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18 hours ago

Great hike with beautiful scenery!

Great hike but not dog friendly unless you have a hardness. Our lab is a great hiker but steep slick rocks are impassable for dogs

Outstanding hike & epic views. Be sure to set your intentions before your hike . Apparently the vortex energy balances oneself . We started at Crescent moon park . Approximately 8.1 miles . Not too difficult but be sure to wear a trail runner or a shoe with good tread to prevent slippage when climbing near the peak ! Sooooo fun !!!!!

Best hike I've ever been on

Great for little kids!

Amazing hike but difficult. We started on Baldwin Trailhead for about 30 minutes then about 45 minutes to the top of Cathedral. Amazing and worth the hike.

6 days ago

nice trail, not marked well so easy to get off the trail. beautiful view if you climb up once to get to the canyon. you can see Bell Rock by climbing.

this is a hard trail and can be slippery if not wearing appropriate footwear. the hike is worth the effort as the views at the top are amazing!

By far my favorite hike of the ones I have done in Sedona! It is hard in the sense of needing good foot wear because at one part you are essentially “rock climbing”... if able to go at sunset, it was absolutely breath taking! If you are a moderate to avid hiker, you can not pass this one up!

8 days ago

Easy trail, beautiful view of you go past the end of the maintained trail to hike up the rocks!

9 days ago

I have hiked this Mt a couple times this summer and love it! it's a good workout for sure and should probably be rated hard.
There is the seasons first snow on the ground once you get out the trees and start climbing the rocks. also it was a windy rainy day up there once you got out of the trees.

Gorgeous waterfall. Very short walk. Very very very crowded.

Great hike! This trail gets extremely busy. If you want to enjoy the views and hike, leave early. We have done this trail twice.
The first was 9/29/18 with my husband and 3 year old. We started around 930am. We reached the summit around 12, and were back to the parking lot around 2pm. The summit was super crowded but enjoyable. No snow to be found.
Our second outing was 10/6/18. We left the parking lot at 830 with only 4 cars in the lot. This was an adults only trek this time. We hit snow at the start of the boulders. Trail was extremely slippery but easy to follow. Wear appropriate footwear and take poles. Summit was beautiful and quiet without the crowd. Descent was sloppy with melt but manageable. We were back to the overflowing lot by 1pm with a slow and steady pace.
The only issue we ran into on descent was all the unleashed dogs! We had our Vizsla along leashed and had to constantly fend off unleashed dogs that were left to wander on their own and shove past people on the narrow trail. If you take your pup please be considerate of other hikers and dogs. Not all dogs wish to meet yours.

Great scrambling trail. Be prepared to use your hands. Fun and adventurous with amazing views all the way up and down. Not safe when wet.

Amazing hike with breathtaking views from the top. Steep but worth every step!

10 days ago

Definitely worth it! Best hike so far this trip. Views are absolutely incredible!

10 days ago

A beautiful trail from start to finish. A solid moderate rated trail, I can see where for some it could be ranked difficult. Good hiking shoes with good gripping power is a must. Trail required focus on the path as you walked it, no looking around for me, so frequent stops to take in the amazing views. Path is visibly easy to follow, no markers outside of the trail head. Was light traffic today, ran into maybe a total of 10 other hikers. By the end I had 5.7 miles, so as others noted, it’s longer than the states 4.8 miles. Took me 3hrs 15min, with taking about 15 mins at the turnaround point to take in views. Great hike for views and a workout!! Then treat yourself to food & beverage in Tortilla Flats afterward, it’s a well deserved reward!

Don't miss this hike! Totally worth the areas you have to scramble up rocks. View at the top is awe inspiring.

Beautiful small hike. Unfortunately the falls were not running despite yesterday’s rain. We ended up also doing the 384 loop.

lots of steps

16 days ago

This was a great brisk hike! It is mainly sand and medium sized rocks up until the end of the maintained trail. Off the beaten path you can climb up the side of a mountain. It’s pretty easy and gives you an amazing view at the top!

17 days ago

Great trail overall! We took the advice of others and extended our hike past the “trail end.” It’s a short, moderately steep climb that’s a must do because you get to see some amazing views that you would otherwise completely miss! Totally worth the extra climb....Also, make certain that you take the time to find the stacked stones that are roughly a half mile up the trail signifying the arch off to the east side of the trail. It’s very hard to miss because it’s well disguised, but if you follow the trail and get up to the arch, you will be in for the most amazing views and a private area that very few actually get to enjoy because they miss it entirely! Have fun!!!!!

This hike is super challenging. But its so amazing. You climb up it!!!!
I have to say lots of water and proper attire required!
I seen so many going up in converse shoes and sneakers. :(
Its important for us as hikers to take the proper measures to ensure our safety. Its not just about you. If you lose your footing on this hike the person behind you will also pay the price! Not to mention the search and rescue that have to come rescue you due to not having the proper stuff.
Hike enjoy & be responsible!

19 days ago

Meandering sandy trail following a stream bed along a canyon bottom. Lots of shade. Ends at canyon end - no active waterfall. Keep hiking up the left rock face for spectacular views back down the canyon

19 days ago

Wonderful, easy hike! Although there are shady areas of the trail, most of it is in the sun. We hiked in the morning while it was still cool so as to avoid the worst of the heat. I would recommend this :)

There are a handful of side trails that cross across the center of the loop, making it possible to cut the trail short if need be. The hike is very easy, good for kids and dogs as well as anyone else. Plenty of places to sit on a rock or a bench.

Half of the loop is within the granite rocks and is a little more steep (although only slightly). Follow the painted white dots on the rocks to stay on the trail. Kids will love rock climbing and exploring along the tall spires. At the highest point, you can look out toward Granite Dells and see Hwy 89. This trail never leaves the sound of the highway, so if you're looking for solitude, this isn't it!

Great hike if you're not looking to exhaust yourself and just want to enjoy nature a bit :)

20 days ago

This is a nice trail. You’re walking in sand in some spots. Weaving in and out of the sun for most of the trip. Nice cool spot at the trail end. Very easy and enjoyable.

22 days ago

Loved this hike! We hiked late afternoon and there wasn’t too many people in the trail, most of them were coming down. When we got tot the top only saw one other person. It was peaceful, beautiful and just incredible looking over the valley. We didn’t stay for sunset but I would imagine it’s a great spot for the sunset.
A little more difficult trail as you have to climb up the sandstone rocks. If you don’t have hiking shoes it could be slippery and tricky. But otherwise just a steep climb.

23 days ago

We looked for an easy hike for beginners and it was as expected. Easy, beautiful and simple.

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