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cute small falls

Easy trail, great for families and on-leash dog walking. Draw backs were how busy it was, and parking. Overall, a very nice walk.

27 days ago

Beautiful easy hike to amazing views of the bridal view falls. Go past the wooden bridge and head right to get to the picturesque view of the falls.

Beautiful place. Kids did great!

Short, easy trail to a beautiful falls view

This is the only place where people can take their dogs to run around off leash for endless acres surrounded by beautiful rivers and woodlands. The trail route listed above is only a suggestion of the endless way you can configure the maze of trails. It even includes crossing the channel, Which can only be done by fully swimming, which I would only suggest in the summer when it is warm and the waters are low, or by boat.
The only people not rating this five stars is a singular person, Sam M. Sam, we hear you. You think this should be a birdwatching sanctuary and you don’t like dogs. I wish I could take my dog to Oxbow or Dabney, but I can’t, not even on-leash, those are reserved for people like you. Please enjoy.

Easy out and back trail with beautiful falls. Be advised you hike in downhill so returning will be uphill. Great for a little haunt in the woods!

Busy trail, steep, dusty. Very pretty falls. Overall nice little trail. Lots of people splashing around in the river at the base of the falls. We just happened upon this trail after the road to Multnomah Falls was closed and ended up hiking it in flip flops. It can be done, wish I had stopped to change my shoes though. Bathrooms have flush toilets!

It was a decent trail but directions to get here are very confusing and we ended up parking on the side of the road. Just from walking the trail, it came through the university so parking there would have been much easier. Trail goes through trees but you also walk on paved sidewalks next to the roads/traffic. Busy trail.

1 month ago

Busy trail! We did this right after Latourell Falls. It was shorter than we expected but the waterfall was gorgeous. We climbed through the rocks into the creek and it was so pretty. Overall easy hike and family friendly. Parking was veryyyy limited so get there early.

Pretty waterfall, pretty busy. Some portions are kind of steep, dirt and rock so watch your step. Otherwise worth it

easy trail. very enjoyable for a Saturday hike

2 months ago

Being that it was a Saturday in July I was expecting the park to be busy and it was, the main parking lot was full. I parked in the equestrian parking lot and walked the outer most trail. I didn’t meet anyone who was walking the trail and I met only 9 equestrians. Most of the trail is in the shade, perfect for a warm summer day.

Hundreds of families walk their dogs here everyday nobody cares about bird watchers. 68% of American households own a dog, deal with. There are thousands of other places you can go peep creepily on birds. This is the third review you have left on this hike complaining about dogs.

This place is has potential to be a more serene, restored river delta for birdwatching, picnics, etc. I came here long before it was promoted as dog park.

There's a missed opportunity for this to be a more serene, restored river delta conducive to birdwatching, picnics, etc. Pretty much a dog park so watch your step.

great walk, lots of shade

2 months ago

I have taken this trail many times in different seasons. My husky loves the areas to explore. Easy trail but can get muddy during the rainy months. Summertime is great, and there is a picnicking area should you want to add a stop. The loop is well travelled and is easy to follow; additionally, there are wildlife information postings to add to the education of the area especially nice for those not having been here before.

on Sandy River Trail

2 months ago

Hiked 7/1. Great for kids. $5.00 entry into park. Feels secluded and peaceful. Trail is easy but still feels like a hike, not overly trodden. Only saw 1 other couple all morning. The river is really neat; you can get out there through the grass easily, and the rocky shoreline is a lot of fun for just playing around or being peaceful. Probably good fishing too. Some mosquitoes but nothing crazy. Would definitely do again.

Great small trail to see a waterfall. It is a busy trail.

Not stroller friendly but a great outdoor adventure. Lots of places to just sit and enjoy the lake.

The lower trail is a loop trail with boulders, rocks, roots and trees, so watch your footing. Start to the right once you hit the lake, it is well marked on this side. I started on the left side and there were no trail markings. Lots of bugs out today 6/19/19. The upper trail starts from the lower and ends at the campground. The upper trail is more of a workout. Mostly uphill.

This is a great dog-friendly park with miles of branching trails and a nice variety of both open fields and forested areas, as well as plenty of shallow water for the dogs to play in - a dog's dream! Our dog had a blast running through the fields and trees and playing with the other dogs. The trail can also be used by walkers, runners, bikers, and horses, but be aware that there are dogs running off leash everywhere throughout the park. There aren't many trail markers and the ones that exist aren't very clear, so we had to use Google Maps to figure out where we were and what direction we were headed, but the trails themselves are very easy to follow and are mostly dirt/gravel. The banks of the river (and a few parts of the trail) can be rather muddy, but the water is fairly calm and slow-moving - great for splashing or swimming.

Be sure to bring bug spray! We went in the middle of the day in mid-June and the mosquitoes were horrible! Both of us and our dog ended up covered in mosquitoes every time we stopped moving and we went home with multiple mosquito bites.

This was a fun trail to hike with the kids. The information about the length of the trail is wrong. The top/upper trail was 1.5 miles and the bottom trail is 1.5 miles. You have to do both trails to get a 3 mile hike in. The upper trail has hills up one side, then you flatten out and come down and around the other. The lower trail along the lake is fun and a beautiful hike. There are some spots where there are a lot of tree roots you can easily trip on if you aren’t paying attention. You also have to play limbo in some areas as well as climb over a tree. Our family will be doing. This again.

awesome trail. the only downside is the size of the parking lot

Beautiful little loop. Walk not a hike. It is suitable for young children.

I rate 3 stars because it was so confusing I went on a low traffic day so I didn’t go too far I definitely would like to go back and do the whole hike though

3 months ago

A very easy hike but the waterfall is awesome at the end. I did this hike along with another hike since this one was so quick and easy.

Quick easy trail. A good place to start hiking with your little ones. Plan a picnic and to play in the water. Fishing and Kayaking is allowed. They had rentals on the shore and you can camp there as well. All very clean and managed well.

Have a great walk with my dog

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