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This hike kicked my ass. Went when it was in the 100’s and it was humid. Went through my camel pack water and two water bottles before even reaching the top. Luckily a guy gave me a water and Gatorade because I had a panic attack and was crying because it was so humid. So yes bring LOTS of water. The hardest part was the last mile going up the rocks and probably coming back down because your exhausted. But the view is worth it. If you’re not in shape or don’t hike I suggest that you don’t do this as your first hike.


We did today!!!! It was FANTASTIC but EXHAUSTING!!!
We hiked on a new trail and we made it there for 3hours and 30 mins and 3 hours going down. Yay!!

Very solid hike! Many switch backs and increases in elevation. Bug weren’t an issue for me on 8/4/18. If you are out of shape this could get pretty difficult. Last stretch is a pretty steep incline. Go Early. Tons of people arrived in the afternoon. Going back down sucks.

Truly a peaceful hike. There were lots of small waterfalls, beautiful clearings in amongst the rocks, lovely wildflowers, and picturesque lakes. Hiked in August and had no problems at all, except the mosquitoes; definitely bring bug spray.

This hike is a pleasant workout. I started the hike from the Alpental parking lot, not from the recommended trailhead on this map, because it would save me an hour of driving. I logged 20 miles on this hike, but I also did a little extra exploring.

This one is on my list for backpacking. Two super enthusiastic thumbs up. Happy hiking!

Decent view, nice hike

Nice views but the flies are terrible right now and several parts are loose rock. Even though rated easy, should have brought hiking shoes!

Fun hike with our dogs. Were able to have them off leash as the trail isn’t that populated. ran into maybe 6 people total the time we were there. The trail is overgrown in quite a few spots. Beautiful wildflowers. Careful with bugs, definitely need some bug spray. GPS said barely 5 miles.

16 days ago

Top trail takeaways:
1. The road to the trailhead is an old forest road, and it’s pretty washed out in places. I’d not recommend without an SUV.
2. This trail is not maintained by the WTA, so it gets pretty faint/ confusing at times. GPS is recommended, otherwise you’ll end up at Mirror Lake.
3. Trekking poles were pretty helpful for the final .5ish gravel scramble to the top.
4. Despite it being a very warm day, it was very chilly in the wind at the top. Pack a light jacket.
Trip time: 5:30 with :45+ at the top
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to hike up loose gravel, this is your chance! The final half mile of this hike is up shifting rock of various sizes, but the view from the top is well worth it. Leave your sedan at home and go for the SUV instead, the road to the trailhead is pretty rough. Bring a GPS application or device if you’re unfamiliar with this area for Snoqualmie, the trail isn’t maintained by the WTA and is pretty faint at times. Start from the trailhead at mirror lake and hang a right about a mile/ mile and a half in, this was marked by a Cairn when I was there, but otherwise has no distinguishing sign. Bring a jacket for the top, it was chilly despite an 80+ degree day when I hiked. There was still a tiny bit of snow at the top last weekend, but you don’t need micro-spikes. Poles were an immense help for balance up the final gravel scramble. Bring sunscreen as the final mile or so us uncovered. Enjoy!

Photos from the hike: https://www.instagram.com/kjcoop/

First and only hike I've been on. Very hard for a first timer but was worth it. Bring water and snacks. Also something to place in the mailbox on top.

A hard hike with a rewarding view. The post about training with a stair master was definitely not a joke. It took us a little over an hour to get to the top and about 45 minutes to get down.

Updated hike entrance is now a lot of rocks and a large stick forming a path and signifying the entrance. See photos.

Steep at the end!

This was a beautiful trail. Easy for this 65year old. Didn't meet anyone. Great view of My Rainier...a complete surprise.

We had a great time! Getting to the trailhead was a little odd because it didn’t seem like the directions or my GPS accounted for the new roads but we made it without much trouble.

