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Nice beautiful lake and great for trail run.

Just took my kids around the lake, great quick trail for them, would be good for a trail run. Picnic table and playground was nice for them afterwards. Lots of people fishing. Very nice park!

Beautiful year round hiking area.

21 days ago

This trail is beautifully paved and well maintained. At postings, you will see a map displaying color-coded routes to help you decide which route to take based on length and areas of the hike. I would come back here again for another hike or bike ride. However, keep in mind this trail is not off-leash friendly. As a dog mama, I love when I'm able to take my dog hiking with me off-leash. Some portions of this trail are too close to the road for dogs to roam off-leash safely.

Wasn’t the best but then again I’m more into long hikes

Short hike ➡️ Beautiful Falls

This was our first time coming here and didn’t really know what to expect as a friend had been suggested it so we thought, why not? If you’re looking for a quiet hike, this is not it. We got an early start but it was a constant stream of people, bikes, horses, etc. Not a big deal to some but not my idea of a hike. It was also clear that many people don’t clean up after their dogs, which was disappointing as I carried my bags the easy 2.5 miles to the garbage. We came from the Hantwick TH and planned to take some trails past the bridge but there was zero signage which for a place like this, you’d think they would have some guide or map other than just elevation. we did the most obvious small loop and called it good as we were getting a little irritated trying to figure it out past that. Like others have said too, hard to see the falls in high water season so maybe a sign to let you know what you may be looking at would’ve been nice. The scenery and bridge were beautiful, it just wasn’t the right “hike” for us.

Well paved, pretty scenery, great family walk

I love this place specifically because i can bring my fur baby here and let her run free w/o having to leash her and i's a good amount of trail walking for humans too. We come here as often as we can!

busy but beautiful park like setting. shallow swimming and wading pools that are great in the summer

Short moderately steep but the stairs helped. May 2017. Enjoyed the views and the lush green. And the waterfall was beautiful. Wish I was in better shape for the hike back out, had to stop once to catch my breath.

Choice of 4 loops-easy trail. Poor signage. Muddy and roots thru forest. Best direction are go to WSU, go straight instead of turning into college.TH by WSU barn. poor parking.

1 month ago

good workout with inner trails and hills, watch your step in a few places. Dog friendly.

very pretty loops. lots of BlackBerry bushes awaiting to go green again! lots of dogs out with there people today.very pleasant park. pups poops appear to be picked up well by there people. responsible which is nice.

2 months ago

Pleasant walk around marshes. Simple and flat. Nice for catching up with a friend.

Beautiful view for a short hike. Dog and kid friendly, small incline on the way back up. 2/3 of a mile, and the interpretive trail at the north of the parking lot has three gorgeous overlooks on a 1/5 mike loop. A lot of bang for your buck.

Delta is interesting area with a maze of trails. Following the in/out shown here is not a standout. We included the route to the Maya Lin Confluence Project bird blind for a much more well-rounded walk.

We found this hike to be a little vanilla and relatively crowded. While the path is well taken care of, we tend to go hiking for a little more seclution. During January the falls are more of a set of large rapids but I'm sure they are more appealing during the dryer months. The river setting is nice and there are plenty of opportunities to stop and have a picnic at one of the many park benches provided. The thing that saved the day from total disappointment was the pair of bald eagles we found only 40 to 50 feet up in a tree right off the trail over looking the water. They seemed completely unoffended by our presence and stood for our many pictures of them.

Great place to take my dog to hike :) Lots if friendly people too! Would recommend

3 months ago

Quick little hike. Good for kiddos or if you aren’t in great hiking shape, but want a taste of the gorge.

beautiful view and a great little fall!

Easy hike, nice view of waterfall and gorge. Quick stop.

simple yet beautiful trail

Such a wide open space for dogs to be off leash and explore. A place that, no matter how many parking spots are filled, it's easy to separate from the crowd once you get going. It's mainly flat hikes, but beautiful none the less. It has river access if your fury buddy wants to swim too. In the Fall/Winter it gets muddy, but no one should complain.

Nice stroll with my kids and dog.

Fun little trail, good for kids

5 months ago

Nice hike with my small dog. Cover from the trees makes it a little less wet. Good hills on one side, and the river rushing is wonderful to hear. During the summer, step in and get wet! Huge pro: bathrooms, and quite a few of them!

lost my virginity in this area,.someone help me find it.

5 months ago

Great for hiking with toddler. It was mostly flat and easy to walk without a lot of roots in the path.

Great hike to do with the young ones. Lots of exploring options.

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