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Nice New Years Day hike. More hikers out than expected. Trail's in great shape for an Oregon winter. As noted by others, some trail markers hard to find.

lots of side trails and exploring opportunities.

Great place to go for a short walk. Lots of birds and other small animals to be seen.

on Old Jetty Trail

1 month ago

The path is single file, fairly flat and smooth except for a few roots. The South entrance is through the Shore Pines and progresses into tall Salal bushes and Wax Myrtles, then as you approach the North end the Evergreen Huckleberries start to fill in (best flavor in the Fall) The North end of the trail becomes more sandy and terminates on the road to the South Jetty; you can cut over to the ocean if you prefer a loop. When it is too windy on the beach, the dune sheltered trail is a nice option.

Walked my wife with a wheel chair. With well worn boards it was a little harsh to control. A good path to restore to former glory .

Great little hike!! With all the reviews I was wondering what this hike would entail. It was an easy hike, but so beautiful with old growth, lovely Creeks and waterfalls!

Pretty easy to navigate, but I could see how one could get confused on the trail. Was weary to sit or stand on the logs with the previous reviews about the ground wasps. My daughter and I had the hike all to ourselves with the exception of a quite photographer.

Very pretty this time of year. Trail isn’t well marked in places but not difficult to navigate.

2 months ago

The Jackson Frazier Wetlands

Went out for a drive near Corvallis, Oregon, and I decided to stop by here today. 

I have been here before and it looks like there cleaning it up, from the last time I was there. So props to them for doing that. 

I did get to hear some frogs making sounds, but other than that; not much else really stood out. 

So gorgeous in the fall!

Short, different and Fun!

Absolutely beautiful. Went in October and had the trail to ourselves. Took four kids with us and they did great. However, it was indeed poorly marked. I wish I had read the reviews and learned that the trail continued past the campground. We thought it just faded away there and turned to head back.

Hiked Sept 8th. Longer than expected drive, but wasn't bad. Falls were low this time of year, but still had enough water to be pretty. Lots of families out with small children at both falls. Probably won't have this trail to yourself, but worth the trek. Was a bit more up & down than I expected, so was more sweaty than I thought I'd be, so that was a bonus as I was expecting super easy, which it still was. Green Peak trail branched off of what looks like a campsite, off of a gravel road, so just look for that. We first thought it was a pretty worn trail up a hill, but that's not it, keep going to that site & the trail is off the back of the site. Good hike for a short hike.

Beautiful easy hike !

This was a lovely hike through old and new growth forests to two set of waterfalls. I wish “swimming holes” were a hike category, because this is a sweet little place to take a dip in the pool beneath the falls. Yes, there are ground wasps - and they got me, too. I put my clothes on the cedar log where they have a nest, oops! But otherwise it was a nice hike on a hot day, about four miles round trip.

Be careful when going to green peak falls. Just beyond the last tree on the trail right before the falls under the log right ahead is a ground wasp nest. They attacked our group and endured many stings but we got out ok. I wouldn't recommend bringing kiddos or dogs to the green peak falls.

Parts of it were absolutely beautiful. But it was hard to tell how to stay on the trail at times- and it went through a campground part way which was strange.

First of all it was really busy. Much busier than expected as it’s described as moderately trafficked. It was really confusing figuring out where the trail started as you walk right down into the waterfall from Alsea Falls. We ended up doing the Green Peaks Trail which was okay. The signage was better once on the trails but overall we didn’t enough it near as much as most others.

nice easy hike. fun for the whole family

Great hike for the family even on a hot summer day. Lots of places to cool off in the water. Bring $3 for parking. We parked at the falls parking lot instead of the trailhead. There’s a lot more parking there and you can access all the trails.

on Proposal Rock

6 months ago

Love walking on the beach, the cool breeze off the ocean, and the sense of God’s peace. We loved it all. Great, fun experience!

Poorly marked trail and like Shawna said there is a sign pointing in the direction you need to go but you can’t see it and it’s only visible coming from the opposite direction.

7 months ago

This place is a hidden gem. Great place to spend the day in ocean or along the little stream that leads to proposal rock. It's just breath taking. Get hungry stop in a Hawk Creek Restaurant that's at the entrance to path to the beach.

I loved this hike. There's easy access to play in the water as well. we went in August so we enjoyed the cold waters.

A nice, family friendly walk around a waterfowly area with nice views of the river and gorge to the southeast. I combined this walk with the Lewis & Clark Discovery Trail, hiking its entire length.

7 months ago

Suuny day today hiking along the coast.

Beautiful site, awesome falls, serene, peaceful, and refreshing. not much hiking required, but trails are available.

8 months ago

this is not a hike, but it is heaven on Earth. Actually can be rather crowded tho.. what I want to know is if anybody has explored the cave in the rock during low tide. i really wanted to but it's risky.

..I suppose you can hike the rock itself, you may even find trails and I think I might have even seen somebody up in there.. but it's definitely a fight against the tide.

9 months ago

Great trail for a family walk with young kids. Beautiful park and trail. The kids loved all the animal sightings, which included nutria, deer, turtles, and so many birds.

The park is a nature preserve, so that comes with a lot of restrictions; no dogs, no bikes, no trail running. These restrictions made for a very peaceful and relaxing experience.

Also we did not have to slog through spring mud thanks to the well maintained gravel trail.

I’ll be taking the family back in a few weeks so we can check out the other path that is only open seasonly.

Good for kids and listening to the birds.

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