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Absolutely beautiful, I highly recommend this to anyone.

Such an awesome and beautiful hike. After a few rest stops, some pickings of blueberries and crowberries on the backside of Baldy and a fair amount of peaceful time at the top, it took me about 4 hours (starting at the bottom of Baldy). Can’t wait to return with a drone.

This peak took us almost 4hrs to reach the top, taking our time in some places due to the loose ground and a few steep areas that are probably out of most people’s comfort zone, but if you don’t mind heights, the view is unbelievable!

This trail is beautiful but very steep. I'd say it's more on the harder side. The trail head is kind of hard to find. Turn onto Stetson Cir before Wildmans. drive past a sketchy structure and you'll pull into a loop. The trail is not marked but has a sign about packing out your poop. The start of the trail house a couple of houses on it. This trail is pretty dangerous to do with a baby in your pack due to the steepness and unstable rock coming down.

We were confused about the trailhead and we couldn’t find much online that helped. The trailhead is down Stetson, there’s a sign that says ‘carry your poop out’ that’s where we started.
The trail starts out with a gradual incline for about 1/3 mile then gets very steep with lose rock. I carried my 10 month old son on my back (about 25lbs), I don’t advise it. It was tough and probably a little dangerous. It was slow and a little sketchy coming down.
At the ‘cathedral’ the trail forked. We went left the veered right when we saw the pond, which led to a swamp then lake. It was a beautiful hike. 3.9 miles round trip.

My group made it to the Bomber! Another note from the field. To get down to the glacier you must climb down one of two vertical or near vertical ropes. You pet won't make it.

12 days ago

AMAZING hike! The portion that winds through the boulder field was pretty fun! I recommend this hike! Amazing scenery and awesome day hike. Finished it in about 5 hours and stopped often to take photos!

Nice hike! Love the rushing water!

Tons of fun, highly recommend stopping here. good mix of difficulty but well worth the view. little slick if raining!

Great hike! I loved it, not to challenging! Definitely recommend! Also can pick wild raspberries!

13 days ago

Easy hike to watch the silvers “jumping” up the falls, was super amazing!

One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done. Would love to come back with more time and hike through to Eagle Pass, but this segment of the trail was a great taste. Views at the top of the pass are off the charts. Agree with hikers who note the different between taking the right vs the left at the split - the right trail is longer but switch backs provide an easier climb. Left trail steeper and probably would be difficult in inclement weather given some narrow passages and slippery rocks. We took the right up and the left down, worked out fine.

16 days ago

Amazing pretty much sums it up. Nice steady incline going up, lots of stops for berries because.. hello! It's September and somehow there are tong of blueberries out. Stayed at the lake for 2 nights.. could have stayed the rest of my life honestly. The hike out is also amazing! we enjoyed lunch at the peak and enjoyed 360° views!

We hiked to Raven glacier. It was 8 miles round trip. Take the detour to the mine and amazing waterfall. I ranked the hike as a 4 because it was very wet. Requires hiking through waterfalls and wet mossy areas. Also, fog covered the glacier so we only saw the base. For pics and more info visit my blog https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/09/04/a-day-hike-to-crow-pass/

17 days ago

One of our favorite overnight backpack outings. We typically camp at Primrose Friday night and overnight somewhere along the way. It's a great way to introduce new folks to backpacking with good terrain, a variety of landscapes and rewarding views at the top!

This year, we had glorious weather on Saturday, but just as we past the lake and hit the ridge, miserable cold drizzle and fog rolled in. Incessant rain all night and less than 20 ft visibility the next morning. We booked it out. Still, a great way to spend the weekend!

Super super challenging, hardest hike I’ve done to date but so worth it at the top!!

Great hike, but here are some notes from the field:
- No facilities at the hike entrance. About 3/4 on the dirt road is one lonely out house. Might want to use it.
- The hike is in a valley with lots of running water. An extra pair of socks, a pair in the car, or water proof shoes/boots might make you more comfortable. Also, if it rains or even sprinkles, be prepared for ankle deep water.
- Moderate hike, but at about 2.5 miles in you are boulder-hoping (no trail ) for about 1/4-.5 miles.
- In regard to boulder hoping, if your pet is squeemish, might want to leave them home. Also, please control your pet for the sake of other hikers.
- You must CROSS the glacier to get to the bomber. Bring your Kahtoolas (micro spikes) and poles.
- Parking is along the road if lot full and they patrol the whole thing.
With these in mind, you should have a great time.

Absolutely amazing views!! Turn off Stetson before the Wildmans.

27 days ago

We went up the ballfield and around Black Lake to climb up along the northern ridge. Would not recommend this route if looking for a relatively easy hike. Several spots with rather extreme exposure and not insignificant climbing was required. Once we connected with the main east-west running ridgeline, we still had a good bit to go until we made it to the actual peak. All in all it was good, but much longer and slower than expected due mostly to the route we chose. Next time, I'd go down Powerline and take the much easier path that splits off to approach the peak on its west-southwest side.

Well maintained, and nice view at falls. Paths available to hike down to river and can fish nearby. Neat to see salmon trying to leap up river.

$11 for a day pass seemed very reasonable for this trail. The river was filled with salmon and the main path was well kept. Really worth taking side trails when you find them!

Awesome overnight backpack with fishing opportunities. Loved this trail with great views looking back to Resurrection Bay.

1 month ago

So much fun doing this hike today! This is my all time favorite trail. Just make sure to wear good hiking boots and good mood. Expect to get muddy or wet on the legs. Pretty rocky and fun hopping around. Beautiful scenery will not disappoint you as you put work into the hike. Parking is $5 cash. Would bring truck since the way up is kinda rough. Bring lots of water to drink. Snack may not be a bad idea since it took 5 hours for me and my husband to complete the hiking. Will do it again!

It was a little wet, but worth it.

1 month ago

Starts at the Reed Lakes trailhead. It had been raining so the trail had a lot of water running over it on the flat parts at the beginning and got slippery and muddy once the incline was steeper, near the rocks section. We had to turn around there but would definitely come back on a drier day. Views of the creek, waterfalls, and wildflowers made it worth it.

1 month ago

very easy hike with wide trail. great views of the salmon swimming up stream.

One of the best hikes I’ve taken thus far. The views are incredible from start to finish. Highly recommend to anyone to go the extra 20min to see the glacier. No signs of bears just a few goats. If you’re there mid-August pay close attention to the giant raspberries in the bottom half of the trail, delicious!

Excellent but tough!!

Amazing hike! The trail is indeed moderate until you get to the terminus of the Reed Lakes trail, but the scramble up to Bomber Glacier is very tough - steep and sketchy rock slide-outs. If you give the glacier a shot, give yourself lots of time to tackle it safely. You will be rewarded with some incredible views.

1 month ago

This hike was amazing. Beautiful scenery and wildlife. 100% would recommend

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