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on Pratt Lake Trail

trail running
14 days ago

Nice trail with decent elevation. Not much in the way of scenery but a few small creeks here and there. Lightly traveled, saw fresh bear scat on the trail this morning so take your bear bells / bear spray because the berries are out and the bears are eating them to prepare for the winter / hibernation. Close to the road, so you will hear cars until you're about 1/2 way up. Granite mountain is better for scenery, scrambling but this is good if you want to get some miles in on a nicely maintained trail. Parking is tough, you'll need to park on the road if you come after 9am.

17 days ago

Huckleberries everywhere near Pratt Lake! We picked some and had enough for two pies. Bring a few bags to carry huckleberries back :)

25 days ago

Hike date: 5/15/2018. If you enjoy beautiful cascading waterfalls, crossing rapid-flowing streams, and navigating unmarked snow covered trails, this is the time to hike Pratt Lake.  There's still a lot of snow about 3miles in; a GPS w the Pratt Trail map is a must have to navigate in the snow.
The lush forest is beautiful, and many wildflowers are in bloom. The heavy snow melt due to recent record breaking temp fuels the  raging waterfalls which make some stream crossing challenging. It's all doable with good hiking boots (waterproof) and poles, and it's a ton of fun as long as you take each step carefully.
After the Island Lake and Pratt Lake junction (4miles in), the Pratt Trail turns into a steep descent and is completely covered in snow;  very difficult to navigate. Continuing down to Pratt Lake is not recommended unless you are familiar with the trail and terrain. 
Overall it's a beautiful hike with many water features through mid June. On a clear day, you will see Mt Rainier, nearby mountain peaks, and Olallie Lake on the Pratt Lake Trail. 

1 month ago

The final gravel portion of the road is best navigated in a vehicle with high clearance - big gravel and potholes. Beautiful old-growth trees, ferns, fungi and mushrooms and the rare columbine, plus fat blueberries ripening as you get higher. A great hike for a hot day, because it is virtually 95% in the trees. We only encountered 4 other parties on an August Saturday. Lots of water near the trail, even in August, but evidence that earlier there was a lot of water on the trail. Root-y and rocky for much of the time, and little variety + no vistas made 9.7 miles seem more like 15. Some muddy spots even in mid-August, and hungry mosquitoes in the usual places near water and mud. 10 or so giant blowdowns, so major tree crossings necessary. The lake is small and shallow with little shoreline to enjoy, charming nonetheless.

Lakes are beautiful. It’s about 15 minutes south of surprise lake till you reach glacier. There are a ton of bugs at the lake but they don’t bite

also did this via the Knox Mountain Trail. The road is sketchy for the last few hundred feet so a high-clearance vehicle is mandatory. Ran into groups of people from four different trails

on Pratt Lake Trail

1 month ago

Great trail thats in good shape. A few flies and mosquitoes near Talapus connector but nothing crazy.

1 month ago

2 bear sightings on 7/9!
Overall, wonderful hike. Slightly overgrown in some areas but easy to navigate through.
Came extremely close to two different cinnamon bears on my way down the trail and was forced to stand my ground with my dogs till they backed away.
Most bears I encounter just run away as soon as they see my dogs and I, but not these ones! Keep your eye out!

1 month ago

We began our hike on Sunday 7/22/18 around 12:00 noon. The road up from Taylor Campground to the TH is about 5 miles, the road was bumpy but passable in our Toyota Camry without problems. Trail is steep in the 1st mile, then flattens out nicely. Bugs weren't too bad in the areas where there was a breeze. There are some blow downs and dried up river beds to scramble, but all doable and not scary.

2 months ago

Challenging terrain but well worth the effort! 360 degree views from the top. Mt. Rainier, Lake Kachess, 3 Queens, Mt. Stuart and more. Bring bug spray!

2 months ago

Great little backpacking trip. The route is varied and fun. The first half of the hike is pretty standard uphill slog, broken up by some very neat views, including a long wooden bridge and multiple water falls. There are some technical elements to the 2nd half of the hike, as you descend into the basin, which makes it more fun and challenging. Overall the hike was pretty easy when broken up into a 2 day backpacking trip.

There's no evidence of snow anywhere on the trail and it is nice and warm as of this writing. Take a swim in the lake, it is well worth it.

Great hike, the lake is beautiful and worth it. The hike from the Granite Mountain trailhead to the lake is about 7 miles one way, so about 14 miles round trip

2 months ago

Very disappointed, only one single point close to the lake for camping, the only reason I give 3 starts is because it has nice mini waterfalls during the trail and good views to the lake, but once you get to it there is not much to do, not spaces to sit, or admire the lake. Not much to do there, the kind of hike you only do once

Great hike. Lots of snow still at the top. Well worth the hike up.

3 months ago

Description and recent reviews accurate. Went today and snow is still present around 4.5 miles in. The trail is very hard to follow with the snow. Still very pretty and we enjoyed as far as we got. Several small and medium sized water falls.

4 months ago

Beautiful walk. It’s a steady climb as far as I could get but I ran into snow about 3600 ft. This time of year, with the snow melting, there were several really beautiful water falls and easy stream crossings. From the trail head to the snow, which covered the trail at an old log bridge, there was not a single point that the trail leveled out but it was only about a 15% grade the whole way. I went mid week and only passed eight people. The Trillium are blooming, and the trail is in good shape except for a couple of trees that have fallen across the trail. It’s a real nice sauntering path. I’m a casual hiker and it’s slow down when I get winded to pace myself so I’d say most anyone could go at least as far as I did, but then again, I only got half way before the trail was completely obscured by snow.

