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Extremely well maintained trails, signs, and routes. Pick up a map on the way in (it's a state park so $7/day or $70/yr annual pass). The route here corresponds to: Staunton Ranch Trail, to Scout Line Trail, to Marmot Passage Trail, to Bugling Elk Trail, finishing on Staunton Ranch Trail again. If you have the sunlight, weather, and energy, tack on the Lion's Back Trail to Lion's Head (+3mi). Awesome views!

I went last week and the trail was fantastic... snowpacked at points but no need for extra traction beyond normal hiking boots... only saw 3 other ppl there on a Wednesday... fantastic trail and well maintained... I will definitely be returning!

Agree with reviewer Kevin. There are many trails to follow. Get a map and plan your route. I took the Mason creek trail to old mill to Staunton ranch to do about an 8 mile loop and it was all trees the entire way.Very peaceful with some uphill and a few switchbacks and not many people, but I was hoping for a Mountain View. It was icy in many spots but I didn’t use spikes and I was fine.

First off, Staunton has a number of options for all levels of hikers (or just walkers). This review isn’t specific to the route in the map of this post, and that’s because you can make your hike whatever you want.

A buddy and I ended up doing 17.85 miles at this park including 3 overlook locations and a waterfall. Get the map to the park and make a determination off how far and how difficult you want your hike to be. Just make sure you know how to read contour lines :-)

Almost no wildlife, but we went in March. Parking lot was crowded, but hardly saw anyone while hiking.

28 days ago

The view from the southern end of the loop is expansive and very pretty on a clear day.

The trail is not identified at all. I had to ask a lady who used the trail regularly. She lives near the trail.

2.1.18 - Insane 360° views! I didn't see a single other person on the trail today. Very well-worn and marked path. Definitely on the easy side of "moderate". Saw three elk packs during the trek. Highly recommend!!

horseback riding
1 month ago

Moderate hike to start as you have a steep incline to reach the top of the hill. Easy walking once up top. This place has a nice kiddy pond for fishing, and a nice big playground. A lot of nice trees areas. Up on the hill is a wide open grassy field. You can find good spots to look at Pikes Peak, and an open ledge with a view that leads out onto the plains. Everyone we passed was friendly, but there were a few props going OFF trails. Lots of room for horse trailers to park.

Beautiful trail even in January! However, on a brief note about the park -- since it does not explicitly state on the NPS / Devil's Tower website, allow me to answer any questions regarding cycling in the park.

Mountain Bikes on dirt trails = no.
Mountain Bikes on paved trail = no.
Mountain Bikes on the main road = yes.
^^the main road is paved, very narrow to be sharing with cars, plenty of traffic

Agree that the hike is lacking views, but a nice trail and nice moderate hike.

amazing trail!!!

lovely trail

2 months ago

This is a really nice hike- I just felt like it was lacking views... I would suggest continuing up Stauton Pass Overlook (I believe that is what it's called) for extra beautiful views. You just follow Mason Creek Trail until it ends and follow the signs further. Good hiking boots should be just fine- no need for yaktrax. But be very careful on the icy patches because they are parts where the creek ran over the path. It was warm enough today where if you stepped on the ice you would have ended up ankle deep in cold creek water. Lots of beautiful aspens- I can't imagine what this hike would look like in the fall!!

Fall hiking here is beautiful. Not a lot of people and plenty of wild life to see. The hardest part of hiking here is picking which trail to do. They all offer something special, which brings you back over and over again.

Awesome hike. Recommend it to anyone, especially if you have people in town visiting. Great mountain bike trail as well.

Visited on a family vacation many years ago. remarkable national treasure.

Simple, easy walk with a spectacular view. Fun to scramble a bit on the rocks at the base as well.

nice ride

4 months ago

Nice easy hike, very intriguing geology.

Really cool, love the legend as round it as well.

Beautiful trail close to home. No dogs on this one, but horses are allowed. Connects to some more moderate trails so you can make it a good workout if you choose. Very nice facilities.

fun trail, easily connects for a near 10min loop hike with Old Mill and Staunton Ranch trails. Nice views not too much traffic.

5 months ago

Goudronné! Incontournable (sans jeu de mots) tout de même.

5 months ago

Les plus belles vues sur Devil Tower!

Lots of colors at the lookout!

on Devil's Tower Trail

6 months ago

Great hike. Walking at the base of the tower.

6 months ago

Nice trail with a few minor rock challenges.

6 months ago

The combination of Red Beds and Joyner trails are highly recommended for a nice loop trail. Gorgeous views of Devil's Tower from different perspectives, beautiful walks in grass prairies, and plenty of shade among the pine trees. The smell of pine trees makes this trail very pleasant. Easy to moderate.

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