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5 hours ago

We did not go all the way to mount leconte. My hubby and I stopped at the bluff. From the trail head to the bluff, it’s about 2.2 miles. What a great hike. Really loved this trail. The mossy trees and creek were amazing. The arch was super cool. The bluff had icicles hanging that were falling down like missles. Loved it. This is a very popular trail so go early.

This trail had a bit of everything. the view from the top was amazing too! just beware of the ice all over the trail this time of the year

I have so much respect for this mountain after hiking this trail. Definitely one of the hardest hikes I've done, but also the most rewarding. There are so many beautiful landmarks to keep you inspired along the way.

1 day ago

Leaving my first review of many....
Second trip back to the gorge for 3 Chicago guys and one mastiff. The first time we set out to do the loop and we were humbled by the gorge very fast and learned a lot from our mistakes. We immediately planned for our return and that’s what I’m going to tell you about right now.
Second trip - Leave Chicago 10/6 - 7am arrive Wolfpit road 10/6 - 8pm. We camped next to car for the night and headed out as early as we possibly could the next day. We started heading west towards the river with our plan to do the entire loop clock wise and end back at our car at wolf pit on Sunday morning. Our first campsite was supposed to be up near cathedral falls right before Spence bridge. We thought we could do 8-10 miles our first day and get near Spence bridge, leaving the rest of the loop for thur-Saturday, but it didn’t happen. We were each carrying 80lbs packs with steaks and booze, 3
Guys and one 150lbs mastiff carrying a 20lbs backpack, we like to eat good. Our pace was much slower than expected. The gorge is no joke, when they say every mile feels like 2 in the gorge they are 100% correct. Heading north along the river is insane with a lot of weight on your back, crazy boulders and trees to hop over every 50 feet. There is literally no flat terrain on this side. You’re going up or down the entire time. We literally aimed for 10 miles our first day and hiked 4. We made it past the first river crossing which was very deep, chest high, built a fire dried off and set up camp at the next campsite. This took all day. Thursday we left camp a bit late. Everybody was exhausted from long drive and the river crossing yesterday. Again we didn’t get as far as we thought we would. The river trail has some
nasty, nasty terrain. We are fit individuals in the gym 6 days a week, and this was a struggle let me tell you. Our packs might have been a bit too heavy but we asked for this. We made it about another 4 miles and set up camp once again near Conley cove. Weather was great the entire trip, but this night it rained, and the rain prevented us from leaving camp the next day (Friday) until about 3pm. Another late start. We got up to spence bridge by night fall and scoped it out, it didn’t look promising, the bridge looked bad ass when it was usable, but it is completely destroyed now. We camped by cathedral falls Friday night, with plans to cross the river first thing in the morning. We found the worst campsite ever. No room for a tent so we all slept under a tarp and got no sleep. We woke up packed up and headed to the river crossing. When we got there it was a problem and we ran into about 8 other people in the same boat on both sides. You have an option to rock jump, which is very, very dangerous. We saw a couple people succeed but not without being saved by their friends, we literally watched people risk their lives to get across. The water level was nasty. This place is absolutely no joke. We helped construct a zip line to send the backpacks across east to west, for 6 hikers, and then we sent a dog across the zip line....We threw our backpacks rock to rock, west to east. Then we swam across. I had to drag my dog by his neck because he was so exhausted and confused. He was dragging me down and It took me three tries to get him across, I was in the freezing water for dam near 10 minutes and I came close to death. Set up a fire, dried off, and didn’t have much energy left in the tank that night. We set up
camp Saturday night 3 miles from table rock with only Sunday left to get back to the car. One day left to hike 12 miles, about as much as we have done in the past 4 days....it was not promising. We acquired a solo hiker Saturday at the crossing who stuck with us Saturday night. His car was parked at table rock and he offered to give us a ride back to wolf pit if we wanted to take the easy way out. Sunday morning we got up and started hiking. We were going to make the decision when we got to his car. We really pushed hard all day, we got to his car about 2pm. We all had very heavy packs and are extremely exhausted at this point. We
made the decision not to get in his car and keep on going and we are glad we did. We figured our trip would be extended one more night because we just didn’t think we could make it all the way to wolf pit. We were out of food and now with limited water stops hiking along the east side south, we were a bit nervous. A couple very generous people in the parking lot gave us an MRE. We said we would hike as far as possible with the sunlight we have left, camp up and finish the rest Monday morning and hit the road....we pushed as hard as possible and started searching for water. Water is limited near the chimneys, and on the east side. There are a couple of hard to reach spots on the map we tried to look for but didn’t need to. Along came another solo hiker who really boosted our confidence. He said he was parked at wolf pit also and he was going back to his car tonight. Afte

