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28 days ago

An super awesome trail, I can remember seeing a reflection of the Milky Way in Littel Rae lake Along side of Fin Dome!!!! In2000 Can’t wait to get back there this summer!!!

Awesome hike. Lots of great redwoods and a nice flowing creek.

2 months ago

The trails are heavily trafficked but feature good paths among redwoods and a large meadow. Views are mostly limited. Enjoyable and there are many opportunities to tailor the route to your liking.

I agree this is a nice walk and at a moderate level EXCEPT for about 1/4 mile which is really steep. Parking much better on Woodside road side when compared with starting from the skyline side.

Love this trail, traffic isn’t too bad getting there via Woodside Rd.

About 2.5 miles in, there is currently a trail detour that is very steep. This part of the trail is collapsed in some areas, and there’s a few fallen trees—don’t go this way.

Great hike...super quiet....saw no one else on the trail. Gorgeous towards the end where you're walking through lush hip high greenery.

Beautiful Northern California hiking. Relatively easy until you hit the switchbacks

4 months ago

Great hike--love Butano--so quiet--hiked into only one couple. Never had done Canyon Trail--most California Nutmegs I have ever seen and beautiful chalk geology and botany.

It was a fun trail! Lots of great scenery especially at the top. I would recommend it to anyone who likes lots of trees and beautiful views.

Hardest aspect...getting to this trailhead!! It’s more of a dear trail. Yo will NOT make it in a normal car. I have AWD and was able to get within 2miles. Had to add that to the hike and it was all steep climbing to get to head.
Gorgeous views as you get up to the rocks. The expanse and depth of the gorge is stunning. Great spot for a break.
The altitude got to me on the high points. But I think the deeper snow aided in that cardio burn.
A massive storm with a winter weather advisory hit wile I was out there and man did it hit. The skies turned black and ominous. I could not make it to Granite Dome...I will be back. Lol.
You can see, it’s a scenery rich backpacking experience. Just be ready for extra miles and some Altitude issues...but I’m old...
I recommend parking at the easy to get to trailhead of Crabtree. It may be a steeper climb, but at least your car will be safe (safer) and not damaged from the “road”.

Did an abbreviated version from the Ben Ries Campground: Goat Hill -> Doe Ridge -> Olmo Fire Road -> Indian -> Canyon -> Jackson Flats -> Mill Ox.

6 months ago

Gorgeous hike, though after schlepping our heavy backpacks for 6 miles had a hard time crossing the little river hopping from rock to rock. It was slippery and my daughter got her foot wet right before sunset and her shoes was frozen the next morning. The waterfall there is beautiful, it's a stunning place. Be forewarned that only 3 official fire rings are open for use among over 25 camp sites, so if you grab a fire pit, please invite others to join you as it's getting colder at night.

6 months ago

Hiked Sept 26-30th, stayed at Middle Paradise, Woods Crossing, Rae Lakes, and Junction Meadow. Bear boxes at parking lot and each camp site (except at Junction Meadow).

Perfect time of year to visit, since not crowded but still beautiful. Got cold enough at night at Rae Lakes to freeze the hose of our Camelbak. Some ice on trail up to glen pass at 11 am. Barely any snow on glen pass, and was easy enough to hike over the one patch at the top after noon in regular shoes/boots.

Wildlife highlights: lots of warblers including Hermit and Townsend's in Paradise Valley, Northern Saw-whet owl tooting at Middle Paradise, Lewis's woodpecker just past Paradise Bridge, lots of Clark's nutcrackers, marmots near Rae lakes ranger station, lots of pikas between Rae lakes and glen pass, large flocks of evening grosbeaks and band-tailed pigeons below junction meadow, and an inquisitive marten right above sphinx creek.

Tough but worth it! This trail required some route finding as the main path is hard to find sometimes. I hiked up to the first a second lakes north of Golden Trout and then came back as I was running out of daylight. The trail is very steep and loose in places. Wear good shoes or boots and take your time.

