doable elevation gain. The destination was nothing amazing. The hike was 12 mi round trip (6 up and 6 down), not the 9.8 mi this app tells you. Bring plenty of water, 2+ liters. The descent was not good on my feet even though I had good hiking shoes. Got bloodied toenails. But overall, I would say it was a good hike!

very rocky, fun hike, steeper than I expected

Was a super fun hike, it was overcast when my boyfriend and I went so it wasn’t to hot. Lots of beautiful overlooks and it was definitely challenging but an all over fun hike.

horseback riding
26 days ago

The Aqueduct trail and Ralph’s trail leading up to the Bear canyon trail is open to horses but Draper City animal service officer who we passed on the Aqueduct trail said horses aren’t allowed above Bonneville Shoreline due to it being a watershed area. He said any sign that said no dogs meant no animals at all. Anyone know for sure? I thought there were two different kind of restricted watershed areas: one that restricted all animals and another one that only restricted dogs. I thought Bear Canyon Trail fell into the watershed area that restricted dogs but allowed horses. Anyone know for sure?
Unless horses are allowed the entire way, I would not place this trail in a horseback riding category.

Great trail! The first .5 mile or so is the steepest, rocky and sun exposed if you're not early enough. We started about 8:45 and it was cool and shady, but sunny when we got back down. Once the trail heads back a bit into the woods it's cool and shady the whole rest of the way. Beautiful views the whole way up. One small area had us walking in the water, but very shallow and manageable. We went as far as a rocky overlook area, a little trail diverts off to it on the right, you can see the rock face from the trail. At this point you are pretty much at the top, the trail continues on but I'm not sure how much further. We called it good here, spectacular views in all directions! I would definitely do this one again.

Perfect morning or evening hike! I would highly recommend avoiding during the heat, as only the first 0.5 Miles are shaded.
Gorgeous views of the salt lake valley and Mount Olympus.

one of the best

Despite being overcast and some occassional sprinkles, this was a beautiful hike. It's 7.7 miles RT, not 7.1 but the hardest part is prior to the turnoff at mile 2.6 (shares red pine lake trail to that point then crosses a bridge to the right). Sprinkles and breeze kept mosquitoes to a minimum. Pfiefferhorn is spectacular to see from this vantage point though Maybird Lake itself is small and shallow. 3 people were leaving as we arrived and 4 more came up the trail after we left so a very different experience than red pine lake. It took us 2 hours to get there.

Fun and beautiful hike, but it was pretty hard and the steepest part is at the end. Definitely took more than an hour.

A great quick morning hike that'll get your heart pumping. Lots of runners and bikers around here and very dog friendly

It was a nice shady trail to start out with a great view but overall I was disappointed by the lack of a nice resting place with shade on the final stretch and the fact that they charge $3 to drive up the canyon. I wouldn’t hike it again for those two reasons.

Great hike for beginners like my husband and I. We’ve done a few short ones (donut falls, grotto falls) so this one was the longest for us thus far and I was worried we bit off more than we could chew. Thankfully the hike down was such a breeze and so fast. The view at the top is definitely worth it:) also: we ran into two families (one at the lookout and the other in the middle of the first switch backs) that were only there to see hidden falls. We advised them that at the very beginning of this trail there are stairs on your right and a trail to your left.. taking the left trail will get you to the falls in like five minutes. Hope that helps someone from hiking all the way up.

1 month ago

Came backpacking to Silver Lake last summer with a group a friends and had a blast so I thought I'd return. This time I was solo and wanted to escape the crowds at Silver Lake. Best decision I could have made consider I was spending the night up there. Started from Silver Flats at 6:30 and got to Silver Lake at 7:30. Passed a few big groups planning to stay the night at Silver Lake, and there were already several groups setting up camp at Silver Lake. Went the additional 0.7mi up to Silver Glance Lake. Bit difficult with an overnight backpack, but got up in 30min. Only two other guys were already there, and one other group came later, so very few people stayed the night. Very cool at night, but very peaceful and great views. Hiked down Saturday morning at 8am and was back to the car by 9:30am. Lots of groups going up to fish on the weekend. Overall, short hike (bit steep at parts but very doable) for a great destination. Still one of favorite places to backpack.

This is a very pretty, accessible, and relatively easy hike that provides great views of emigration and red butte canyon, as well as stunning views of downtown salt lake. It is basically the hike to the living room plus a mile or two, but the views and flowers only get better once you pass it. There is also the option of climbing the tower at the top, but make sure you are careful climbing the 30 foot exposed ladder.

The first bit of this hike is a bit steep, but it’s well shaded, which makes it a fairly moderate hike. I went left at the fork, and the trail is pretty flat and narrow, so be especially courteous to bikers coming up and down. The views of the Salt Lake valley and the surrounding mountains are absolutely lovely. It was about an hour and a half trip for me, there and back.

1 month ago

My go to hike after work heading to the lookout point. Keep an eye out for snakes. I've seen two good sized rattle snakes in the last two weeks close to or on the trail.

1 month ago

Fun “short” hike! We ended up turning left at the fork and taking the Pipeline route. Pretty overlook of the city! Bring sunscreen for the Pipeline portion.

1 month ago

Great views on the way up and down from the lake including Silver lake and Mt. Timp. The lake is smaller but a great way to escape the crowds at Silver lake below. There was no one there in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday with beautiful weather. It’s the end of June and there are plenty of wildflowers. Trail is more difficult to locate at the beginning and very steep with loose rock at times in particular coming down. Trekking poles would help even though I didn’t take mine. My 7 year old son hiked it with me and really enjoyed it.

1 month ago

It's a fairly steep climb to the intersection with the pipeline trail, and then if you head left it's completely flat to the Salt Lake overlook. If you head right, you are walking up into Millcreek Canyon. Good panoramic views of the Salt Lake metropolitan valley, but definitely not a wilderness experience. From the overlook, there is an easy to follow, sometimes steep, trail not shown on the map that heads uphill along a ridge to the east, and you can eventually connect to the Crestwood Gulch Trail at a high point. From there, I'm sure there is some sort of perilous path for people who want to come straight down the hill to hook back up with the Pipeline Trail, but I backtracked. Going up the ridge added about 1.5 miles and 600 ft of elevation.

Great hike with nice variety of scenery, including river crossings, gorgeous mountain vistas, aspen groves, and an incredible view of the Pfeifferhorn (I think) and lake at the end. The intro in All Trails was a little misleading. The easiest thing to do is follow the Red Pines trail for most of the way. There is a river crossing where the path diverges but there is no signage pointing the way toward Maybird so we used the Alltrails GPS to help us. I added a photo to the album to help show which way it goes. The first and third portions are “easy to moderate” but the middle third was quite a bit more steep. Overall a cool hike!

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