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I did this trail a few years ago and it is absolutly worth the difficulty. the Superstition Mountains are a wonder to behold. I would advise against doing this in summer. definitly a spring, fall or winter trail. bring lots of water and some binoculars.

Cool location

Waterfall looked nice. Not a ton of water but definitely enough to get wet!

We did not realize how long this hike was..... we went counter clockwise. It is a truly gorgeous hike. We saw hundreds of butterflies, 3 tarantulas, a snake, and tons of birds.

Went there yesterday and the waterfall was flowing! It was so wonderful!

Our group of 4 started out at 5:30 am in the dark with headlamps heading up Peralta Trail following a clockwise direction of this loop. Morning broke and revealed stunning views of Weaver's Needle and some hidden back country Superstition Wilderness gems. Stopped a few times for rest and drinks. Once you get near the half way point the trail becomes more overgrown with strands of spindly prickers and loose desert grass and the trail becomes more rocky as well. As the day wore on the sun became more intense. Saw two snakes, a small frog, a mule deer, and an uncountable amount of butterflies. The last half of the trail wears you out but the views are worth it.

Recommendations: bring plenty of water we each had 3 liters plus xtra bottles and we needed it all. Bring sun hat, sun screen, and i would advise chap stick.

I would do this hike again but next time I would just take a day pack to save the weight. ( we were fully loaded and training for a multi day back country trek in Zion ) Under our specific circumstances I would rate this hike as difficult.

Depending on your fitness I would rate this between easy and moderate. A few areas maybe a bit challenging to those that may be out of shape or do not maneuver well over rocky terrain. The views of the Superstitions are surreal, coming from someone who has a view of them every day. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen as most of the hike is in the direct sunlight. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. You wont be disappointed.

I will say. Beware man cause there are dead ends everywhere. The trail is terribly marked and so easy to wonder off just a few feet and your toast. I’m no beginner and yes it was 4 am and pitch black but I was running circles for 2 hours till I found the correct siphon to climb to summit. Still a killer hike and reckon you plan to get lost a few times if your not familiar with trail.

23 days ago

beautiful spot! great hidden hot springs! great cliff jumping and rope swings! great spot for couples and kids!

This is right between easy and moderate. Also, I'd give this trail 3.5 stars (if I could). Great view of the backside of The Flatiron, but the highlight is the very end of the trail. The end of the canyon is cool and green. I will definitely return after the next rain.

As an aside please read into the historical angle to this trail. There was definitely a twinge of sadness for the bitter demise of the Peralta family at the end of the trail.

The spring was outstanding. We had it all to ourself. The area has most everything one could want including seclusion, wildflowers, birding, swimming, petroglyphs, a footbridge, the spring, and several varieties of butterfly when we were there which was September 17th 2018. The drive was picturesque and fun even if it is a little white knuckle in places. I do not recommend bloody basin road if you have any questions about the performance capabilities of your vehicle. The road through seven springs is much easier on your heart rate and the road remains two wide through 90% of the ride. Also Bloody Basin has an incredibly harrowing downhill section that was terrifying on the way up and had no guardrails. The great thing about going out that way though, is that you end up driving through agua fria national monument to get out.

Lastly, the spring itself does not require you to cross the footbridge. it is quite easy to find if you are facing the bridge it is to your left just walk down to the bank and head down what looks like a deer path. One of the anchor points for the old bridge is a good marker for a path down to the reed tunnel.

What an adventure! Snakes, bunnies, birds of prey line the bridge to compete with the fisherman who are catching fish the size of my arm.

We were only disappointed by a miltary fly over and a lack of helicopter landings. This was our first alltrails experience and honestly it will be pretty tough to beat it.

Love this trail! Definitely recommend downloading the map and following it, as there are multiple points where other trails cross and it can be a little confusing. Beautiful views of the superstitions, and a good work out. Takes me about an hour and a half. Gorgeous views the entire time.

I’d like to go out and try this one again when it’s not a high of 107. Warning to other future hikers on this trail, the majority of the trail is actually marked as the Crosscut Trail, NOT Prospectors View (hence 4/5 stars, it was a bit hard to follow). This trail starts outside of the Lost Dutchman state park, does a loop through the state park, and takes you back out. It was truly beautiful and scenic, I’d say easy-moderate. We saw a regal horned lizard on the trail which was really neat and somehow a first for me (a life long Phoenix resident who has done a considerable amount of hiking in the city). Can’t wait to get back out on this trail!

1 month ago

Great trail...not marked well in the very beginning, but after the first 1/3 mile or so, it’s a clear trail. We saw THREE separate rattlesnakes on the trail on our hike, so be careful. Also saw a large tortoise and horny toad. No shade on trail. Beautiful view at the top. Definitely do this in the early morning to beat the heat. A few steep rocks to climb, but not too difficult. Completed this with a group of about 25, including teens and adults.

