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8 days ago

There's garbage everywhere including but not limited to broken beer bottles and crack pipes.

Saw some deer though

13 days ago

Fun trail, only couple of spots where you have to be careful, do some minor climbing which makes this qualify as hard. Otherwise some rocky terrain where you just have to watch your footing for some parts. Awesome views though make it worth it. Good hike for those who want a bit of a challenge in that aspect. Not challenging in the distance aspect or how long it is.

Not too many real trails, just trails made by tractors you have to follow. Eh not the best. not at all what I was expecting.

Nice small moderate hike for seniors . Some low hills. Great for nature lovers. Abundent deer population. Sad to hear about the changes with the apartments soon to be built there.

21 days ago

Lightly trafficked easy/moderate trail. Good workout .

28 days ago

Essentially just a walk around the park. Could not locate any trail from the Birch Dr. corner till past the tennis courts.

1 month ago

Quick easy hike to do after spending the day at Sandy Hook, with some history involved which is always appreciated. River is nice and there is swimming beach by the boardwalk which looked clean but there were a few roudy party boats close to the boardwalk when I hiked it on a Saturday so might not always be secluded

trail running
1 month ago

Great trails to run on. Many friendly people their too.

Nice walk and many things to do by the trail head

Fourth visit to RU Gardens. Beautiful scenery and easy trails for pups. Family oriented and the staff is very helpful.

Awesome trail.

Went for an evening walk after work, very pretty area and a lot of different trails to explore. This should be rated as an easy trail.

2 months ago

Easy pleasant trail with some views of the river. Trail is wide enough to avoid brushing up against poison ivy or tick-covered plants.

on Holmdel Park Trails

2 months ago

Pure awesomeness

3 months ago

I live at the base of the cliffs and walk in this area frequently. I would recommend Bear spray as we have had some stubborn bears here the past few years. This past fall my husband and son were hiking near this trail and were charged 2 times by a black bear. My husband yelled at the bear and pulled his gun and was ready (he is a cop and hunter) but thankfully the bear decided not to follow through with the threat. In all my years living here and hiking in the woods near this trail I have never encountered an issue like that but I have bear spray now and will always have it on me after this.

Some areas need to be cleaned up and more defined. Would be nice to have trail markers for the main loop.

Nice hike but if you are looking for a challenging one , this is not it ...It can be categorized as moderate but not hard at all

Good mix of open fields and woods, as well as some lake views. Paths are very visible but one needs the app to decide where to go at various intersections of trails. Easy hiking with a few muddy spots. Sparsely used by hikers, saw a couple on horseback.

the views were worth the steep route up, and at the top there is a rock formation of a bench to sit and enjoy the view.

Great paved and dirt paths and roads. A wonderful place for teens and families to adventure about for the day. Nothing very challenging. If you look, there are a few small “off the path” paths that are fun and challenging.

Be sure you have the correct trail map for this park! It should show a large loop featuring Green—>Blue/Teal—>Blue (a long Yellow and Red/White trail should be on the map, too). There is another map showing as “current” online and it does not have the correct markings.

Anyhoo, I did that Green/Teal/Blue loop mentioned above along with a quick diversion down the White Trail to see the waterfall. Came in a little over 6 miles (I parked at the Weis Center, so some of that was also the walk to the car).

I’d consider this trail fairly untrafficked—I usually only pass one or two people at the most, but I’ve also never gone on weekends.

Doing the loop as I do, starting at the Weis Center and going down the green path first, you come to a steep, pretty killer incline about halfway through. There are also a few spots with some scrambling required over rocks—I even had to lift my dog up one part! Otherwise I’d more list this trail as moderate rather than difficult.

Fun hike w great views

Fun walk along the water. Very muddy today.

Good quick hike

A nice fall walk in mixed meadow, farmland and new growth woodland. As others have said it’s a mix of access roads and single track. Given the terrain and several small lakes it has a good mix of birds. Don’t be put off by the stated location ‘near Trenton’ this is a good 20 mi east of Trenton and is actually on the other side of the NJ turnpike.

What a surprise trail.....this one is easy to moderate trail and good one for the family. There are couple of kids play areas and historical sites. Unbelievable!! I had great time at the farm and folks up there.

nice trail

10 months ago

Best hike we’ve done in awhile. Don’t just do the map loop above. If you do you’ll miss the views. Make sure to get on the Highpoint Trail so you can see NYC and some other 360 degree amazing views. Didn’t see any other hikers yesterday. Also no one was collecting $10.

Nice views at the top and you can see Manhattan. A couple spots were not marked great but all in all it was easy to follow. We saw a black snake, probably 5 feet long. Scared the

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