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Nice hike and trail for Florida. It will take you out to the tip of honeymoon island to a little beach area- really easy hike. It is also a great bird watching trail. The only cons of this hike is that the mosquitos can be really bad and hence annoying. The bites didn’t show until the next day and they will bite through your clothes. Also, if it rains- the trail can get muddy. If you find yourself in this situation, I would go to the park area and head to the beach to walk along there instead.

Didn’t make the loop. They were doing a controlled burn so we doubled back. Ended up walking about 10 km. At the end (also the beginning) we went for a swim in the Wekiwa Springs. Gin clear water.

Easy trail, the APP was helpful. Beautiful trees and interesting history on canoes.

8 days ago

Can you fish here?

This place is way overrated. It shows up as the most popular trail in FL when I search, but I can think of no less than 5 way better. It's alright, just basically a jaunt through the woods.

10 days ago

I’ve never been here early. It was chilly high 30s but beautiful. I always wish I had more time

Easy to walk. Nice scenery.

The loop part of the trail was too overgrown for my taste. Some parts were completely covered in tall grass. The part leading up to the loop was alright going underneath the power lines. Had to use the subdividion access point since the gate at the school was closed, even though it was the Saturday after thanksgiving.

The Osprey Loop from the Valentine House parking lot, including 1/2 mile of the Tern Trail and the tower, is a 4.1-mile loop. Lots of interesting plants, views of the Manatee River and Tampa Bay, horseshoe crabs, dolphins, and white pelicans. The Tern Trail is not open to bicycles, but other spur trails are. Highly recommend bringing a kayak or renting one from a local vendor and paddling the trail through the preserve.

14 days ago

A beautiful walk in the the woods!
Especially when the days have started to cool down in the fall. The ferns, pine trees and palmetto bushes take me back to my childhood of playing outside all day on our 5 acres off Cowley rd.
Which is all developed now.
Still I love to visit the woods as often as I can.
Take your kids and leave the electronics at home.

14 days ago

Well marked and clear trails with nice picnic areas. Not that interesting of a hike though. Lots of sign of wild boar, but the sinkhole is overgrown and not much to look at. Also the mosquitoes were moderately annoying.

Have been here several times; both alone & with family. I'm not so young anymore & these trails are easily hiked - even for the novice. I usually hike around Thanksgiving or winter & I've never encounter the bugs or ticks. I have seen wildlife including: armadillos; snakes & dolphins. I hiked to the South point one Thanksgiving & sat alone & watched a mother dolphin "train" her new-born! It was a gift from God during a difficult time in my life. I will always treasure that memory. The trails are laid out so you can have a short jaunt, a nice few mile "cruise" or a 9x mile adventure. There's a LOT of nice scenery & if you take photos there's plenty of great things to shoot. I took my dog the last time & she had a BALL! Go... get off the couch... Have some fun... Make some memories!

Love this trail! It’s really great from the East trailhead at lake Yonah damn. It’s a little more difficult and much less traveled!

Park closed due to hurricane damage

Nice trail with lots of trees and shade much of the way. Total distance according to my iPhone was 2.9 miles for the loop. It’s nice that they have the bike and hiking trails separated. We saw several alligators and turtles.

15 days ago

Very nice park. Bugs were not an issue which is surprising since it is so close to water. There were a few mosquitos as we crossed over the swampy area. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see any monkeys this time around. But we very much enjoyed the hike.

My family had a very pleasant walk. We saw a lot of wildlife and enjoyed the surrounding woodland views.


Nice easy stroll with lots of great flora and fauna.

on Pine Island East Loop Trail

nature trips
16 days ago

We enjoyed walking along the wooded river. We did walk to the loop but decided it was too much sun and too late (9:30am) to see many critters though,. we did see an otter scurry under the power lines on the way to the loop. Looking forward to going back. So many birds and we did seem to startle a deer on the other side of the river and caught glimpses of its white tail flitting through the woods. It looked large and healthy. We went the day after Thanksgiving when the school was closed and the gates were open. If gate is open you have paved parking at trailhead behind the school building. We are making plans to go back.

Loved just about everything on this trail but do agree it needs to be better marked. some intersecting trails are confusing. Spent several hours in this park Thanksgiving day. Will certainly be back again. The canyons are amazing but as before need to be better marked. At the end of the day we only had 8 miles and was expecting 10+. The way the loops meet and cross and being unmarked lessened the mileage.

17 days ago

We hiked around Tallulah Gorge this morning and were a bit disappointed. Then I found Panther Creek using the All Trails app. Wow! Beautiful hike down to the waterfalls. So much better than Tallulah Gorge. This hike is a must if you are visiting Tallulah Gorge.

This was an awesome trail! Spent part of Thanksgiving Day here! The only drawback is trail markings, not as clear as it could be, but overall this is a fantastic trail venture!

17 days ago

We really enjoyed this hike on Nov 20. The bridge being out made the hike even more fun for me and my daughter. We crossed on the smaller fallen tree next to the bridge. Note: if you’re balance-challenged (or just don’t want to fall in 2 feet of water), be sure to grab one or two of the hiking sticks that people leave at the trailhead. They are really helpful to work your way across the log.

Clean, well maintained. Beautiful hiking along the river.

23 days ago

Short hike. Beautiful weather.Seen more people on the trail. Which is good.

Locked out

A basic description of this trail should include the fact that the entrance to the trail is padlocked win the middle school is in session. There is a middle school at the head of the trail and when the middle school is in session the trail has a padlocked entrance and no one can get in. All trails has been nothing but a disappointment as an app because it always leaves off vital information like this.

26 days ago

This is my new favorite - had a little bit of everything - Hiked this Sunday, Nov 11, 2018, So many things to do. I believe the waterfall is one of the best I have seen in the Ga Mountains. Weather was perfect: sunny and 40 degrees. Wore jacket on way down and stowed it on the way up. Met some really nice people. As others said the bridge was destroyed but not hard using the fallen trees to cross. There is a sign about the route being closed due to the bridge. Please ignore that and enjoy yourself. Last point, if your vehicle does not have the clearance needed to cross a small creek you will need to walk a pretty good distance to start this hike. Not sure how far - someone else would know the distance. I drove the hike in a 2015 F250 Lariat - plenty of clearance.

Easily my favorite hike in North Georgia. Can’t wait to come back in winter and sit under the falls.

This was pretty easy to find but my Garmin said around 11 miles at the end, not 9.6 miles. It was an easy hike with a few good hills. Nice views and little foot traffic once you get past the parking area.

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