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worth every bit of the pain.

Hiked in one day on Sept 11. On trail at 3:35 am, make sure you go to Ribbon Falls! Arrived at Phantom noon. 102 in the shade. Took frequent stops to dip shirt, hat & bandanna in Creek. Amazingly refreshing that Bright Angel Creek is near most of the way til PR. Hardest part was from River Resthouse to Indian Garden because of intense heat. We powered through, reached IG at 3:15. Soaked in the Creek, ate more salty crap and trudged on. Passed 3 mile and 1 1/2 mile without stopping. Watched the sunset and asked ourselves WTH is that TH?!? Arrived BA TH at 6:53 with that feeling of accomplishment you get when you train really hard for a year. I wouldn’t change one single thing-if you do this hike in one day: train, train, train.

Made the hike from Black Mountain Campground to the summit and back 30 times in the last five years. My favorite time for this hike in in the fall. This was on my bucket list. There are two decent water sources. Expect lots of roots and rocks on much of the trail. Some of the trail uses an old creek bed. Be prepared for aburpt weather changes. The trail is becoming better maintained because of those hard young dedicated workers.

8 days ago

An easy calming walk up 3,700 feet of elevation climb...jokes aside it is a fun, strenuous walk. The majority is under tree cover, with an occasional stream or brook. But the end is worth it l, with an open summit area.

Got this one after a failed attempt due to a snowstorm. Very challenging hike because of all the time on the ridge. It takes good luck on weather to have the time to complete the entire route.

We started at an unmarked trail head (as marked on this route) and parked just down from the church on the side of the road. We hiked in, camped at Royal and then did Royal, Victoria, peaks 1-10 and camped again by Lower Crystal Lake and then out the next day.

Be sure to have plenty of water, this hike is quite a challenge being exposed almost all of the way with no access to water.

Super hard.. lots of scrambling .. will definitely come back and do it again!

12 days ago

This is an awesome trail with great scenery and lots of wildlife. There is a lot of elevation change, so it is best done as a multi-day backpacking trip. In the mountains, the weather can change rapidly, so be prepared for sun, rain, or snow. Wildflowers bloom like crazy in August, so that is a great time to go! Here is a full report of the backpacking trip I did along the Teton Crest Trail this year (lots of pics, maps, and other info): https://backpackersreview.wordpress.com/trip-reports/teton-crest-trail/

15 days ago

The sunrises that you will see is something that you won’t forget
You have to make sure that you are camping in the right spots so you won’t get in trouble
The Alaska basin is super beautiful and doable for day one and you don’t have to pay for that, we were headed south bound.
If you want more photos or want to ask questions you can contact me through insta @j.wwest

19 days ago

I just came back from this hike. The trail is hard and very well mark. We ended with 12.3 miles instead of 10. So be prepare for few extra miles. It has been in my bucket list for a while and it was way worthy. Also we got to eat blackberries almost at the top. Tons of bushes of blackberries. If you are looking for a challenge and a reward at the top this is the trail for you.

23 days ago

Mt. Mitchell has been at the top of my list for a while now and I'm glad that I did this trail. It wasn't as difficult as some of the other trails I have done, but you definitely have to watch your footing because of the roots and rocks. It took my friends and I about 3.5 hours to get to the top and then about 2.5 hours to get down and the trail was closer to 12 miles long rather than 10.4. The trail was very well maintained and marked, so you really have to try to get lost. There weren't many scenic looks along the way - I think there was one spot that you could see out of the trees. However, the view at the top was worth all the pain. There were 360 views of all the surrounding mountains and little plaques denoting which mountains were which. It was a little lackluster because a lot of people drive up the mountain and can park about 500 feet away from the summit. By the end, I felt very accomplished, but I also felt it was one of those trails people do just to say that they did it. Just make sure to pack water (there was a fresh water stream along the way as well) and snacks and be ready for an all day hike!

24 days ago

I bet there aren’t a half dozen hikes this visually
stunning in all of Colorado.

For a Saturday in the summer, the trail didn’t feel crowded at all above Lake Isabel. We arrived at 630 am and Long Lake TH had one final parking spot.

Gaining 2100 or so over 4.5 miles sounds more like a moderate hike, rather than hard. But then you do it. Because so much of the vertical is in that last 1.5 miles to the pass, it’s a lung buster to the finish. The terrain is rocky but completely non-technical or more complicated than a few talus crossings. That being said, I was glad to have trekking poles for the descent.

25 days ago

More like 12 miles including (pleasant) hike from day use area. You should just plan on that and count yourself lucky if you get a spot at Long Lake trailhead. We arrived 830 on Saturday, but suspect a lot are gone to overnighters.

