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Loved this trail! I got 4.5 miles up today and was stopped by snow as I couldn't find the trail today. Definitely going back when the snow is melted!

Beautiful views. Tough hike, little rest while going to the top. Distance above is incorrect, it is at least 4 months to the top making 8+ miles round trip.

Nice little day trip, 4.5 miles from the car to the summit. Beautiful views all around at the top!

Leg burner. Worth every bit. Got rained out pretty bad, but still had a blast. Spent three nights in a hammock at moonshine flat? Woke up to bear scat a stones throw from my hammock. The summit was radical even though the view was clouds and wind/rain. Several other signs of bear. Plan on going again next time I'm back in Washington.

7 months ago

great hike. some parts of the trail are a little over grown but otherwise well maintained. signs are a little out dated and difficult to read and easy to bypass without notice. not a lot of traffic which is nice. fairly moderate trail until you reach the end which is well worth the last push. a ton of bugs up top and my girlfriend got eaten alive on the way down above all though that N.E.S.W. view is hard to beat at an elevation of almost 4500 feet.

Tough hike but the view makes it all worth it.

Tough hike but the view makes it all worth it

If you're looking for a hike that will challenge your stamina, but can be easily done in six hours or less and provides stunning views at the summit (and the wildflower meadow above the Colonel Bob/Pete's Creek trail junction) then this is the hike for you! I made the summit in 2:45 minutes and was slowed down by snow above 3500' which made for precarious footing and obscured the direction of the trail in multiple places. If you're fortunate enough to have a clear day the reward is definitely worth the effort, but even without the views at the top I would have thoroughly enjoyed this hike-one of my top five favorites of all time-never saw another soul out and back and on a Friday with beautiful weather-my kind of hike!

This hike definitely showed me that I was out of shape! The 3600 foot climb can really beat you up. There's no way it's just 6 miles up and back, in my opinion. The hike starts in a somewhat overgrown rain forest-like area, but rises through meadows with wildflowers and some rockier conifer terrain too. The peak is dizzying...you can see so far, and straight down in some places too!

The upper reaches still had snow as of early July. If you don't have any special equipment (I only had boots), it can be a snowy scramble in some places...some hikers I met had turned back, but others reached the summit too.

The road in is 8 miles of gravel...some potholes. I saw a huge cat of some kind on the way out.

Trail is dog friendly, as long as the dog is in shape and likes snow!

10 months ago

Started from the Pete's Creek trailhead. Once we made it to the snow level the trail wasn't marked well enough to continue. Sledding down the snow was fun though! Next time I come here I'll bring a GPS with the trail clearly marked :). Recommend coming in July

The river was too high to cross very soggy hike. Coming back in spring

Steep and wet. Can't say for the view as it was raining but I hear it's the best.

Great hike with lots of different terrains. We started through heavily forested area, cane to hillside meadows, and then trekked through the snow for the last portion. Not sure we found the right peak given the snow cover, but what we found had great views!

March 19th, 2016. Was too snowy at 2300 ft. to continue without traction. Will revisit this during the summer months.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

A wonderful, yet difficult trail that leaves you in awe at the top. Wear long sleeves! The trail has a lot of overgrown foliage. The trail becomes steep and challenging at times, but you pass through old growth forest, streams, a pond, and have wonderful views on the way up. Out of no where, you will be greeted with the peak to a 360 degree view of the Pacific Ocean, the Olympics, and Mt Rainier.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The trail was harder than we thought it would be, but the view from the summit was fantastic. We took Pete's Creek trail up, and the Colonel Bob trail down. It made for a very long hike. It took us most of the day.

The bottom of the trail is still a little soupy and the vegetation grows over in a few places. It's pretty much a consistent climb for the entire four miles; not technically challenging but definitely physically demanding. The peak is absolutely outstanding. As an added bonus I was the only hiker on the trail when I went. Quite serene.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

This is a very strenuous hike for an old geezer like me but well worth it. The views at the top are amazing. The best part was eating berries all the way to the top and back down yummy.

