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Awesome hike! Make sure to go when it’s clear and sunny! Can get very muddy and slippery up at the top.

3 days ago

Great views from the top. At times the path is slippy but nothing too bad and small climbing areas but nothing too difficult or dangerous.

The reviews about getting muddy are 100% correct, and it does get steep. Mud + steep = slippery. There was a light rain just before we arrived, and it started to pour when we were down at the falls just as we were finishing up our swimming and such making it especially muddy. It was all worth it though. The jumps and swings at the falls were a blast, and we ended up with a memorable hike. I never really felt unsafe since there were ample trees and rocks to hold on to. Not the easiest hike though. I would definitely recommend taking the recent rainfall, forecast, the tread of your shoes and your fitness level into account.

6 days ago

Incredible trail, not too crowded and great photo ops if you are into that, especially if you aren’t afraid to adventure.

I did this one coming in from the north on Ka'ena Point Via Farrington Hwy. The combined hike, round trip is approximately 10 Miles Great views and lost of photo opportunities on the Ka'ena Point Trail (from South) well worth the hike. There are a few places along the hike where the trail has been washed away but there is still ways to get around.

Recommendations for this one is, if you are going to combine both Ka'ena Point Trail (from South) and Ka'ena Point Via Farrington Hwy bring lost of water and snacks. If you are doing the Ke'ena Point Trail (from south) only and head out late in the day late bring a head lamp otherwise you may find yourself just walking off the path and standing in the ocean.

good trail and nice waterfall, not my favourite hike, but its a good one.

on Mount Kaala Trail

9 days ago

Wonderful hike! Didn’t get to complete it due my own poor shoe choices and the muddy trail right at the top of the peak. Round trip was 7 mi. Needed maybe a half mile more to go. Tons of rope set up at the top to help get you over obstacles. And I one part there is a ladder bolted right into a rock. Wonderful views on a clear day. I will return to summit Mt Ka’ala next time!

Steep, muddy, beautiful waterfall,

One of the easiest way to get to the top of the Koolau Range. Today it might be the easiest route since they already closed Mariners Ridge and Kamehame Ridge to the public. Oh well if you are too lazy to walk, just drive up to the Pali Lookout and you can boast to all your friends you made it to the top of the Koolaus!

This is definitely not a difficult trail unless this is your first ever hike in your entire lifetime.

This hike will take anywhere from 2.5-3
hrs to complete on a walking pace.

Awesome one!

Doesnt take an entire day to do this. About 5 hours on a constant pace or give yourself 6 hrs max. I started at 2:30 pm yesterday and completed it by 6:30 pm. The park gate closes at 6:45 pm. during this time of the year. Should be rated as Intermediate hike.

It was amazing, this trail is pretty much challenging but is very great exercise and it takes the whole day to get to the end and back. And the view is worth it!!! U can see the Diamond Head, Honolulu to the west side and Kailua side, Mokolua Islands and almost the Makapu’u..
I’m very sporty and I can say that’s one of the most nice and challenging. Soo if you like nature and hike you should do this trail for sure:)

One way of ruining our trails.


People weren’t kidding about those mosquitos! In this climate though, they’re unavoidable, and the uphill trek was so much fun and so beautiful. Definitely have to come back for a longer hike and try out some of the other trails that branch off. There are a few sections of the trail that are interrupted by Maunalaha Stream, but these breaks in the trail aren’t large and are easily navigable.

ki Q left a good review below. moderate to difficult towards the end and took just shy of 5 hours. good views all around

I wouldn’t rate this as a Hard/Difficult, even if one would to start from Kolowalu instead of Waahila. Most of the hike is on a well defined trail even past the End Of Maintained Trail sign. It is slightly longer than Wiliwilinui Ridge, Hawaii Loa and Kuliouou ( all three are rated as Intermediate ). A Hard/Difficult trail would be Mt. Ka’ala Trail, Kamaile’unu, Moanalua Middle to Haiku, Pueo Park to Pu’u Lanihuli just to name a few.