Met a few people going up and coming down but mostly had the trail to ourselves. The new trail is great! Very well done and makes for a great climb up. We stayed cool until we left the tree line behind. The boulder field was more of a mental game than actually physically challenging but the last half of a mile or so to the peak had some very challenging parts. I’m sure experienced hikers find this type of thrill common place but to the faint of heart or people (like me) still getting used to the heights of the mountains in Washington, the last part felt like I accomplished climbing to the top of the world!
We had a lovely clear day and the bugs weren’t bad.
HOWEVER it is very warm and sunny right now so bring lots of water and don’t forget sunscreen and several snacks that will help bring your energy levels back up.
And if your furry buddies aren’t used to this, leave them home on such a hot day. We watched search and rescue go up after a buddy who couldn’t make it back down on his own.

My absolute favorite hike! Breathtaking views! I actually have found a lot of hikes much harder then this one. I like this hike because there are switchbacks but there are what I call recovery patches I.e. not uphill the entire time! I will say that the end is a steep incline to the mailbox but I’ve done worse i.e. bandera is worse to me. This hike is much longer than listed I.e. 12+ on new trail there and back. Killer on the way down, should have hiking shoes, preferably boots. Wild flowers are out! Would totally do it again!

23 days ago

Was pleasantly surprised with this hike today. Left the trailhead at 6:30am and made our way up to Silver Peak. Loved being on the PTC. Be careful to watch your mileage or you might miss the trail to Silver Peak at 1.7 miles. Lots of great views, Mt Rainer was majestic today. Only two things that were a pain were the bugs and the road up to the trailhead.

24 days ago

Great views of baker, hiked to Mason lake and the ridge trail. Hike was closer to 7 or 8 miles total, also pretty steep. Some wildflowers and great views. Lots of people at the lake.

No snow on the trail. They haystack at the end is pretty dangerous, but the view up top is amazing. Tons of bugs at the top and around mile 3 the bugs start to pick-up.

25 days ago

Great views on the way up and Mason Lake is awesome. Watch out for bugs at the lake itself

This hike will break you off! However, the views are worth the hard work! I completed the trail with two friends. The out and back measured at 11 miles using the new trail. The trail is well maintained. I would bring insect repellent as you may need it. Make sure bring more than enough water and food to eat. You will want to take a break and replenish your body once you reach the summit. I highly recommend a hat as it it exposed once you reach the rocks. Once again, this hike is amazing and definitely worth it!

29 days ago

Great hike with stunning views, but....the mosquitos were a horrible annoyance. Wear bug spray and long sleeves- we were constantly swarmed by mosquitos the last 1.5 miles up. Other than the bugs, it was a beautiful hike with a fun final ascent to the peak.

Preparation for this trail: StairMaster!
This trailhead was easy to find. Waze took us right to the parking area, off of Skyline Drive. Saying this hike is uphill is an understatement, but the view at the top is amazing and quite a reward. If you are into geocaching, there is a 3/3 about half way up the trail. We found it as a reward on the way down.
We completed the mile up and back route - 1 hour up, and 40 minutes down, for us.
Take water. Don't go on the trail after a rain, for the sake of the trail and you. Trail is moderately traveled by the fit and those working on it.

1 month ago

Last bit of snow still clinging to the peaks but the sunny weekend led to amazing views. Last 1/3 of the hike is a pretty intense loose rock trail culminating in a bit of a scramble but it was worth it!

Fantastic hike! The views from the top are stunning and the mailbox truly is iconic. We went up and back on the new trail and my watch clocked it at a bit over 11 miles. This seems to be a trend for this hike, but I'm not sure. Would still highly recommend, just know what you're getting yourself into. That being said, the trail is incredibly well maintained, making it easy to hike--especially towards the top/steepest part.

Great hike with amazing views! There were some patches of overgrowth but it’s not too bad. Pretty easy hike with 2 dogs and we didn’t see anyone else on the trail, which is hard to find around here.

Great hike. Hard at the end but totally word it. Breathtaking views.

No snow and went on sunny day when Mt. Rainier was out. The lake was gorgeous and there’s not a lot of bugs.

Impossible to find. Directions are terrible.

1 month ago

Still too early for this hike. Snow on ground and rain in the sky kept me from the last scramble. Gorgeous wildflowers.

Went Tuesday, great trail, took the new trail up and back. Had 3L camelback full and used all of it. Bring a lightweight jacket and bug spray for the summit.

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