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The road to get to the trailhead is rough and parking is limited but for the sights you encounter on this trail those are a small price to pay. Shining example of what the Natural State has to offer.

It rained during the entire hike but was pleasantly surprised how well the trees over the trail kept most of the rain from getting on us. Great trail for kids and adults, just wish the dirt road to the trail weren’t so bumpy/rocky and long!

Stunning stunning stunning! The views are worth it! Not kid friendly near the point. Little streams along the way that had some water flowing. A great hike!

Great trail, even before you get to the stunning views. Rocky and moderately taxing, but nothing crazy.

Just a really nice rewarding hike. All around good

15 days ago

Was worried it would be hard to find, but GPS took us right there - it did called the gravel road off of Highway 21 County Road 5, but it appeared to be marked 9560. Lots of great reviews here that helped assure us we were going the right way. Also was worried from many reviews that it would be super busy and there would be no where to park on a nice, fall, Saturday afternoon. We were able to park right near the trail head though and had all the pictures we wanted at the crag within about 15 minutes. Overall the trail is pretty easy to follow. I agree with moderate difficulty rating, hardest part is the end coming back to the parking area. Waterfalls weren’t really much to see to right now - maybe another time of year would be better.

I am sharing this even though quite embarrassing in hopes someone else does not make the same mistake I did. The trail head is on the opposite of the road from the bulletin board. I wandered around the incorrect side for about 1.5 hrs convinced I saw not just 1 but 2 separate trails on the side of the road with bulletin board. The good news is due to that I got out to the crag much later and the rain had stopped allowing for much better views.

15 days ago

This was by far the best hike I have ever completed. We don’t have much hiking near my home (Memphis, TN) so this was an incredible find for me and my friend. The hike back up the switchbacks was tough, but we were expecting it. I would highly recommend pushing yourself further to make it around to the backside of the waterfall. I can’t wait to do this hike again next year!

I loved this trail. Clearly marked... Provides great views... Easy enough, but not boring at all. If you are going on a nice day I would recommend getting a very early start, so you are not sharing the point with a lot of people. Because it is short with it big pay off it does get busy. Not that that is a bad thing, but it makes it hard to get photos.

The only down side to the trail was getting the the trail head. The road leading to it is gravel, and somewhat steep at the beginning of it. It does level out a bit, but that first part can be hard for certain vehicles to climb.

Trail provides incredible photo ops. Trail is difficult at times due to uneven ground. A few steep climbs but overall doable for beginner’s.

20 days ago

This trail was amazing! It was a little scary starting out because it’s downhill on rocks and they were slick. I’m also afraid of heights a bit ! Climbing those same rocks on the way back was taxing. It was a humid day and around 80 degrees but thankfully cloudy. The hike is absolutely worth it..the falls were flowing on our hike. You can check the falls at the overlook if you would rather not be disappointed with the falls. I’ve read depending on rain it can be just a trickle. This hike is only 2 miles but harder than 4.5. Mile seven hollows which is also a cool hike. Our dogs loved both and handled both great!

Great hike. The crag itself is iconic, but the views of the Buffalo Valley are spectacular. Just be prepared for a long, rocky drive up to the trailhead.

We are in our mid 60s and after a day of rain this was a little challenging . Made it half way down the rocky inclines and decided to turn around . It was beautiful . Our children who had a 2 year old and a 8 wks old easily treaked them down the slippery slopes . Later we found their was a lookout point over the waterfalls down the road a bit . I think it would have been more maneuverable when not wet .It was a beautiful . Lots of dogs on leashes .

We only did the short trail to rock house cave. Easy hike from the trailhead. Very cool cave like area.

23 days ago

Went after a couple of days of rain, the rocks were slippery and there was water covering a good portion of the trail.

Great hike and probably pretty challenging for beginners. The falls are worth it though!

We arrived late morning...less people and more scenery for us to enjoy alone! After noon, the amount of people definitely picked up!

I enjoyed this hike minus all of the people. I originally planned on hiking the glory hole but I always bring my dogs so that trail wasn’t an option. The view was beautiful and the trail was busy with large groups of people. I don’t think I’ll go back, but it was a nice experience.

Our first hike since moving back to Arkansas. Beautiful day gorgeous scenery

1 month ago

Did this and Lost Valley Trail. If you are in the area and only plan to do one Trail, I would suggest Hiking Lost Valley Trail. It is much better.

Chose this trail because it was so highly reviewed. Truly don't know what everyone is raving about, must have just loved the photo opportunities it provides. Otherwise it's pretty pedestrian, real short (less than 2 hours), packed with people (to be fair, I was there labor day weekend). Not challenging

We liked this one, but if river levels are low there is not much to see.
The trailhead is very poorly marked with virtually no parking lot, so just beware as you arrive. No bathrooms at trailhead.

The views are totally worth it. Hike is decent but doable for all ages. Not as secluded as other trails, but a view I like any other! Very steep road to get there, recommend only a 4wd or similar vehicle. No bathrooms at the trailhead, so beware.

Went with a group of both experienced and beginner hikers and we had an amazing time! We "billygoated" the second half of the trail making it longer, but totally worth it! lots of amazing views. the trail is clearly marked. It was our first trail over labor day! Took us 45 minutes to get out once we hit the top with lots of breaks for the newbie. We went at sunset. would have been great to Sleep out and see the sky.

It is really neat to see Native American pictographs that are on the Cave ceiling. Most of the time we see history in museums. It is nice to see some history in nature too.

I have done this trail several times. It is really easy going down, but a little strenuous on the way back up.

LEGENDARY hike! Running trails, waterfalls, bridges, rock climbing, exploring... Its got it all!

Great hike! Beautiful, following stream and end at waterfall. I would say it's between easy and moderate for a seasoned hiker. Lots of rocks so watch your footing. Total round trip time was 1 hour.

My daughter and I decided to take a hike on a hot Sunday. There is gravel that has recently been laid at the beginning of the trail and it is uncomfortable to walk on to say the least. ( with hiking boots it’d be more comfortable, we had on sneakers)
We were lucky to see lots of butterflies along the way and one even guided us out of the trail.
It’s not very well maintained and a odd place to start. The trailhead started at a apartment complex near the dumpsters.
We didn’t let it deter our hike and enjoyed the semi steep hill down to other trails. We came across deer bones and carried a “web swipes” aka a stick to get through what we called Spider Alley. We loved how the trees naturally grew into and archway above the path so we understand why spiders were so plentiful.
Hope this helps!

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