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10 days ago

4X4 with a decent clearance to the trailhead. From thereon, a good hike to the peak and if the weather is clear and sunny, you'll be rewarded with a good view otherwise, a good hike!

Really beautiful trail. The bridge was broken half way but climbed across the rocks. Really cool waterfall.

24 days ago

Great trail. Last time we did it on November 17. Great views, lots of snow, but still doable.

I'd say it's our toughest one-day hike so far. 30km, 1600m elevation. ~40% covered with snow. Took us around 12hr with all the stops. I guess we could've go faster, but there were so many spots, where we wanted to stop and just enjoy the views.

Many people couldn't make it to the top, cause of snow.

Gators, crampones and warm waterproof boots are required.

27 days ago

Went up the majority of this trail yesterday. Had to turn around just before the scramble section because of snow and ice.
Beautiful trail that really works the legs out on the way up and down.
5 hours return trip with a short break at the top for a bite to eat

Great hike through the woods. Trail was well marked. The bridge is long gone. However, the water in the stream was low enough to simply walk across. Due to erosion the walk up is a bit rocky and coming down lots of roots were exposed. The whole loop took me about 2.5 hours and was well worth it! Gorgeous.

Hiked Nov. 19: Forested trail with shading/no views throughout. Steeper sections, but not bad if you pace. Slippery tree roots throughout, so be mindful if hiking in wet weather. No snow/ice on trail so far; just frozen water at the top. Only saw 2 other groups + some bikers on a Monday.
As a spoiled Vancouverite, I’d say the summit view is pretty underwhelming (but nice, no doubt).

This is a great hike. It ranges from steady uphill to steep uphill with a few milder portions so you need to be fit. It is mostly Forested and the views are into the back country once you are there. it really is around 12km up and back we are fit hikers it took us 2 hours 15 min up and 1 hour 45 min down.

Fantastic hike on a clear November day! The views are stunning. Five hours round trip if you are fit and fast!. The distance shown for this hike is not accurate - my Suunto GPS said 18kms round trip and not the 12.5km as posted above.

Started at St Georges, took me 1h30 to get to summit. Did the loop- highly recommend it!frozen lakes up there. Beautiful views. Went down and up grouse mountain, took Gondola down. Then Badden powel trail back to car. Total time 3:30.

Did it last weekend with about 35% of the trail covered in snow. Nothing much to bother with until you get to about 1-2km before the peak where the steep incline beings. It was tough breaking through 2-3 feet of snow and required scrambling on all fours at some points just before the peak. But other than that, it was fine and the effort was worth the incredible views at the top. Took us about 7.5 hours round trip plus an hour at the top. Note that we are regular hikers. Carry layers, gloves, gators, waterproof shoes if you plan on spending an hour on the peak, if you don’t want your fingers and toes going numb with cold, and are hiking during the winter season.

Completed on November 12th. Followed Vancouver Trails description and didn't get lost. It may be confusing while on the trail, but if you bring notes, there is no confusion or bushwacking needed! Out and back in 4 hours- 2 hours up, 1/2 hour break and 1.5 hours down. Once we got off the Old Mountain Hwy and on to Peer Gynt, we stayed the course till the lookout, did not do a loop. GREAT views on this clear day all the way to Garibali & Mamquam.

1 month ago

Wow... probably one of the most beautiful hike that I have ever done in my life... without my friend’s truck I would never be able to get there. Want to buy a 4x4 just so I can come back to here one day.

1 month ago

I went yesterday (18/Nov/11). I ran into snow about 3k before the main parking area so had to park and begin our hike there. This was my second time hiking Cheam and first time in the snow. I didn't expect as much snow as we encountered. Snow was very soft and the trails of course were self made. I summited without poles, crampons or snow shoes - so it's possible, but not recommended!

November 9th, 2018.
There was light snow starting at 7km into this hike, I made it to 9km and turned back as visibility had gotten to the point where I no longer felt safe to continue.
To the 9km mark and back to the Parking lot took me 7.5 hours

The snow will slow you down, and winter park hours may make this hike not possible unless staying the night.

Hike on

1 month ago

even it is short, in the trees, lots of root, wet that day, i still enjoy walk into the beautiful lake's backyard.
i took a super beautiful picture before sunset that the light just falling on the lake side.

nature trips
1 month ago

What an awesome trail! It definitely should be rated as very difficult. We did the trail 22/October the weather was awesome and the view unforgettable! It is definitely worth it!
We started around 11:30am and arrived at 4pm on the peak. It was a bit to late so we had to go the last 6km back in the dark. But it was perfect!

1 month ago

missed a turn to ridge trail and ended up doing the goat mountain instead. but I loved it. you can take for CAD 15 the gondola down. A must do option. Can someone edit hike description to mention this there

1 month ago

We made it up in our Ford Escape but I wouldn’t recommend going up without a decent truck. The hike on the other hand I would definitely recommend, stunning views and pretty easy going the whole way.

I liked hiking the trail counter clockwise. 3.5 hr loop for us.

Yes, it is a beautiful hike but there is a reason north shore search and rescue get a LOT of calls. The last 1.9km is not a hike but rather is mkre like a rock climb. Fun going up but nit so fun or safe coming down.

Hard trail, definitely need a pair of hiking boots

1 month ago

We Hike the Ridge in July and was a bit cloudy but worth every km of it. A very beautiful place. A must do.

1 month ago

The Trail's rough at parts and there are definitely a few "No Fall" zones near the end! We did it in the worst of conditions, through Fog/Clouds and using a lot of humor (british colonizer accent) and shenanigans! Made a comical video for those who want the full experience here at https://youtu.be/9RJVervFr3c lol! :)

2 months ago

Spectacular views on a clear day. Good family hike that will tire the kids.

this hike has been on my bucket list for a while and finally did it! it is everything that people say in their reviews. is challenging but totally doable. we took just over 3 hours to get to the top and took the gondola down. the trail is the best marked trail we've been on in a long time.

Here's our review of brunswick Mountain . -http://hktreks.com/index.php/2018/10/17/brunswick-mountain/

Fantastic views at top. Some technical and vertical parts, so definitely for a more seasoned hiker. Make sure you time your return during daylight, especially this time of year when the sunsets early. Hike is 4 to 5 hours depending on your ability. This is NOT including a snack/rest at the top so factor that in. Great mountain!

on Hastings/Lynn Loop

2 months ago

A very pleasant fall hike. Not too crowded on a Sunday at noon.

2 months ago

Did this today. It’s a moderately hard hike. It took just under 4 hours including stops and going at a moderate pace. Beautiful views. This hike has signage most of the way. You can go around dam mountain and around little goat. Add time if you include these smaller peaks on the way. Chains for the final ascent are helpful it’s closer to 8km from the chalet and back. Not the 6km mentioned. The 13km is if you hike up the grouse grind or bcmc first.

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