Busy trail but we'll worth it. Please think about taking leash reactive dogs to other trails! This one is popular and narrow in places. It must be exhausting to have to so actively manage their behavior every few minutes.

Never seen Lake Isabelle so dry! First pond was empty in late August. Main part still had water and was as beautiful as always. Trail past the lake gets significantly tougher both up and down, so allow time.

27 days ago

Late July-early August flowers are indescribably beautiful. Began at String/Leigh trailhead, 8 nights: 1. Bradley Lake, 2. Phelps Lake 3. Hiked to tram then to Marion Lake 4. Death Canyon Shelf 5. Alaska Basin 6. North Fork 7. Holly Lake 8. Leigh Lake. Best itinerary ever, lots of time to explore and photo.

29 days ago

Incredible trail, but this description is for just a fraction of it. The Crest Trail is 41 miles long, from Teton Pass to the Paintbrush Canyon Trailhead.

1 month ago

Challenging but rewarding hike!

1 month ago

This should not be rated hard. Sure there are rocks and some roots on the trail but it’s not a sidewalk. I consider a hard trail one that requires all fours to go up and over, or at least some scrambles and that’s what I was expecting from these reviews. Didn’t happen. This was a moderate trail with a lot of switch backs that make it long but at no point was it a hard trail. I made it up and back in exactly 4.5 hours and that included all stops and my big 15 minutes at the summit to take in the views. I’ve never done a 10+ mile trail rated hard in that time. Anyway, fun hike with a lot of terrain changes (clay, dirt, sand) the switchbacks were annoying but you could see why they were needed. There was just no other way up the mountain. Tower at the top is kind of cool.

Amazing hike. I pushed it (for me) and managed to get through with two full days of hiking and one night camping. The bugs were definitely a nuisance and I used a lot of bug spray. Generally where there's no wind you're going to find bugs. I emerged from my tent on the second day around 6am to see a large male moose feeding near the water's edge at Harding's Pond. Later on the second day I spotted a Caribou running down a distant valley. Still amazed how they can do that given all the sink-holes and boulders. The sight-lines were clear and views spectacular. Made for much easier navigation, although I did manage to get lost at one point for an hour or two. I found from getting off the boat at Western Brook Pond to my camp at Harding's Pond that the trails were pretty easy to follow. The second day I found the trails harder to follow, interspersed with game trails, faded or non-existent and needed the compass several times to navigate. From Green Island Pond onward, the trail was pretty distinct and easy to follow all the way to the parking lot. Ferry Gultch is where the trail meets that of the day-hikers who go to Gros Morne, so the trail is very well-traveled from that point to the parking lot. I learned what "Tuckamore" is on this hike. Picture walking into a thick hedge will full gear and wondering as you plow through whether its twenty feet to the other side or half a mile. Sometimes not possible to avoid. Other challenge is the mud. It's rich, black, and seems like it could swallow you whole with a wrong step. I was once literally up to my knee and had to grab onto a branch to pull my leg out against the suction. I highly recommend hiking poles. They were invaluable when walking through the tall grass to poke in front and locate the countless rocks and sink-holes you'll encounter, as well as helping push away branches in the tuckamore. A high point was discovering "bakeapple berries". They are plentiful along the hike and yes they do taste like baked apples. They seemed to all be ripe while I was hiking (mid-August) so I lucked out and was continuously picking-eating along the trail. All in all, an amazing experience that I hope to do again.

This trail is about 16 miles, not sure how the description has 21. It contains a perfect amount of vertical ascent to make one suffer on the descent. There is enough scrambling and route finding to be challenging and keep you on your toes. Great destination run for experienced runners and mountaineering types. This route has class 3 and 4 scrambles. You should be skilled at rout-finding and mountain running. Finished in about 5:30 but I felt like I was moving pretty good with no stops. Others have finished in 4:15 (the big kids) or 15 hours if your VO2 is average. This is a pretty big day. Prepare accordingly. Oh yeah this route had 7,900 vertical ascent. Hope that helps. There could be slight variations depending on if you stay on the ridge or take the trail. The ridge is cooler. Take the free bus home or call a friend.

