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1 day ago

Great hike! Stunning views! Beautiful lakes!

We had two kiddos and a husband on crutches, so we only managed to get to the first lake, which is practically outside the parking lot, and even that was stunning. I can't wait to go back and do the full hike to see the other two.

On a hot summer day this is a great shady hike through old growth forest. There are some great creek views. There are some areas where tripping over roots or rocks is possible, but in other areas the ground is softly padded with old needles. On a summer Sunday we only saw six other people. There were huckleberries along the way.

2 days ago

Did this hike in the winter months with some snowshoes and was amazed by the stunning scenery. One of my favorite hikes of all time.

Beautiful hike with a rewarding turn around point. Long, but you don't really feel it till the last mile back to the parking lot. The creeks are just trickles this time of year, so no need to worry about wet feet.

A definite favorite! Have your forest pass worked out beforehand - we wasted some time with this.

Drove two hours, and let me tell you it was worth it!


Very doable, very pretty views of the waterfalls!

Please please please be careful if you hike off-road here. We have had way too many casualties here in the last few years from people swimming next to the falls or getting too close to cliffs. Bringing dogs or small children is not a good idea because the trail is so steep in some spots.

All of that said, the best time to come is Spring because the falls are still full, and the hikes are gorgeous. I do three different locations: hike out to where you can stand above the falls, hike along the walls of the canyon, and hike down to the water. The trail down to the water is very worn. It gets extremely hot here, so multiple water bottles is a must. Also, parking is by check or cash only unless you have a Discover pass.

8 days ago

This hike was just incredible. Very steep but so worth it! If you manage to make it to the 2nd lake, push on for the waterfall and 3rd lake. There's quite a bit of scrambling to get to it but it was worth the effort. My husband and I took our 6 yr old and 4yr old twins and they made it the whole way, without being carried at all. It's such a fun and engaging hike! Due to scheduling constraints, we were forced to go on a Saturday and we weren't able to get there until 10 and the parking lots were already full. The trail was very crowded. It took us about 6 hours start to finish with 3 kiddos in tow. We were so glad we made the 2.5 hr drive from Vancouver-- which was a stunning drive btw.

9 days ago

Beautiful views and an easy hike!

10 days ago

Great trail. Easy and flat in places, a lot of incline and terrain most places. Middle falls is best view of the falls. Just passed that is a great view of the valley.

10 days ago

Gorgeous views, fun hike with a little bit of everything. Definitely worth the drive out but try and go during the week as it will be less busy than the weekend. Be sure to make the trek to all three lakes, the last lake has a cool rock field to hike over which is different than what you get at the second.

10 days ago

Great views! But not an easy hike, even for those in good shape. I would not call it Moderate. We were well prepared with water and food, but wish we had even more water. It made for a long, tiring, but rewarding day.

Definitely be prepared for crowds. We arrived at 10:30am on a Saturday in early August, drove up from Whistler. Main parking lot was full, second parking area appeared to have space but by the time we got near the end, the car in front of us alerted us that it was full and there was no place to turn around. We had to reverse the car up a long narrow road to get out. Ended up parking about 1/2 mike away on the side of the road.

My parents (60 years old) opted to turn around about half way. They called it “Disney World” because of the terrible crowds.

I would do it again, but next time I’ll arrive at 6am to avoid the crowds. We also wished we had brought bathing suit and towel so that we could’ve gone in the water. Also bug spray.

Lovely woodsy walk. Path has nice rolling hills and roots through out

Personal review: this is a magical place, and I visit as often as I can. The energy in the forest is pure and it washes over you when you enter so that everyone you meet is smiling. It is a very special place.

Practical review: This is my oasis from the city. It’s big enough that you there are choices of trails, but not so big that you could get lost. It is also well marked, and there is an interactive map online (if you, for some reason can’t use the AllTrals app), and yes, there is service throughout, but do try to remember why you’re in the forest...
There are trails for walkers exclusively, but the equestrians & cyclists are respectful of sharing the mixed paths. It’s clear of trash (pack it in, pack it out), and mostly free from noise pollution (sounds of traffic). There is fantastic tree cover, so even if it’s raining or hot out, the temp is moderate and you don’t get drenched. It is tethered-dog and accompanied-child friendly. There are berries growing on the path (I’ve seen blackberries and Red Huckleberries (ATTN: Please consult a nature identification source prior to eating anything you do not recognise; some red berries are safe, but some are poisonous. Better safe than sorry.)


Went on a very hot Monday afternoon so I was one of the only people on the trail. Certainly beautiful. The different viewpoints are good for families with different skill levels.

13 days ago

Beautiful hike with big payoff at upper Joffre Lake. I would recommend getting there early as parking can get tough, trail gets more crowded, and you can avoid the instagram queens posing everywhere.

14 days ago

outstanding trail and well worth the uphill climb to paradise. make it a destination.

Pretty easy hike. The incline is very gradual until you get to the falls themselves. There is no sign, so look out for two trees marked by pink ribbon and an arrow made of stones (someone scatted the stones while we were there so we put them back, hopefully they’re still there). There isn’t much water flow coming down the falls right now, but the water is nice and warm! We swam for about an hour because it was so nice. Watch out for bugs! Lots of horseflies, gnats and some mosquitos. Gorgeous view at the falls!

14 days ago

One of the most beautiful place to hike up to!
Do not miss the third lake and the waterfalls

Nice moderate trail. Pretty waterfalls. Went to Upper Falls via Woody Trail with Diane.

17 days ago

A very easy, level trail just South of the ridge i.e., not a "ridge walk" by most definitions. Later in the summer the berries will be out in force. Side trips to either summit Sawyer or explore Fisher Lakes and their neighbors are the true reason to explore this trail.

Both parking lots were full by 12pm on a Wednesday.

20 days ago

Most gorgeous views. Reminds me of Lake Louise and Moraine lakes in Alberta. The only downside is how busy the hike is - but who could blame all these people wanting to see this amazing beauty!

decent trails. solid walking, great for dogs, okay for biking. mostly trail riding for mountain bikes with 2 parks easy to get to if you follow the main trail, otherwise trails are full of uprooted roots.

I clocked this hike at 6.25 mi, the view at the top of the falls was really incredible and worth the pain! The inclines are no joke.

If you like hiking with the rest of the state, difficulty finding parking and a less than mediocre view point of the waterfall, then Wallace falls is for you. I was highly disappointed by the trail and regret driving the 3 hours to hike it. Was more on the easy-moderate side, my 4 year old had no problem doing it.

23 days ago

Did this on Sunday, July 15. Got to trail head at 7:15. Took about 2 hours to get to 3rd lake at a leisurely pace. Shared 3rd lake with about 20 people. Then the hordes starting arriving. Coming down was an absolute gong show. Would never touch this place on a weekend again. Must’ve passed 500 people on the way down. It completely ruined the experience. See pics

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