7 months ago

beautiful, well worth it.

Really serene and smells wonderful. saw a small group of deer and it was super quiet! Loads of salamanders and banana slugs!! I kinda wish I had brought a friend because I saw after hiking that there are mountain lions here..and it seemed the sort of territory one may encounter one

7 months ago

Walk-up permits available starting the day before at 1pm. Get them at Road's End permit station. But seems like only 5 available per day.

Allocate 3-4 days to complete the loop. Bear canisters are required, as this is an active black bear area, even though we didn't encounter any. Mosquito headnets are highly recommended as there are miles of trail thru swarms of gnats and mosquitos. Water sources abound, so no need to carry more than 2 liters at a time; bring a water filter, though.

Going clockwise along the loop is recommended, and pretty much what everyone does. First night in Upper Paradise Valley. Second night at Middle Rae Lakes. Third night at Junction Meadow.

Still some snow around Glen Pass, but there's none of the trail. Temperatures were mild. +40 degree sleeping back was enough for me.

Wildlife we encountered: Deer, marmots, chipmunks, rattlesnake.

way better than i expected... moderately flat until the last 2 miles then you switchback down beside some impressive waterfalls... still alot of water as of 8/12/17... this is also the PCT... i saw maybe 150 folks along the way on a Saturday... trailhead parking scared me... i thought there could easily be a thousand with that many cars

8 months ago

Did a quick out and back hike to look for backpacking trails. Found my next trip

This is now my favorite local trail. There was a cool ice cave right before lake heather and lake aloha was just beautiful!

Make sure you bring mosquito repellent. It was impossible to stop at the first few creeks and ponds without being swarmed by them

8 months ago

This is an amazing backpacking loop. I did it in July of 2016 and loved it. Here is my trip report with a bunch of pictures and logistical info: https://backpackersreview.wordpress.com/trip-reports/rae-lakes-loop/

Pretty trees, mostly shaded, not too steep, lots of poison oak.

8 months ago

Day hike starting from Glenn Alpine and ending at Clyde Lake.

Pros: beautiful changing scenery, plenty of lakes, wild flowers, fly fishing, day hike or overnight, moderate terrain with not too steep of an incline and then levels off.

Cons: Mosquitoes.

8 months ago

Not Easy!!! Moderate hike with a good elevation gain. Nice for people who are afraid of heights.

First day I ever backpacked was on this trail. Beautiful hike of the meadows and not too challenging to get to Glen Aulin from TM

Awesome loop! I'd rate this as pretty challenging, and I'm very athletic; big inclines and steep descents, lots of hot exposed ridge. Peaceful and serene--SO quiet! Epic views from Canyon Trail and Indian Camp. Where it's not exposed ridge, it's lush, shady, gorgeous forest. Lots of poison oak!! I went from park HQ up Jackson Flats to Canyon, then down Indian Trail/Olmo Fire, and accidentally missed the branch for Doe Ridge Trail/Goat Hill Trail, but it was a lovely trek nonetheless, and Olmo eventually connects up with Goat Hill. Make sure you have a trail map because some of the turns aren't marked. Would be great for backpacking; two campgrounds along the way!

8 months ago

One of my favorite lakes. Still mostly frozen and the trail is covered. But it keeps away the crowd.

I hiked this route back in May as a way of testing my hiking abilities in the snow. The route was actually easier because of the conditions and I ascended the snow field, which cut out a lot of switchbacks (my guide notes that the first leg is "strenuous"). I made it up to the first lake with just crampons and a lot of determination, though poles or an axe would've made it easier. After a solitary lunch and a scan of the route up to the next group of lakes, I opted to head back down and save it for another trip. I'll post again after doing it in dry conditions. The best part about the route is the staggering views of the surrounding peaks, as well as a "gun sight" view of the Owens Valley on the way down. I saw no other hikers on the route. Certainly one of the best short hikes in the Eastern Sierra.

9 months ago

Favorite hike in tahoe so far!

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