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This hike leads to a great view at the top. it will take about 4 to 6 hours to go up and down. There is a bit of climbing just at the top. You can see what the climbing is like at the video at this link: https://youtu.be/g49Adwi9WvQ

I went solo as usual yesterday and thank goodness for seeing fellow hikers because I just completely got lost 1/3 of the way. Once you get past the basin/amphitheater and trek up the rocky hill, there's a split that goes right or slightly down then straight. Make sure you go down the hill then straight as I made the mistake of going right, lost about 25 min. Don't take shortcuts and follow the trail for your own safety! Light jacket/hoodie (current weather), GLOVES (ESSENTIAL) and snug fitting shoes with good grip are must, 3-4 bottles of water and energy bar(s) for the top or between climbs. Stop by the memorial up top, its to the left handside. Word of advice to beginner hikers, conquer camelback or piestewa peak first before Flatiron as this is much more physically demanding. I'd give a 5 but this trail is poorly marked once reaching the basin.

A rewarding challenge for the average hiker, a diverse landscape with enjoyable rock features for the more experienced adventurer. Traffic does get heavy, so an early start is imperative to get the best experience. 2 liters of water is perfect, no less than 1.5. Be prepared to use your hands in sections.
Leaving about 40 minutes before sunrise, we earned spectacular views of the valley at first light. The trail is not well marked at all, and even with two of us we lost the trail about 1/3 of the way up. Just part of the experience for a couple of Superstition first-timers. The Flat Iron itself is worth seeing, not only from the top but all the way up, as it hangs over you through most of the hike. Unique rock formations and lots to see in terms of flowers and trees. Would absolutely recommend.

Beautiful trail and the views are amazing. Challenging at the end towards the view point, have to climb up at times. Bring gloves with grips, hiking shoes and layered clothing. If this trail is your first time, allow yourself enough time to go up and down. Minimum: 6 hours roundtrip. Definitely worth the challenge.

One of the challenging trails I have hiked. Totally worth it.

Challenging and rewarding all together! Brought 3L of water and did not run out, but it was only 60F out. Gloves helped with the rock scrambles. Follow the dots, arrows and X’s. When in doubt, stay left. It was packed with people, but made for some friendly chats with strangers. Took ~2.5hrs to make the ascent. Bring a snack (and maybe a can of craft beer) for the summit and enjoy the views!!

My all time favorite hike in AZ. The hike is strenuous with some rock climbing/hopping areas. Can be very busy though.

We hiked 12-08-18, we brought 3 bottles (16 oz)of water each and we did not finish all of it, brought lunch though, we had picnic at the summit. Things you need:
Proper hiking shoes, water, food, trail nuts, and a lot of will power and strength, and also you need a keen eye to watch for those painted white dots or the black X to follow the trail others had done, those are easier, don’t listen to anyone who tells you to follow a faster way up, it is hard and you might find yourself going back and following the other trail back up again...

6 days ago

LOVE this hike. So worth it! Going over to the summit is a must as well.

Loved going on this hike. The views are absolutely amazing and it has some fun scrambling portions near the end.

This is not an easy trail. It earns every bit of its difficulty rating. Me, my girlfriend and her 18 year old daughter took this hike last week. There were parts where we almost called it quits. The last mile is the hardest. Lots of jagged rocks. Lots of places to skip on loose rock. 3 things you should absolutely consider: plenty of water, proper shoes and a pair of gloves for the decent. All will make this hike more enjoyable.

Such an amazing beautiful hike . It’s was tough going up my sister in law and I lost our way but got back on the trail thanks to fellow morning hikers !
Such a reward reaching the top !
You do have to pay 7$ to get in .
There is also a gnarly spot when you’re getting closer to the top where you have to reach with your legs and pray lol . Over all the best hike♥️.
I would say hiking shoes make things less complicated !

Loved this hike! Very challenging but so rewarding. Took someone’s tip and brought gloves which helped so much on the way down. I would suggest leave the dogs at home. It’s just a lot at the end to expect of them. Wish I would’ve had better shoes. Took us 3 hours to get up and roughly 2 1/2 down.

This hike was incredible. The views from start to finish were breathtaking. However, we brought our dog on this trail and it was very difficult for him. Once you get toward the top of the Flat Irons, we had to pick our dog up because we were climbing straight up boulders. The view at the top is completely worth the climb. Allow yourself 5-6 hours.

This trail was really fun! Lots of good views, some good scrambling at times. Good amount of mud, plenty of rocks to walk across though.

great hike with a small climb at the end, offers amazing views. word of caution, dont bring small kids, I watched a 4 year old almost die on this hike, be smart! pack snacks and plenty of water

Can’t get enough of this trail!

Awesome hike. One mile vertical incline with a great scramble at the end. If you like a challenge with a great view as a reward, great AZ hike.

loved the view from the top. easy to lose the trail but fun.

I completed this hike in 2013. It was my first hike of the season and was grueling on my body. Didn't think I would make the flat iron but pushed through the pain and was well worth it when on top. started way to late that morning so leave yourself plenty of time. I brought 2 liters of water and two big Gatorade. my buddy brought 3 liters of water and ran out halfway down. hydrate before during and after

19 days ago

Greats views

19 days ago

Very busy and the last part is really not hiking but climbing. Fun challenge, but a tad treacherous on the way down. Saw plenty of casual hikers with worn out quads butt-scooting a good part of the downwards part. I loved the views in the mountains, and the imposing profile of The Flatiron, but the views from the top over the city are a bit disappointing. But wander around a bit, there are other areas with great mountain vistas.

Great walk but not an easy hike.

I started at treasure loop to Jacobs crosscut to siphon draw to flatiron. The lady at the front said the beginning of siphon draw was super easy and told me how to challenge myself. Halfway through I realized I did not need to add any extra mileage to challenge myself. Absolutely loved the hike but it was tough. It was my first time and I soloed it. I would not recommend soloing this trail! Beautiful view at the top! Do not give up!!

21 days ago

Took Ridley Creek white trail from loop #17 to yellow trail. A connector trail off of yellow trail to various trails in Tyler. Nice and quiet....not one other hiker for 2 hours...maybe because it was 22 degrees.

Love this Hike! It’s definitely fun and there is a lot of climbing ! Also fun trail overnight, but could be dangerous! Stay Hydrated!

I can’t get enough of this trail.

Nice quiet trail, but I had difficulty reconciling the maps and trail markers.

This is an amazing hike/ scramble. The rock formations are incredible, the views from the top are definitely worth the climb. Definitely recommend starting early to not only avoid the heat but avoid crowds as well. With a 6am start I was able to beat the long lines of people that I passed on the way down. Most of the hike is also shaded by the mountain during the morning hours. Once the hike turns into a scramble, it can be somewhat hard to follow the trail (if you can even call it that), keep an eye out for the blazes in the rocks and when in doubt, keep to the left side and you will be fine. There seems to be multiple paths to the top but they all funnel to the left and merge into one just before the flatiron.

rock climbing
24 days ago

This trail is more rock climbing vs hiking once you pass the draw. Not for the faint of heart. Trail definitely needs to be marked better as we and several other hikers got off course.

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