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Beautiful hike. Absolutely gorgeous!

Beautiful trail! Easy to follow. Some hard elevation gains but worth every moment.

This is one of the best hikes in this area - and probably the best day hike. We did this along with Stuart Lake and the mountain views and the water color were breathtaking

Absolutely fantastic views!

Awesome views of Mount St. Helens! I didn’t make it all the way up to Harry’s ridge because it started raining and the clouds covered up Mount St. Helens. I’d love to go back on a clear day and try again. I highly recommend this trail!

Great hike with views of two snowcapped summits, multiple chilly lakes to jump in, including a rock you can jump off from ~10ft high and plenty of flowers in bloom. A sampling of all of the best classic Cascades features.

Very pretty area. We enjoyed this hike a lot.

3 days ago

Truly the hike of a lifetime! The type of trail that gets more challenging and more majestic with every mile. I think about this afternoon regularly and can't wait to come back some day. Not to be missed!

so gorgeous!

4 days ago

This was my very first hike and the fellas and i really had no idea what we were in for .. If you aren't a regular hiker (like myself) and aren't in top shape , be prepared to push yourself harder than you ever have . The trail was beautiful, the views were beautiful . There are some very steep areas that will test your quads . Personally i had to take lots of little breaks to let my legs recharge . It was hard mentally and physically to accomplish but well worth it in the end. It was a great accomplishment. It was just under 12 km from where we Parked so about 23.5 km round trip ! My biggest regret was not having buying hiking poles.. it WILL save your legs

4 days ago

We hiked this going clockwise because we missed the counter-clockwise trailhead. Still a very scenic hike! I have a knee that does not do well on long steep downhill hikes, so taking the clockwise direction actually helped because the east side (Lake Rainy side) has steeper grades in sections. The halfway point and second half of the hike (west side of Lake Anne) is the most scenic. Beautiful! If you do this hike clockwise, you will find yourself glancing backward occasionally for the views on the second half.

Beautiful hike. Make sure that you apply some insect repellent. I would recommend returning from the end well at least an hour before the sunset.

One of my favorite hikes in the PNW. It's a very popular trail, so get there early. Leave yourself at least 5 hours to complete the trail, but give yourself more time if you want to stay at the lake for a bit. Try to go on a sunny day as the water looks a brighter shade of blue in the sunlight.

This is an amazing hike worth every step. I highly recommend this trail.

Sooo pretty! The trees are changing colors so it’s perfect for your larches fix these next couple weeks. Follow the cairns and in the core zone, the trail usually hugged the lakes until it takes you back up to the left down down down many boulder fields. We clocked 20.1 miles with 5,534ft of elevation gain. 12 hours even with three breaks. 1 hr 45 minutes up aasgard.

7 days ago

We went counterclockwise by accident, not having read any reviews other than talking to locals. I was feeling bad for those we met coming up who were going clockwise, because the trail up going that way is gnarly. Steps up of 20-25 inches. Narrow, NO view, dusty. relentless upward like climbing a ladder sometimes. Going down the gnarly sections, one can simply hop down, but I can't hop up! Clockwise this is probably a "hard" trail and gets two stars. Going the right way, one gets constant views for the effort. It is sunny for the first 60% of the trail going the "correct" way, counterclockwise. Take water, because Lake Anne is it in the fall. There is probably more water in the midsummer and snow thru June or later. For those not familiar with the Cascades, thinking that a 5000 ft pass is wimpy, better think again. They get serious snow up here and winter at 7000 feet in the north Cascades is like winter at 11000 feet in the Rockies. Prepare to spend 6 hours on the trail. It's almost the perfect day hike. We are from Nevada, and used to being the only ones on the trail. This trail seemed crowded, probably passed 15 groups going the other way, no idea how many people going the same way as we were.

My dog and I went up this trail: and it does go up. Lol


9-10-18 The sign at the trailhead says 3.2 to the top, however the top is not the top but more half way, there is another 3 miles to the actual summit. Took us 6 hours to hike. According to our Fitbit it was 13 miles Round trip . It was raining and not too slippery absolutely beautiful and lots of blueberries and huckleberries!! Absolutely a must do hike. Will do again on a nicer day. Pack warm clothes!!!

A tough hike but well worth it once you leave the switchbacks and forests behind. The views of the surrounding mountains is the warm up for getting to see Blanca Lake. It truly is worth the gruel and I will do it again when the seasons change in a few weeks. Two things 1) Don't give up and 2) coming down takes half the time it takes to get up.

Great hike and wasn't too busy for a Sunday. Definitely watch out for horse poop on the trail.

I have been wanting to do this hike for a while in one day and last Saturday 9/8 /2018 started at 5 am from Stuart Lake Trail-head where my wife dropped me and finished at 7 pm in Snow lakes Trail-head. Asgard was definitely hard for me . Doing this hike in a day certainly pushed me to the limit and more , however the reward is fantastic , the landscape is very beautiful . I clocked 23 miles in 14 hours. An amazing hike !

11 days ago

Trash Everywhere!

First I need to say how disappointed I am with the hikers using Washington trails! I watched volunteers spending an entire day cleaning trash from this one trail. It took a team of people the entire day to pick up trash that should never have been left in the first place. Very Sad.

If your going to hike this or any other Washington State trail take your trash out with you. If you see some disrespectful hiker leaving trash say something.

And to all you pet owners! If your dog poops don’t put it in a bag and toss the bag off the trail. Seriously, what is wrong with you people.

If you can’t show respect for other hikers and the environment, stay off the trail.

Great hike, nice creek/waterfall and awesome views at the top!

This is the second most beautiful thing I've seen this year! The first was female so I don't think that's a fair comparison. I had to hold back my emotions, I'm a man of course, I was just not prepared for how stunning this lake was in person. This is something you must see for yourself.

The lake is not made of a non-nutonian fluid, I tried walking on it and I sank.That's how my pictures came out so awesome!

If you're not quite sure if you have bad knees or not... You'll definitely know after this hike! LOL

Don't forget to see the falls at the end of the trail. I got in the water to take some pictures from the other side.

The views on this trail are amazing! There is a variety of scenic views and trails. I accidentally took the boulder path to the tower. Wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. It was a test of my skills for sure. The view from the tower is incredible. Took the trail back down which was 10x easier than the boulders. Love this trail. Took me a few hours but it was so beautiful I keep stopping and soaking up the scenery. IG: @markobreezy

11 days ago

Very pretty views! Pretty difficult for a beginner or not having the proper shoes. Lots of ups and downs and a couple switch backs. So beautiful and well worth it.

11 days ago

This hike have great and amazing views of the lakes but it’s very rocky all the way up to Gem Lake. I do recommend to go early in the morning to get a good parking and also to avoid a lot of the day hikers. I started at 08:30am and there’s not many people at that time. Once I passed Snow Lake, I’ve only seen a few people on my way to Gem Lake. And most of them are coming back from camping. Once I got to Gem Lake, there’s only a few people there (I counted 5 to include myself). I stayed for half an hour and enjoyed the quietness of the nature. I completed the hike with a moving time right under 5 hours. I could’ve finish it earlier but there were a lot of people going the other direction :( So, yeah. My recommendations: Early start, good hiking shoes, and drinking water

Amazing experience. Will visit again.

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