Great and amazing hike!! I would probably rate this as hard because compared to other rated “hard” hikes that I’ve done seem a lot easier. Pretty steep at some points and can be easy to lose sight of trail due to weathering. Overall a must go the lookout is breathtaking!

DO NOT TRY THIS HIKE IF YOUR NOT PREPARED , it's easy to loose track and it is a hard hike , got lost twice and turned back half way .
there are no humans along the way and it's pure forest packed with a lot and a lot of snow .
I will give it another try during summer time when there is more day light .

This hike probably deserves more stars in the summer as these lakes are quite beautiful. Its really hard to access the lake with snow shoes as there are many obstacles in the final stretch creating hazards. Its a great workout and it was a fun hike as well. We broke trail and burned some calories. I would drive a little further and do Lake Valhalla from Stevens Pass instead. Its about a mile longer each way but a better hike in my eyes.

10/7/16. Did this via the Knox creek trail head. First snow of the season hit about 3/4 the way there. Little visibility, but awesome to knock this off the list. Dogs loved the snow.

Three years ago. This was my wife and I first time snowshoeing, what a trip! We want to go back during the spring to hike our path to see the difference between snow and trail. Most fun we have every had snowshoeing. Not recommended for a first timer, we were lucky during the winter time and were a couple of greenhorns as they come. Read up on area difficulty and know what your getting into. Awesome place to go!!

Your socks will get wet. Tons of streams on the way. A few waterfall streams that have slippery rocks. Hike felt like 12-13 miles.

Great trail, it's more like 14 miles out and back. There are a few technical sections of rock fields which were difficult for our dog. It was very secluded; literally no one else was using that trail. Other groups were headed to Granite mountain. Weather was interesting, 40 degrees and raining, which was fine in the woods but once we got into the river basin there isn't much coverage. I can't wait to go back and stay the night in those super cool camp sites along the far side of Pratt Lake.

11 months ago

9/27/2017 (Wednesday) - Sunny day with cool wind, clear view, 60-70F. For me, this is a trail with the best conditions in the I-90 corridor, broad, smooth, moderate to gentle grade, not many rocky and rooty sections. It's a "thoroughfare" leading to all major trailheads on the northern sides of I-90 and to the southern side of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River. We just go 4 miles to the highest point before the fork right down to Pratt Lake and left to Island Lake. The trail is all inside the woods, and has only one opening of less than 10 yards, where, we can see Olallie Lake and Mt. Rainier to the south, but, while eating lunch there, we were harassed by several big birds with big heads. While trying to find the boot trail down to Olallie Lake, we can't find it. It's unclear and rarely used.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The lake along the way and the vistas at the top of this hike rate 5 stars but the trail itself is in rough shape throughout. In some places almost brushed completely in and in others has become a steam bed due to lack of water bars. The other note is that this hike while shorter is much steeper in places than Davis peak which is rated hard - i would tend to put this trail closer to hard than moderate. But would still do it again for the destinations.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Finally made it and it is spectacular !!! Once you go all the way around the lake cross outflow/spillway and when u see a gully to the left, head that way... just before u cliff-out, look right and u will see the path. Steep climbs are broke-up with somewhat easy meadow walks. Once you find the path it's pretty easy to follow… I honestly had a much harder time coming down… once at the top you can easily find the path to the west(if you are doing the loop). As of today August 16, I really did not have any problems with bugs... but plenty of hornet nest to avoid. Pro tip: if you're running low on water, fill up at lake. There are no water sources beyond that on this boot path. At least not in late summer. Be safe... leave no trace.... have fun!

Trail follows creek closely much of the time. Tough last mile and a half. Surprise Lake: gorgeous little trout filled lake. Lots of flies/mosquitoes mid-August. Good campsites; less crowded than Glacier. Great hiking up to meadows and boulder field south of Glacier. Pika world.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

This is a longer hike then suggested by this app. My fit bit was dead so I am not sure how much over but by pace I would say it's closer to 12.5. Like most Alpine hikes the hardest part is the hike out of the basin. Pratt is a nice lake but not awe inspiring I don't think I would do it again as a day hike but with other lakes nearby it would make a decent backpacking trip

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

My husband and I hiked the Thorp Lake trail to the Thorp Mountain trail on July 30, during a sunny, hot, dry spell. Once we got to Thorp Lake, the landscape became very beautiful, and the ascent to the Lookout brought us through lovely, wildflower meadows and incredible views along the way. The panoramic vistas from the Lookout are really awesome, and there was a cool breeze at the top. The biting flies were fierce, but once we applied repellent, they left us alone. Also, the trail was a bit brushy and overgrown in various sections, which made me wish I'd worn long pants. There are signs, indicating the trails at most, but not all intersections, so I was glad we downloaded a map.

Surprise Creek? More like Some-Flies Creek!!! (Get it? GET IT?!?!) Be prepared for the bugs...
The trail is not clearly- marked- you pass through a rail-road yard (which is private land) to access it. The trail appeared to be well- maintained. We hiked on a sunny Sunday in July and we only saw maybe 8 other people- which was great! The elevation gain is spread out nicely- some long stretches of low grade punctuated by some steeper climbs. Hiking poles would come in handy since there are a lot of boulders, roots and stumps to scramble over. We want to do this again in the fall when the flies have gone away...

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