Great combination of lush rain forest and alpine views! Pete's Creek takes you through beautiful fern undergrowth and enormous cedar and hemlock trees. The last couple miles were pretty steep and at times exposed to the sun... bring more water than you think you need and take breaks to pick blueberries! The 360deg view at the top is quite spectacular. We met a couple other parties along the trail, but usage seemed pretty light.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Steep but worth the climb. The "restoration" area left something to be desired. There are lots of fallen tree's across the trail that you must either go over or under. The Mulkey shelter is awesome but at night there are mice so be aware. The Pete's Creek Trail is the more popular/shorter way to the peak. We stayed at the Mulkey shelter for two nights and only saw one couple with their dog the whole time. After we were on the part of the trail that intersects the Pete's Creek Trail we saw maybe a dozen other hikers in various group sizes. We went in June and there was water at Mulkey Shelter as well as maybe a dozen small water sources, a pond, and one proper creek along the way to the top. I would have given this trail 5 stars but it needs some TLC to get back to it's fighting shape. Also you don't need any kind of pass at the trail head. You do however need one at the peaks creek trail head.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Very steep and challenging hike. Views were awesome at the top.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Make sure you bring lots of water, even with a filtration or purification system there are only a few spots where your even by water. I had 1.5 liters and that ran out by the time I made it to the top. Now that that's out of the way, the hike is beautiful, the first 1.7 miles are easy, just going up hill at a gradual pace. Then the trail opens up for about a mile and there are quite a few obstacles to get around, over, and under. When the trail gets back under the thick cover, it goes up and down very gradually and there aren't any more obstacles. When you cross the dry riverbed around the three mile mark, it starts to get a little steeper. Go a mile up the steep slope and you'll arrive at the shelter. Most people stop and turn back here, if you keep going, it stays steep but now you'll run into more obstacles, it's a lot more difficult to get around them. It goes about 1/2 mile up, and another 1/2 mile down with the Un-maintained trail before it gets easier. There are sections of the trail where the foliage on the sides has grown over and hidden the trail, be VERY careful at these places because some sections have been washed away, and a missed step can send you sliding down the mountainside. When you get to the location where the 'East Fork Trail' connects, then the trail gets steep, a lot of switch-backs and again, the foliage is covering most of the trail all the way up this mountain face. A great place to rest is just above the small pond, at the creek coming down between the two peaks. You might need the rest because after that, your looking at a steep trek with lots of switchbacks along the faces of the mountain until you get to the top. When I got there it was too foggy to see anything, if you encounter this, just wait 10-15 minutes, the winds blow the clouds in and out, you'll get a great view eventually. I stopped on the way down at the creek and filled up my camel-pak about half way for the trip back, **MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WATER FILTRATION OR PURIFICATION BEFORE YOU DRINK.** this was the only clean water I found on the entire trail. I rate this trail a 5 out of 5, it is difficult, but easy to do in a full day.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Wow, this just got harder and harder as we got higher and higher. Kicked my butt, but the view was amazing! We could see all the way out to Ocean Shores and Grays Harbor. The sky was clear and the 360 view was out of this world. I think there was one downed tree on the trail which was a breeze walking over, and the river was completely dry so passing that was cake. I highly recommend doing this at least once, but be prepared to get your butt kicked. Me and my girlfriend went through 3 liters of water, and probably could have used another liter or so.

This hike stays true to its name being the hike from hell but it's vary beautiful and the views are breath taking I had a great time even though it rained on us the last hour of the hike and the rest of the night but again breath taking

WOW this was a butt kicker!! Definitely a fun trip, we only saw one other couple on the trail, they were packing for over night. It was definitely the hardest hike I've done by far but was absolutely beautifult. If you're not very experienced I'd say work your way up to it. There's a down tree with sticky pads to help you cross the river if you don't want to walk through it, but it was pretty low this weekend so we just sucked it up and went through, there were plenty of places to stop and rest wich was nice as this trail is all up hill w/no down slopes and very few flat areas.

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