11/30/2018. This was a nice hike if you have lots of time, it’s quite long and thankfully I went on a day when there was no rain so the trail was very dry. It wasn’t busy at all, only ran into a handful of people. It is relatively easy for the first half and then the rest is quite difficult with lots of steep hills and steps. I found the hike to be somewhat boring but the views when you get to the top we’re amazing. The trail is also hard to follow at times with no clear path, I had to access the AllTrails map a few times to make sure I was staying on the right path.

The Hawaiian Monk seals do frequently rest on the rocky shorelines. There are also a series of caves and tunnels below the pillboxes at the tip of the point.

Hiking up Mauanalaha Trail is equivalent to going up 65 floors.

This was a tough one. Once you go past the “trail is closed sign” (don’t go left) it’s a steep incline to the top. I did this hike solo and I only saw one person on this trail. Towards the top the conditions are really muddy. There’s a really big rope section towards the top and I stayed to the right and just scaled up. However, I also have Solomon trail running shoes that have really good tread which is necessary for this trail. There’s a few sketchy parts, but overall pretty good trail. I would say bring a lot of water. It’s a really exhausting trail... I mean exhausting. The app says 5.2 miles.. more like 6 miles start to finish. It took me about 3 1/2 hours to complete. On the way down, I would recommended stopping and cleaning off the bottom of your shoes for more traction it really helped. Nice views at the top, but again, really exhausting trail.

16 days ago

Great view of Kahana bay from the top. Very #instaworthy. I went on a Saturday around 2pm. The trail was dry, thankfully. There were a couple groups of people on the trail. It is a steep trail and heat of the sun shreds your energy fast. Take your time coming down because it's easy to slip!

16 days ago

One of my favorite trails in Oahu. Parked at the end of the paved road at 7:00am on a slightly overcast morning and started my walk. I didn't see anyone on my walk to the point-- but I was stopped by a wild black pig! I climbed a rock to let her pass and continued on.

The trail is a flattened dirt path. Some spots were wet and muddy but you can easily walk around. It goes along a crumbling coastline with some very beautiful views. At the end you are rewarded with sand dunes that gently slope into a rocky shoreline with many tidal pools. There are nesting albatross in the dunes. Others have seen sea lions on the rocks- I did not.

I love how secluded this spot. I will go back someday.

Should be an easy/intermediate trail.

Pretty cool hike over a variety of terrain and “obstacles.” The 7.1 mileage looks like it didn’t include the section of planks that take you through the bog at the top and to the radio station. Our watch had it closer to 8+ miles. Definitely aim to do this hike on a clear day without any rain!

Nice little hike, easy to navigate since most of the trail is paved or well-traversed. It’s a little sketchy because there’s “No Trespassing” signs everywhere, but a local who lives in the neighborhood said everyone goes anyways. We had great weather, but as soon as we left it looked like the rain clouds were rolling in. Trails could get slippery very fast!

FYI - A local resident put a self-serve vending machine in their front yard, so if you forgot a drink, seek that out!

This is a difficult hike with no views until you're almost at the top. Once you reach the top, the views are outstanding. However, be ready for muddy, slippery conditions on the way up. Also be sure to look out for signs that aren't posted very well. My boyfriend and I missed one and ended up on an almost 90 degree drop off.

Should be rated as Difficult to complete from start to the Koolau Summit.

What an amazing hike to the waterfall but be careful it does get muddy take a towel and swimsuit jump into the waterfall it’s beautiful.

To get to the west ridge, walk past the regular state trail and follow the road. Just as the road crosses a dry river bed, it turns toward a water tank. Look for an opening on the right side towards the ridge. It should be well marked and steep.
Personally , it took less time to do the loop starting from this west ridge, then traversing the Koolau Summit Ridge Trail (KSRT), and down the state maintained Kuliouou Ridge Trail than doing an in-and-out the west ridge alone. It is much faster coming down the state maintained trail than the west Kuliouou ridge which is unmaintained.

Pu’u O Kona is the peak between the east and west Kuliouou terminus.

I promise you’ll get dirty. The trail is not very hard but it is very slippery. I very enjoyed my time ! At the end the waterfall is gorgeous, there’s even some people that swam. Get dirty and enjoy or dont go at all.

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