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Great views and difficult. This trail is still not marked properly. I saw 3 groups all getting to the neckline in 3 different ways..

Snow and ice patches starting to show when getting within an hour of the summit bring plenty of water and warm gear. This took us around 5.5 hours with resting at the many vistas along the way
The views approaching sunset are special

13 days ago

From open desert to bird calls echoing through a pine forest - that's four stars right there. But 70 degrees at the trail head and 70 degrees at the cabin (if the thermometer at the cabin is to be believed), that kind of dumb luck is always worth an extra star. My GPS had it at 5.3 miles to the cabin and another 0.2 to the spring up the hill. It should be noted that the trail definitely levels out somewhat when you get into the Ponderosa pines after four miles, so the last 1.3 miles to the cabin is just a walk in the woods. I planned six hours for the hike - 3.5 up and 2.5 back - which was just about right. I needed every bit of the three liters of water that I carried, although the spring was running nicely. You just can't count on that. It was 50 minutes from US 95 to the trail head with high clearance 4WD. And just for kicks, the sun was setting that last mile down to the trail head - 6 stars?

Amazing hike! Beautiful view, very peaceful. I went early in the morning and nobody was there, and when I was coming down I only saw three people (on a tuesday). Definitely a tough incline that wasn’t expected but it made it better once you get to the top! :)

Very relaxing hike. Gets some good exercise and also cool down from the hot city. I parked at the lower bristlecone lot and ended at the upper lot and walked on the road to my car. I think that’s the smart play.

off road driving
16 days ago

The first 2/3rds of this drive is awesome when you come in from the west side (corn creek side). You drive through some amazing rock formations, the yucca forest, peek-a-boo canyon and make your way to the top of the ridge straddling 2 breathtaking views of the pinyon & bristlecone pines on each side of the trail. After you reach the peak, the drive loses it luster and you start to drive through open desert, which is fine, but nothing special. When I do this trail again, I will do an out and back from corn creek. 4x4 isn’t necessary, but high clearance is recommended. My friend and I had a jk 2door wrangler and a Tacoma TRD, but we did see a couple of Honda CR-V type of suvs and some that weren’t 4wd and they seemed to make it just fine.

17 days ago

This was an awesome hike I did on Saturday morning. I would highly recommend this hike if you are in great shape because it can get hot you have to carry your own water. Different places on the trail can have more or less people on it someplace is your buyer self other places it’s congested. Get there as early as you can the views are spectacular specially at the end of the trail.
A Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.

Good trail for training ..

24 days ago

Great hike and workout

on Mormon Well Road

24 days ago

Excellent day drive, clean camping are with 2 bathrooms. We will forsure be back to set camp.. 4WD highly recommended!! Great time!!

Easy trail to practice off-road basics for sure. Definitely stick to the right cause a lot of the trail is gone. Stock wranglers have no problem with decent all terrain tires and just paying attention to random rocks. 3rd and 4th gear in 4lo no problem.

Well marked trail with excellent views. The second set of switchbacks are not for the novice hiker. The angle of ascent is steep and the trail is loose. Proper footwear is an absolute must. Plan to get here very early to get a good start.

Great trail! The leaves are changing color making for great scenery. I will upload pics. I started at the Lower Bristlecone Trailhead and ended at the Upper Bristlecone Trailhead. From the Upper Trailhead I walked about a mile down the road to my truck. This is the best way to do it unless you want to walk a mile uphill after the hike.

Great hike, rewarding views! If you like switchbacks, this trail is for you!

Great hike for experienced hikers. Loose rock so wear good hiking shoes. Trekking poles are a must to save the knees. Great view of the surrounding area.

This was a great hike!

Great drive!

Beautiful hike and relatively easy. We read on other reviews that the upper trail is more strenuous, so we started there for the main incline and ended at lower. Upper has larger drop offs, some switchbacks and narrow pathways, but it leads to some breathtaking views. It isn't very difficult but those new to hiking or with a fear of heights might be a little uncomfortable at parts. Once you get to lower, it's a wide dirt road/path and it's just a nice simple walk the whole way down through the forest. There isn't a lot of shade on the lower trail, so bring sunscreen. The worst part about this hike is the parking situation, since even though it's a loop trail, it starts and ends at different spots. We parked at upper and had to make the trek up the road to get back to our car once it was over. Those last 15 minutes were the worst and hardest part about the whole hike to us. So plan accordingly, but it really has to do with preference.

Fairly difficult but well worth it when you reach the summit!

trail running
2 months ago

I did this trail roundtrip in 3:38 yesterday. I’m trying to see if I can beat my own time.

2 months ago

hard but rewarding! the waterfall at the end is frozen in March

Beautiful trail, challenging and enjoyable. Views you must see for yourself.

Short steep climb to rock climbing area. Cool spot, literally since the sun hardly shines in.

great hike beautiful.

off road driving
2 months ago

Drove it yesterday, 95 to 93. Second half quite a bite of run off damage, but no problem. I do have a 3.5 lift though

started from the mcwilliams campground to the upper trailhead and made all the way down to lower trailhead and back to camp. nice hike with a lot of shade. it was cool, around 70 in late afternoon.

The trail has some parts that were recently washed away by flooding. The original post for this hike says it’s 8.7 miles round trip but It is not accurate. It’s about 9.8 miles round trip. Overall it was a great hike and definitely will test your ability to perform in higher elevations.

Wow. The movie-set-looking creepy forest near the Raintree is out of this world.

My twin sister and I did this hike during LDW. The incline was intense and difficult, however we made it to the top. The views were well worth it. We used about 2-3 liters of water RT and packed snacks/sandwiches, had walking sticks (saved me during the last 10 mins going up the peak). On the way down took us 3 hours had we not stopped for pictures and Snapchat videos I am sure it would have been faster. Total time for us was 7 hours and on my heart app said I did 13.8 Miles. I am thinking this is because we had to park pretty far to the beginning of the trail since the parking lot was full. I will definitely be doing this hike with my husband and dog next time and of course my twin if she can come! Keep in mind there are a lot of switchbacks and the incline is intense, take your time and you’ll get to the top! Check our pics on IG @borntotwin

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