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on Water Wheel Falls

10 days ago

Easy and thoroughly enjoyed the snow hike.. This a good family hike with children and would have to cross the stream in 3 places

keep going until you reach the waterfall! We went right after a snowfall and it was beautiful to see and hear the icy water rushing, including the waterfall itself! The water wheel itself greets you to the left before you begin the trail. There are also lovely memorials for victims of flash flooding; we stopped and paid tribute as reminders of both human life and the strength of nature. We walked on ice over the frozen streams! if you follow the trickles, they become larger and larger bodies of frozen water, until you reach the rushing falls. There is a carved chair that you can sit in at the very end near the falls! I would definitely recommend this hike and will most likely visit again during another season to check out the difference. Be mindful of the massive horse pies along the route, though I rather take that than the unnecessary tagging done to the beautiful rocks :-( Beautiful hike, lovely natural workout. I highly recommend!

The trail isn’t too difficult at all. There were some extremely wet/slushy spots that made some parts rather slippery. The waterfall itself was nice, and the water was still a decent temperature to swim. Scenery is nice, but again, nothing out of this world. Wouldn’t rate this hard like AllTrails has it, but it is a decent hike. Happy to have done it, wouldn’t be one that I did twice.

Beautiful short trail with breathtaking views! definetly worth the hike for anyone coming through the Prescott area.

Loved the challenge!! So beautiful! Can’t wait to go again! The waterfall left me speechless

def one of our top 5 fav. it was our first time and we did some side trails so around about hiking 6.5 miles and we had a guid who has hiked and worked there so we were very lucky. it is well marked and with white spray paint in the rocky areas. Some amazing views when on top of the rocks over looking the lake as seeing the surrounding mountains and the lower section is great for bird watching. there are a lot of side trails. it is def a moderate trail if not hard in some spots. there are some easy parts though if looking for a nice stroll or mountain biking and frisbee golf as well as bocci ball court. this is top five favorite trail we have done. there were maps at the parking lot which is 3 dollars to pay to park unless you have annual parks pass.

22 days ago

Was an amazing Christmas Morning hike. Will definitely do again when I’m out there again.

on Thumb Butte Trail 33

23 days ago

Steep paved path (clockwise) to top. Unfortunately unless you are a skilled climber you cannot get to summit or around it which limited the view. Good cardio. Unpaved path on way down was not as steep but almost enjoyed it more than way up.

Fun trail with beautiful views. Hint: go right for a more gradual elevation incline. Go left if you want the tougher incline right away.

Challenging hike on a rocky trail, moderate and not easy.

Good trail

As a fairly inexperienced hiker, this almost 10 mile trek took me about 5.5hrs to complete, but the view from the top was pretty spectacular. Granted I also had my Corgi child with me, so although you're shaded by trees for almost the entirely of the hike, extra water breaks were needed. (Side note: Although my pup made it the full length of the hike, it's not a great trail for small dogs. There were a lot of really rocky stretches that were a disadvantage to short legged pups & makes for slow-going.) It was also early November when I hiked this so we didn't go through as much water, but if you go during the warmer months, you'll want to pack enough to get you through. There's a bathroom at the top, but I didn't check to see if there was a place to refill drinking water since I still had plenty. There were also picnic tables set up if you were wanting a designated place to take a lunch break; from there you'll see a wide rocky road leading up toward the tower. That's where you're gonna head to then take the small trail to your left for amazing views of the surrounding forest, all the way down into Prescott. Lastly, if you want more of a workout, follow the trail clockwise since the first stretch is almost entirely uphill. If you want a more intermittent workout with an easier finish, take the trail counterclockwise. Enjoy!

trail running
1 month ago

Great trail. Have to power hike for some of the stair step parts up but overall it’s 75-80% runable

1 month ago

I love hiking this trail and fishing it. takes about an 1hr to hike it if you walk with a purpose, about 2 if you take your time and fish a few spots.

easy hike with awsome views!

1 month ago

Lame! Litter and cow dung and graffiti and no real trail. It was actually kind of gross. This was a serious disappointment.

