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6 hours ago

Great trail! Fairly easy out and back hike.

Absolutely stunning, the trail was amazing with amazing views. The offshoots were my favorite. There was a ton of snow on the west side of the trail which made it a lot more challenging, but overall it was a great hike!

I wanted to be impressed but honestly it’s not worth the drive. I followed Matt’s directions (listed below my review) not the all trail directions and found the trailhead fairly easily. The logging road does split off a couple times, however ~ just stay to the right and you will find it. The trail was nicely maintained and there were only a few hikers out. The Siletz River has some pretty cascading falls as you drive along the logging road. The trees are beautiful but as I’m an avid hiker and Oregon adventurer, I think there are hundreds of better options for a day trip.

6 days ago

easy hike with a wonderful ending!!!

A few decent sites to see, but not really worth the admission fee.

12 days ago

Went and hiked out to the waterfall with my wife on 4 Jan. Trail was muddy is some spots, but nothing severe. The suspension bridge was fun to cross and I enjoyed the lower view of the fall, which is going strong this time of year.

The hike was short and easy, even with the optional North Loop trail. Boots recommended.

Beautiful easy hike. The elevation is gradually and comes on at a steady pace. Took my wife and kids. Ages 5 and 6. My one year old went into my Phil and teds carrier and onto my back. Highly recommended.

14 days ago

Great trail

Went this last summer and had a blast! Very pretty falls and not too long of a hike!

Beautiful river and multiple waterfalls all along the trail. Beautiful, short, easy hike.

Long rugged road, all wheel drive and ground clearance recommended. Plan on an hour drive from Falls City, it’s relatively easy to find though. From Falls City take Bridge Street and essentially stay on the road from pavement to large gravel road to small single lane logging road. At the road marker “100” turn right and follow till you see the tiny brown road marker with “vog” for Valley if the Giants, it’s about .5 miles from the sign to the trailhead. Phenomenal short hike through pristine native forest. Definitely worth it.

Enjoyed it a lot. The forest is beautiful, and I saw lots of mushrooms even at the end of December.

Great hike for Xmas day! There were four of us, two of them kids 7 and 9, and a dog. It was hard for the kids in 3 parts, all of them in the first mile up. Two water crossings and a huge fallen tree, but they made it up. We went up and down the west trail so I can’t speak on the east but the sun was shining and the top has a nice picnic spot to rest. There are great views of the ocean going up but none at the top. We would definitely do it again!

25 days ago

Hiked in light rain and the trail held nicely. The North Loop was in good shape also. The approach road was easy in a rental sedan: paved all the way and about 16' wide. That said, I wouldn't try to get a camper up here: tight turns, low branches, and very little turnaround space at the trailhead. Loved this hike.

easy 2.6 mile hike. highly recommend it. the waterfall was super pretty and the bridge above it was very neat!

Insanely fun for the kids and the dog! Will definitely enjoy this park in the future

Beautiful, went in rainy December and the trail was in good shape.

1 month ago

It was very overcast at the bottom of the mountain and I almost turned back. So glad I didn’t, the road to the trail head (Conners Camp) eventually came out on top of the clouds! The trail / hike was great although more snow towards the top than I was prepared for. View at the top was sunny but above the clouds so no coastal range or Three Sisters . Will come back in the spring!

1 month ago

Nice easy walk to two beautiful waterfalls. If you catch it right the sun makes a rainbow just by the falls. Went on 3rd December and trail was a little icy and slippy so be careful. Was very quite as well only us along the trail.

1 month ago

went today and we were the only people out. kinda chilly and a bit icy but we warmed up while walking. it was so beautiful and we plan to come back during spring/ summer! definitely easy for all skill levels!

Easy fun trail

This is a nice, easy trail with a great view of the waterfall!

Lovely forest and trail. Very few car parked in the lot and saw no others on the trail. Well kept park, will be back!

This is an easy kid and pet friendly hike

Suspension bridge great bonus.

2 months ago

A great short walk, that is absolutely beautiful. Loved the many moss covered trees over hanging the cascading falls and bubbling brooks, well as calm pools of water that greet you on this serene walk through nature’s backdoor. Can’t wait to go back again in the winter wonderland and beauty of springtime.

Incredible day we had for this hike! We could see Mt Hood, Jefferson, Three Sisters, the ocean, and the beauty of the forests as far as you can see. Perfect distance and elevation for a fun hike with friends. You do need a forest pass.

2 months ago

This was a great hike with mild elevation change. Went on a clear day and the view from the peak is amazing. On one side you have mountains and the other you see the ocean.

Pleasant easy hike with just a little hill climbing. The old growth forest was beautiful.

My dog and I hiked this gorgeous trail today. Super easy, well maintained, awesome suspension bridge across the creek and adjacent to falls, beautiful falls.

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