My wife and I hiked to Mt. LeConte via Alum Cave Trail. We have never gone this way before but have done it several times via Rainbow Falls and Grotto Falls. No matter which way you go, it is beautiful. The foliage was gorgeous.

This hike has it all! Great variety of trees, views and difficulty including the cave, stone steps, and exposed rock where you will be thankful for the handholds. Be sure to wear waterproof shoes and once you get to the Lodge keep going for better views from the Cliff Top.

Don’t miss this!!Absolutely amazing!!! Majestic views. It’s a long hike, start early so you can stop and take pictures along the way. It took us 8 hours round trip moving at a goos pace and making a few stops. Don’t eat the sack lunch at Le Conte lodge, it was horrible. Pack your own food and plenty to drink.

7 days ago

Me and my sweetheart Hoss went on this hike and it was beautiful,the climb is so worth it!! Beautiful views and cliffs.Seen the first snow of the year! The view from the top was beautiful,it was cold and windy. But cant wait to do it again. I couldn't ask for a better hiking partner,he wore me out!!

I primarily use the Creeper for trail running, but have biked and even gone swimming in some great swimming holes along the trail. The Virginia Creeper is gorgeous, and offers a variety of great views no matter which section you are on. I love the farms and trestles on the Abingdon section the most.

My favorite trail in the smokies. This is also my favorite route to mount leconte. During fall and spring parking can be full so leave early. Beautiful trail during the fall!

Great hike especially later in the year. You get to see multiple layers of the forest on the way up. Beautiful at the top. Moderately tough hike up, but if you go at your own pace it’s more than doable. Wear good shoes. Weather can change throughout the day.

Awesome trail. We logged 14 miles adding the two additional trails at the summit/lodge. Cliff tops is a must do for the views. Lodge is super quaint, check out the Lamas by the dining room. This is a strenuous hike with a good elevation from the base to the trailhead. Nice resting spot at Inspiration. Don’t forget to look for the eye of the needle. Others have mentioned it is very popular and well trailed. There are two parking lots at the trail head.

12 days ago

My wife and me climbed it on October 30th. start at 10 am. parking lot was packed. trail so crowded. if you keep climbing through Boulevard Trail you reach the Mt Le Conte top.

An awesome trail!! Beautiful views and amazing hike. Don’t be fooled by its popularity, it’s tough, but worth the climb!

We’ve hiked in Colorado, California, Patagonia etc and think this is one of the best hikes we’ve ever experienced. Beautiful streams, gorgeous views and so well maintained. Highly recommend!!

Great hike! Lots of variety along the trail, and you can’t beat the views from the top! There’s also a great little building at the top to eat lunch and enjoy some hot cocoa before hiking back down. Highly recommend if you have the time and are pretty fit. Take lots of water! If it’s icy, be sure to take spikes. It’s very difficult to walk on the rocks without them.

This is a hard strenuous trail which runs beside the river until you reach the half way Alum Cave inspiration point. Mount Leconte summit is 2.7 miles from this point. This is a good turnaround point too.