My daughter and I loved this location. Absolutely beautiful place. Nice hike.

1 month ago

This is a nice, relaxing walking trail that is easy for beginners. However, beware - the NPS site says the trail is accessible for wheelchairs and strollers, and when we went on Sunday (12/9/2018) it was extremely muddy and steep in many places. You also have to cross a stream at one point if you want to do the entire loop, but you can step on rocks and get across without getting wet. It was a gorgeous view of the lake and forest, even in winter, and took us about 1.5hrs leisurely walking.

This isn't about the trail but about the GPS taking us out there. It really is extremely remote with no cell service so download a map before you go. The trail head doesn't look very official because it doesn't have a sign in sheet and is totally faded with no map of the area and we thought we'd follow The GPS to where it wanted us to go just to make sure there wasn't another unofficial trail head. The GPS will try to map you a mile past the trail head, like it did us, and my high clearance SUV ended up getting stuck because continuing to follow that road will lead to more ATV type trails that are very steep, uneven, and extremely rocky. Due to this, my fiancè and I had to try to hike out of the remoteness completely prepared to hike the 22miles out. By some sheer luck I checked my cell phone for the time about 4 miles out between Ellison's ranch and mile marker 18 and had 2 bars, I may mention now that we both have Verizon. Because of this we were able to call help and were able to get our car pulled out and drive away safely but not enjoy the hike unfortunantely. So if you do happen to get stuck and have to walk, it takes about 6 hours to walk out from a little past the chasm and another 8 to get to the nearest town so if you are able to find that spot with reception I highly encourage you to utilize that opportunity because there may not be another like it. Don't bother calling your insurance if you have towing on your policy, I called mine and all but one tow company was unwilling to come out for us due to the area and wanted to charge upwards of 500 to get us out. Your best bet is to call 911, tell them your stuck, give them your coordinates and they will come out with a winch and help get you out of there. The road up to the trail head is doable with a high clearance vehicle but do not attempt trying to drive past because it is very possible you could get stuck. Also, I might mention the road is extremely narrow at parts where only one car can fit with a possibility of dropping off the mountainside if someone did come along. The drive is certainly not for that faint of heart. These are the coordinates ( 33.7918401, -110.8269091) for the area with reception about an 1 hour and 20 mins from the actual trail head but if I were you, I would start checking my phone for service after passing the ranch. Hope this helps.

First time we hiked this trail so only went a couple miles in before turning around. We saw a Doe and her three fawns. A beautiful area and a nice easy hike. Looking forward to coming back and trying to finish all the way around and go to the Lookout.

Going down is the warm up. Get prepared to hike back. Do the extra mile at the end for the waterfall.

I really enjoy this trail because it's easy and as a lone hike, I felt very safe here. Great views all the way around the lake.

This is one of my favorite trails. I love the beautiful view at the top looking out over Prescott. For awhile, I was hiking this trail twice a week to prepare myself for when we hiked the Bright Angel trail at the Grand Canyon... During winter, be prepared for some very icy spots.

1 month ago

Hiked the first 2 1/2 miles of this trail. Still some nice wildflowers along the first mile or so. Some fall color along the trail...Sycamores and a few maples. Signs of recent trail maintenance, but the trail is still a little 'bushy", but easy enough to follow. We saw no one else on the trail...hike lasted 4 hours. All in all a nice little hike, but probably won't go again.

1 month ago

Great incline and decline. Beautiful views. Thanksgiving tradition to hike this before the big meal.

1 month ago

Everything and more for a relatively short hike. Beautiful views and you can make some cattle friends as well! Also gives you an option to explore further and take multiple routes.

Nice intermediate hike.

This is a great hike in the summer. There’s lots of trees and shade. Pretty easy hike takes about an hour.

Wow this is a complicated trail. I got off track three times and hiked at least an hour longer than the two hours it says it generally takes to do this hike. I think I would’ve been completely lost if I didn’t have my all trails map to refer to. They were quite of number of people hiking today that also were getting lost. So be careful if this is your first time and use your trail map. Otherwise it was a gorgeous day and a lovely hike

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