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Great trail to take the family. We loved all of it! Gorgeous sand and views.

Great stuff with the kids well maintained easy trails with art!!!

Great place for a short hike with wide easy to follow paths for small kids or those less able but the park also has some great trails back in the woods that are well worth exploring. It's a relatively small park so don't expect endless miles of hiking.

13 days ago

Went here a few times for the lake and white sands. Beautiful place. Peaceful and serene. Added pics for everyone to see. If you want to see more and other trails I’ve been on follow me at wdp_phoographyinstructor on IG.

Cool art work but not a hike. Fun for a once and a while walk through.

Nice views as the trail stays alongside the lake.

2nd time on this trail. We LOVE it. It will be a repeated trail going forward. This time we got to see elk and deer! Keep your eyes open as they blend in well and many of the elk were laying right next to the trail. Respect their environment and space.

Great hike. Well marked.

29 days ago

First time at this park and on this trail. I was there on a mild winter day, but the trail was so muddy that it was more strenuous than marked. It felt much longer than the 3.5 miles, but I did it in less than 2 hours.
There are very few blazes on this trail, but honestly, you can't get lost b/c you are following the exact perimeter of the lake. You see the water the entire time. I hiked it counter-clockwise, and as I entered the wooded trail after crossing the grassy levee, there was a large fallen tree exactly on the start of the trail, and that tree connected to a beaver dam. With the mud, it was difficult to even see the start of the trail and to access it. I hope they can clear that obstacle soon...I think it would be difficult for very young children or less-mobile hikers to do this trail.

Lots of WW2 ruins, good vistas. Surprised I have not repeated it. Will soon.

on Broemmelsiek Trail

1 month ago

Awesome trail. Perfect for a mild recovery run and it is relatively flat and non-technical.

2 months ago

Interesting things to look at. Kids love it.

2 months ago

Nice trail along the river.

Saw elk, bison, deer, ducks and nice people. Can’t beat that.

2 months ago

Easy, flat, curvy trail. Good for walking, running, biking, rollerblading, etc. This park is rarely busy. Features a small pond and dock, a natural play area, and a playground.

LOVED this trail and will do time and again. It was a well balanced hike with the moderate climbs sprinkled throughout the three miles. We spotted at least ten deer as well as many tracks of deer and elk. The three miles were marked clearly every mile which was helpful and appreciated. FYI...no dogs allowed on this trail due to the animal activity in the park.

3 months ago

Saw elk on the hiking trail. Also drove thru the bison area and saw bison resting about 50 yds off the road.

We saw 3 beaver dens and lots of beaver activity.

Very enjoyable and fun to explore all the special surprises through the park.

4 months ago

I took the Hogsback Trail with my 10 year old son in late October. Gorgeous foliage, didn’t see a soul on the trail. 1.6 mile hike.

we had a great time! not crowded, dog friendly, nice artwork.

Saw 3 Elk! Fairly hilly but lovely trail!

Great park for walking dogs

Pretty awesome trail. We came just a little before the colors were completely changing in the trees but it was still beautiful everywhere. This trail is not very hard but steep at times. Here's what you need to know:
You're going to come up on a closed gate reserved for special trips for cars to go to the science building (which is cool as crap). Just park near the gate somewhere and start hiking up the gravel road. The gate is the beginning of the laid out trail on all trails. Then you'll reach a split in a pretty grassy Meadow area. Take the first obvious left and you'll come across Ferguson Cabin which is an awesome place that has been around since 1874. There are a few apple trees around this trail and we came just around the time for them to start falling off of the trees. My girlfriend wouldn't let me eat one because she was afraid they might be poisonous but I was going to risk it. I took a few so I'll let you know how it goes.
Anyways, you then hop on the cataloochee divide trail then to take a right to the science building. On the left you'll see a beautiful view of Mt sterling and on the right by the science building you'll see purchase knob and the views behind it. Then you'll head towards the trails to the knob which will be a shortcut back to where you made the first left split off of the gravel road.

5 months ago

moderately challenging and pretty hike. 1 steep hill but the view at the end is beautiful. plenty of little kids, families, dogs, runners, and bikers. i hiked it solo and felt safe because of all the people.

5 months ago

This trail was not too difficult as I am a novice hiker. However, was a bit overgrown. I enjoyed this trail.

Gravel road walk...

wonderful views within short drive of Waynesville

6 months ago

Very pretty trail- some stumps growing up out of the main trail, hard to see.

6 months ago

Longer with the hike up the gravel road (about 6 miles), but so worth it!

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