SO DIFFICULT. Took 3.5 hrs to get to Peak 1, starting at 5 am. Pretty much....wasn't prepared for the rest of this. Knew I wanted to do it, and was going to anyway. I have very little rock climbing experience. Peak 1-2 was about an hour traverse through a barley marked foot trail that proved to be fairly dangerous. Between 2-3 wasn't bad, but Peaks 3-4 took us 2 hours to get across. I was pretty tempted to call Life Rescue on this one because I was NOT prepared for all the climbing and scaling that took place. Lots of up and downs, rock slides, and sketchy AF areas where the trail was super questionable.
Once you get to Peak 4, it's smooth sailing till Peak 8. We made it down between peak 7 and 8 before my knees and hips were like "no". Kinda upset we didn't finish, but came down between 7 & 8 and ran into the Adventure park in Breck LMAO
After 11.5 hours of hiking, I'm disappointed I didn't accomplish this, but I'm super freaking proud for making it so far.
I'll try again in maybe a year or so lol but the views were TOTALLY worth it.
Good luck and pack lots of water and protein bars!

AMAZING hike! We started at the North Kaibab trailhead around 3:45am and arrived at Phantom Ranch just before 10am. Stayed two nights in the dorms at Phantom and then hiked up Bright Angel at 3am to avoid the August heat in the sun and arrived at the South Rim just before 11am. Plenty of water sources along the way, but they’re unpredictable, so check with the rangers on which sources are running before you leave!

1 month ago

This was a nice hike! Overall, it wasn't as hard as we thought it would be, but it was definitely challenging. It had rained a lot the night before we hiked and the trail was extremely muddy and wet, with water running down the trail in a stream at some points. I think we could have done it a bit faster if not for that. The trail surface is definitely rocky and rooty, and I would highly highly advise hiking boots. We started at 6:45am, summited at 10:30am, left the top at 11am, and finished around 2pm. It was cloudy at the top with pretty much no views, oh well. More about the journey for this one. We were the first hikers of the day to summit and encountered about 30 people on the way back down, about half of which were backpacking and half of which were day hiking. Other notes: it's definitely longer than 10.4 miles if you start at the parking lot and end at the top of the observation tower. By our estimates/GPSes, over 11 miles. Also, there are a few switchbacks on the trail that you could miss if you weren't paying attention. We encountered a group of people who were lost on a false trail and we almost went down the wrong one once.

I parked at Long TH at 10ish on a Tuesday. Someone was leaving. Decided I also wanted to hike up to Isabell Glacier. I think it added 3 ish miles to the trip. But finding snow for the pup to play in was worth it. Plus it was gorgeous. The hike up to the Continental divide was more difficult. The trail isn’t hard until the split from Isabell Glacier. They are doing a lot of work on the trail which is awesome. The scenery is prettier from below. Typical rocky above the tree line hike for the last 2 miles. If you are going to do it. Must make it to the sign!

This is one of the ultimate. Keep your wits it gets crowded and time you meet to get into a cubby hole and let fellow hikers through on small paths views climbs all worth it.

1 month ago

This was an awesome trail. It came out to be just under 40 miles. We did 3 nights and 4 days. Started at the tram and camped at Fox Creek, North Fork of Cascade Canyon, and Upper Paintbrush. We came out at String Lake.

Very enjoyable trail, even though it was pouring on us nearly the whole time. We took the time to go see the Jump Off and I’m sure it would have been beautiful had it not been so misty that morning! There were some difficult sections on the boulevard trail section with steep uphills but the views paid off. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a more secluded approach to LeConte. We did it in three days (1st day: Road Prong Trail+Appalachian Trail with sleep at Icewater Springs Shelter, 2nd day: Charlie’s Bunion back to Boulevard Trail and sleep at LeConte Shelter, 3rd day: coming down LeConte via Alum Cave). Overall an easy paced trail, with us getting done with hiking in early afternoon. Would recommend taking time to see the different viewing points like Myrtle Point and Charlie’s Bunion if you have the time.

I took the trail from Table Rock to Laurel Valley yesterday morning 8-3-18 during the rain. The Creeks and Falls along the trail were raging but awesome to see and hear. Crossing points were still safe but reccomend the upmost caution. The sky's cleared by the time I crested at Sassafras overlook. I made the section in 4:35. Looking forward to Hiking the trail all the way to OSP soon.

1 month ago

Made an over night loop of this trail and a few others. The Mount Mitchell trail is fine, plenty of water sources, really gradual pace to the top and well traveled. The summit was crowed but pretty much what you would expect if you've seen mountains before. The rest of the trails are where this place shines. Every thousand feet the surrounding radically changed from mossy woods, to pine forests and dense brush. The Pisgah is always rewarding.

Challenging hike with lots of rocks and roots. Dense forest most of the way and good views at the top if you get a clear day (hit or miss). Was heavily trafficked at the top by people who drove up. For us, it was a do it just to check the box hike but not the most beautiful or rewarding we have done. 3.5 hours up and 2.5 down. Early morning start (7am) meant cool temps throughout but still very humid in July. Cool that it's the highest peak East of the Mississippi.

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