Mt Leconte Clifftops, Leconte lodge and it’s library are amazing places to check out.
Coffee, Lunch, music, books and board games are available for hikers

Even in the rain, this hike was beautiful. Water rolling beside most of the trail going up/down provided gorgeous views. Hiking shoes/boots highly recommended in the rain as the roots and puddles will be tough using anything else. Will do this again when the wx clears. Not many people on the trail today and was able to find parking in lot around noon.

Last year we hiked into to Alum and weren’t prepared to do LeConte. We promised ourselves we would come back. I’m so glad we did. It was a great hike. Lots of black ice and cold that morning but the sky was so clear. The hot chocolate at the lodge was even better bc we worked for it.
Great hike. Can’t wait to try another trail to the top!

Definitely a strenuous trial to the top. Trick is go early, in the rain with 40mph wind advisory. Very few on the trail. Very slippery as lots of water flowing down the trail. Sadly with all the rain wind and fog. View was non existent. All in all worth the hike. Trekking poles highly recommended!

We just went got back from what we thought would be a thru hike but weather was about to set in and I am more of a fair weather hiker. Overall the trip was great. We went from Oconee and made it to upper whitewater fall. Called Jim Simpson who was a saint and took us back to our car. Definitely will do this hike again and try to finish it. My hats off to all those people who maintain the trail. Overall it was in good condition

hiked this a few days ago for the 2nd time. took me 2 hours to get to the lodge. great snacks in the dining hall.

Absolutely beautiful! We set off super early to get parking at the trail head (it’s insanely busy) and we basically had the trail all to ourselves. It was definitely hard but I’m not exactly fit either way it was worth it. No view at the summit though but we did the 0.3mile offshoot trail to the “cliff tops” and got some awesome views there. It was so much fun navigating some of the more precarious parts of the trail and with so much beauty around you, you could barely feel the pain of 5 miles strait uphill. Definitely worth it but get there early to beat the crowds.

One of the most beautiful trails I've hiked. The first mile or so is an easy walk through a gorgeous forest alongside a stream. From there, the rest of the way is a fairly relentless climb (with incredible views!), but never steep enough to be really difficult. The cave is about halfway to the summit, and is a nice place to stop for a snack. The rest of the way to the top is rocky and wet/icy. There are ropes and steps set up so the trail isn't too technical -- poles not necessary, but proper footwear definitely advised.

We got to the trailhead just after sunrise on a beautiful Monday morning in October and found a couple parking spaces left. We saw several groups on the way up and lots of crowds on the way back down.

22 days ago

Great hike with beautiful views! At the start of the day there was moderate traffic on the trail for the first 2-2.5 miles. Towards mid-afternoon the traffic decreases substantially. Wear appropriate footwear due to lots of diverse terrain, it rained the morning before we hiked so many parts of the trail were still very wet. Make sure to go the extra .3 mil to cliff top for a great view for as far as you can see!

Beautiful, but challenging! The only disappointment was no view at the summit. A decent amount of people that we needed to pass. Overall, a wonderful day of hiking!

27 days ago

Wow! What a freaking smoker! Very difficult terrain but worth the views! We went North to South which looks to be much easier that going South to North. A lot of fantastic views once you get to the balds. The balds will be crowded also since there is a parking lot at the base. Definitely have to check this one off your list. And yes, when it says it is one of the more difficult trails, they are not exaggerating!

A well balanced trail, with a beautiful hike along a creek at the base, really awesome rock features along the way, and amazing views at the top. A hiking stick does help as it's pretty slick on the inclines/declines. As well, wear some layers given the elevation change as it can cool down quite a bit at the top if the sun is covered by the clouds. And, do yourself a favor and hike the extra .7-1 mile to Myrtles Point. The view there are unbridled. One of my favorite trails I've done even next to some great trails in RMNP and Zion!

Beautiful hike with amazing views. We only went to bluffs due to some of the hikers in our group.

Recommend this hike because it is family friendly hike. It runs along the river and you get to hear the water all along the hike. You cross the river several times on log bridges.

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