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A non-stranous leisurely 3-4 hour hike that makes you appreciate the silence of the woods. Given the ample parking and how lightly trafficked it was, it doesn't seem to be that popular.

The route is extremely well labeled so I would suggest grabbing a map and you can easily adapt the route along the way depending on timing or how you feel.

The views are not particularly scenic, but there are a long of interesting things to see along the way. Abandoned wearhouses, a county jail, a stream filled with tar, huge trees, etc...

Its a great hike if you just want a nice and quite page to walk and talk, which is definitely worth doing once, but I likely won't do it a second time.

The only downsides were the windy road to the tail head which can be hard to manage for those who get motion sickness, and the spider webs that you occasionally run into along the way.

Beautiful trail in the fall, the leaves are falling, crisp air and deer sighting. Relatively easy on both paths, small incline of stone steps but it can be done. Good hike for all ages.

Mind blowing Forrest! Those giants are impressive!

6 days ago

MGT is the road to the top. Plenty of side trails to use if you want. 4mi to the top and crowds thin after the main area. View at Wawona Point is worth it if you have 3hrs for the up & back plus pics along the way.

Always a good trail, family friendly, fantastic perspective of Half Dome.

Easy. Done it several times. Beautiful.

Great. Two hikes in one. A Yosemite must. Not hard.

Did this trail in November on a "light day" of hiking with my wife. I absolutely loved it - high elevation makes for a magical, quiet surreal experience as you trek upwards towards the mountain. Upon reaching May Lake, I was blown away - the isolated lake on the mountain top is something out of a fantasy book. Great spot to stop for lunch before heading up Hoffman. If youre going doing later months, bring an extra sweater - it's cold by the lake!

Beautiful morning walk with two bear sightings, both with one cub. Easy trail and only one bottle of water required. We walked from the Upper Pines Campground. Mostly shaded but some sun to warm us as we came back the loop trail.
Highly recommend.

It was a wonderful hiking. The best part is after the California tunnel, where the crowds stop hiking. We saw many dears on the way back, around 6pm.

Great hike take hit sentinel dome first to the right. This way avoids ton of uphill. Hit it early if you want parking. We started about 9AM not too many cars. Upon return no spots available about 1ish.

14 days ago

Amazing walk. Not too tough walk, only major uphill bit is up sentinel dome (if you walk round that way first). Amazing Panoramic views at top of sentinel dome with views of half dome, el captain, three brothers and upper Yosemite falls (no water flowing from the falls however as was late October). Nice wooded walk to Taft point. Taft point was also incredible views with sharp cliff drop so not for those really scared of heights, but can just not go too close to the edge and there is a railing at the cliff edge. No toilets on the walk but some at the car pack at trailhead. Wasn’t too busy in late October but car park was very small and nearly full fit about 20 cars but there was some parking near by along the road.

I always start my trips to Yosemite with this hike, and it’s the perfect warmup to more strenuous ones in the park. When you first arrive at the trailhead, it splits - I recommend taking the dirt path instead of following the road, which is more for the bikers and strollers. This trail is relatively easy and flat. The views once you reach the lake area are gorgeous (and even more stunning in the winter). Most of the crowds stop there, but I like doing the full loop. There are restrooms available too. There’s also plenty of wildlife that still passes through here despite the crowds (including bears and bobcats).

Gorgeous hike. My second most spectacular after Upper Yosemite Falls. Loved it!

It was beautiful! Not very difficult, well worth seeing again.

enjoyable trail

Great hike and well worth the reward of making it to the top. Amazing view with all the tranquility you could ask for.

The majestic trees make this hike well worth the effort.

Finally finished renovations to accommodate the roots of the Sequoias. The area is easily accessible with a shuttle and has parking if you're driving yourself.

All new railing and it has so many branches to go off and view the many different named trees. Along the way you still get great views of all types of flora. If you go near sunset it is absolutely magical. Even managed to run into some deer on a less travelled path.

Trail is incredibly nice and easily accessible. Some small incline but nothing crazy.

A nice walk that is somewhat on an incline. There was no water in the lake so it was strange to stand in the middle of where the lake should have been but it was still very scenic


Beautiful hike in the valley. We were there mid October, so the leaves were changing. The only problem was that there wasn't really any water due to mix of drought and time of year. It's great being in the valley tho. Mirror Lake was dried up, so we got to stand right in the middle of the valley and have a good view of the cliffs around and spend some time in the literal shadow of the Half Dome.

Varying views and a relatively easy stroll up to the base of Ragged Peak. Once you get to a certain point on the trail to Young Lakes, turn right and head for the Ragged Peak pass that is to the right of the summit. Then start the slogging journey to the top of the peak. Keep in mind the side you hike up is significantly less exposed and less steep than the North face of the peak. My group tried to get up to the peak, but we were about 5 feet short (a bit wary of the precious looking block summit), but could see the Northern side of the park and the entire Cathedral Range. We saw a total of maybe 10 people in the entire hike.

Amazing trail

Best views of the trip on Sentinel Dome. Also enjoyed the guy free climbing the fin in the fissures.

We did the Grizzly Giant (medium) loop. It was stunning and well maintained. The new parking lot was easy and the shuttles were on a steady schedule. This is an easy hike (really a walk) and we did the entire loop vs turning around. As most turn around, the return was really quiet and lovely. Remember we did this in mid October on a Friday.

1 month ago


Driven by countless times on my way to bigger hikes. So, today i stopped. Probably not the best place to go to see the Sequoias, but it has some interesting history about the road. Highlight is the hollowed out fallen tree you can climb through.

October is a great time to visit Yosemite. Very few crowds, perfect weather, just beautiful. The Mariposa Grove has been re-imagined to protect it from the millions of visitors. They have done a phenomenal job! The free shuttle from the parking area to the grove is fast and efficient. We hiked the Mariposa Trail to Wawona Point. The maps say the elevation gain is 1200 feet, but the trail is wide and gently sloping making for an easy trip. It is well with the effort as the views are amazing! Also, once we were out of the lower grove, the crowds thinned and we were nearly alone. Just imagine walking among the oldest living things on earth (2000 years old!) in the quiet of the grove. Stunning.There are many variations to the hike that you can do. We spent about 4 hours and covered most of the highlights.

Great trail with wonderful sites. We stayed mainly on the lower trail for our 3 year old and we had a great time. Went in early October, great weather without a huge crowd.

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