While the “trail” did display BEAUTIFUL views it was BEYOND a hard rating for me and the group that I was with, and we ARE NOT novices at “hiking”. This was more mountain climbing than hiking to us. The trail was unmarked after a certain point and quite dangerous out a few points in my opinion. Maybe we had gotten “off trail” at one point on the way down but I was seriously praying that I wouldn’t die!!! There was literally nowhere to get my footing or nothing to hold to. It was serious rick climbing!!!

Again the trail was beautiful once we got to the inside of the mountain but it needs to be marked A LOT better and that rating should be extremely difficult. This was a once in a lifetime hike for me. Glad I survived it!!!

Me and 2 friends hiked this route on an overcast day a morning after a monsoon hit. Weather was perfect going in. Got hot as the sun came out on our hike back. Wouldn't recommend doing this hike in the middle of the day due to no shade along the trail. I gave it 4 stars because it was a beautiful hike for seeing desert after rain and for the beautiful views.

The waterfall at the end was a drip coming down. Disappointed it wasn't flowing.

I am out of shape and I considered the beginning of this hike easy, then it does become moderate the closer you get to the waterfall (or lack thereof).

Have done this hike twice since moving to Arizona 6 months ago. I love it! Great workout and beautiful scenery. Really isn't that hard. I see people of all ages and sizes hiking this loop

Awesome experience. Challenging in so many ways, and the views from the summits are worth it.

This is a great challenge. I do this hike every year in January or February.

When the desert is green, this is the most beautiful trail. Easy to moderate hike, great views everywhere you look, on every section of the trail. I’ve only seen the waterfall once, in the spring. Usually it’s dry. This is one of my favorites in the Supes.

Fun and tough towards the top. Was worth the drive out.

Nice hike by the Superstitions. Enough of a challenge in 90 degrees weather. A couple of tricky spots crossing other trails so keep an eye on your map.

We only did part of the trail, wanted to see the sunset! I would like to come back to visit and walk the trail!

I have to agree with some other posts. The hike is a great workout, I wouldn’t rate this difficult by any means unless you do it in the middle of summer. I did it for more of a workout and it’s great for that. But if you’re looking for scenery I’d go somewhere else. The top was full of people that drove up. Seemed like a bunch of local kids in the hut and they were smoking and cussing. Unfortunately my hike was ruined due my experience at the top, and not to mention when I came back down my window had been smashed in the parking lot. I won’t be returning to this hike.

A moderately tough climb due to Elevation, loose rocks and gravel. Well worth the effort as you reach the summit the views are fantastic.

My 2nd time hiking and this is the trail my sister picks. I thought I was going to die. Had no idea the difficulty level until it was too late to turn back. I’d definitely do it again... but only when I’m in tip top shape.

I would rate the hike, itself, as easy. most of the way was relatively flat until you get to the end and even that wasn't really hard. The sad part (and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5) was that there was no waterfall at the end. As my companions joked, it was a waterFELL. Still, it was a lovely hike with pretty views of the surrounding mountains and lots of different cacti to look at along the way.

3 months ago

Gorgeous trail! Somewhat challenging in spots for me (54 year old semi fit), but not for my 25 year old daughter. Took about 3.5 hours, and we brought several gallons of water as it was about 104 degrees today. Views are amazing!

3 months ago

We loved this hike! It’s so beautiful. We started early to beat the heat.

3 months ago

This past weekend was my second visit to this location. My amazing dude was my escort both times.
First trip: about this time last year on a Saturday into Sunday (we recollect). There were about a dozen people enjoying the creek from where we could see at our campsite. He swam, I didn’t - too cold for me. There was trash around the campsite (and scattered all around really) including a tampon and an applicator which was really phocking disgusting, people are awful. Once we got to the actual hot spring it had no other guests. We enjoyed it and decided to head back to camp. Almost at that moment, a group of hikers showed up to the tub. Perfect timing.
Second visit: not a single car or voice that we noticed in the area of what we now consider our campsite. We awoke to the sound of a helicopter landing in the clearing, literally next to our tent and vehicle hidden by the cover of trees. The chopper was so close, sand blew in our tent. We greeted the pilot and occupant happily - they commented that they didn’t even see us! They fished a bit and left. We both went swimming but I abandoned the activity after my love was bitten in the butt by a fish! No thank you, good-bye creek swimming on this trip for this gal. I can hang but I have my limits. We sat by the water chatting, snacking, & watching the fish jump. They too must have seen the fisherman in the hilo depart. We found ourselves ready to nap on the shore in some shade, the two guys playing on inner tubes on the other side were the only other company to be seen or heard. A pair showed up on quads and moved on. We thought this day was too good to be true. This really was OUR spot.
Suddenly disaster struck when one of the tube guys experienced a less than graceful expulsion from the rope swing and badly broke a leg. My guy, the helpful & conscientious person that he is, was able to fetch the quad guys whom just happened to have experience in this type of thing. It was a much more refreshing experience of humans than the beach tampon issue of last summer.
Five stars. Check it out. Bring your own rope. See you out there trail folk!

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