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Great easy hike. Wonderful views! It does sneak up on you as you are driving. Very easy to pass right by it. The parking is a little iffy

on Dodge Point Trail

7 days ago

Gorgeous views at the shoreline!

Great hike! A bit hard in some places, but the views were nice!!

I’ve done this trail many times . Up and down the Blue only , one hour up and one hour down. I find it to be a good work out, with great views, and a nice little scramble at the top. I think it is one of the best hikes within an hour of Portland.

Great hike straight up Saddleback with beautiful views. The trail over to the The Horn was technical in a few spots but fun. This hike is a must do if your in the Rangeley area.

17 days ago

Do not hike this after a rain. It isn’t a family
Hike - can be difficult for some up top. It goes through boulders and wet rocks covered with moss. The view is nice, but it is too busy.

A friend and I took advantage of FREE admission for Maine residents to certain state parks; Ferry Beach being one of them. Plenty of parking. Actual bath rooms. Short trail to beach or throughout the park. We did a virtual 5k through the park. Trails were well marked and kept tidy.

rock climbing
19 days ago

We had a 7 year old who scrambled up the trail with no problems (he’s low to the ground) but there are several steep rock faces to tackle as you near the top. I’d say the trail starts out easy, moves to moderate and becomes challenging at the top.

20 days ago

Absolutely stunning. Long path prior to getting on the actual mountain. Worth it.

September 1st 2018. was a perfect day to go hiking we went on this hike. trail os well marked just about did all of the trails. I enjoyed it.

Two friends went on this trail today 9/3/2018. They started up the blue trail but there was just to many people so they turned around and went up the yellow trail. Lots of uphill and rocks to climb. They went for a little bit when the heat got the better of them, turned around went back to their car. But at the car they found that someone had smashed in the back windshield and stole from inside the car. So they will not be back and this would not be where I would go with my kids.

Been hiking Pleasant Mtn for 10 years on the Fire Warden Trail and the trails off Mountain Rd, but have never done the SW Ridge Trail, for whatever reason. We have been missing out! This is now my favorite way to summit Pleasant Mtn. Many great views on the way up and a great workout. It’s rated moderate, but I would put it on the upper end of moderate.

The views at the main summit are always enjoyable.

Nice hike! Went up blue trail, came down yellow! Lots of white birch trees and beach nuts on yellow trail! Love them! Good day!

Great hike

Not worth the hard rating moderate would be more appropriate. I would definitely go counter clockwise ascend Avalon first then to field Willy and Tom. A strenuous hike for sure total of 10.77 miles over 9 hours. We had a snack at all 4 peaks not stopping the clock for breaks. Did this with just my pup and the day few by!

23 days ago

Great trail for the dogs, I agree with moderate and a beautiful view at the top of the tower.

27 days ago

this is categorized as a moderate trail, Well I call BULL. where this may be a short 1.3 mile up and 1.3 mile down it is all uphill hill to the top for obvious reasons but with some spots over a 30 degree incline I would classify this as a hard short trail. But, the view is absolutely fabulous and worth the reward but i does take a long while to hike it. there were picnic tables at the top for resting but there is no water at all at the top which would have been great because we ran out of water when we hit the top. UGH no water until we ht the car that was rough.

Fun hike with wife and dog. Went up the blue and down the yellow. A good workout with a couple scrambling spots, especially near the peak.

Took blue up and yellow down. I think some new marking may have been put up on the yellow trail as we didn’t have any problems once we were on it. Look for the large rock pile on the opposite side of summit and towards the left to pick it up the yellow trail at the top. Once you get going down the trail a bit, you’ll start noticing the yellow markers.

Will add Stone Mtn trail next time.

Did this one today! Wonderful hike up, great views, can’t wait to do it in the fall

We hiked this trail on 8/25/18 with our dog. It’s a short hike to the top with great view of several local lakes. Definitely recommend the entire summit loop-the back side of the mountain is a bit more of a challenge but overall a fairly easy hike.

Love these trails. Well maintained with nice views. Can sometimes be crowded.

Saddleback is a must if you go to Rangeley. It’s one of the more difficult and strenuous trails as it goes up a ski resort trail. The top is beautiful and well-worth the hike. It connects to the AT up top, and there is a nice little pond up there to swim if you want (my dog sure did!). It’s one of the most beautiful mtn tops I’ve hiked.

Absolutely beautiful....

1 month ago

Short & Sweet with beautiful views!!

pros: great workout. dog friendly. blue trail up was very clearly marked. clean. pretty view.

cons: yellow trail down wasn't very clearly marked in some spots.

note: there are 2 areas where the yellow trail turns, instead of the usual double yellow mark there is a 90degree angle drawn on the rock that looks like an arrow, making people who are accustom to the "double marker means turn" indication of a trail turning, go in the direction of the "arrow" so DON'T go in the direction if the arrow because it means the trail turns 90degrees. haha. we found our way back to the proper trail easily. it look like several groups have done this as the "off trail" is warn fairly well making it look like you're going the right way. :)

Seemed like we were hiking a big mountain trail, but only an hour out of Portland! Highly recommend

Absolutely an incredible mountain range for snowshoeing! Love this spot after a classic Maine blizzard. The Saddleback ski resort may be abandoned but there's someone grooming part of the trails for past few years. 360-degree views from summits are stunning. Autumn and summer hiking up Saddleback offer a moderate to strenuous workout. There's an old warming hut just before the summit, as the trail connects to the Appalachian Trail; sources of heat have been removed from this hut but it's still a great quick shelter to grab a bite and get out of high winds.

By far one of my favorite mountains to hike in Maine. The terrain is varied, passing over a few streams, an old fire warden cabin/camping area, the trail is pretty level for a few miles then it begins to get real steep for roughly the last mile of this out and back trail. The alpine zone around the summit is over 300 acres; the 2nd largest in Maine after Mt. Katahdin. Mount Abraham (aka Abram) is challenging and rewarding. Views of surrounding mountain ranges are stunning.

What a great trail! I have hiked Pleasant Mountain via the Ledges Trail before and almost did that one again today but at the last minute decided to try something new, and I'm so glad I did! the trail goes through lots of different zones - open forest, bare rock, grassy areas, more dense forest - so there's a lot of variety to keep the hike interesting. A few spots with nice views on the way up and gorgeous views of the Whites from the top.

Started at 11:30 with dog, finished a little before 5 with only a few short breaks. It was rainy at the top so no real views today unfortunately. The "hard" rating was appropriate though, especially with water on all of the big rocks in the trail coming down after Avalon things got very slippery.

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