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Lower trail was a little crowded as there was a run going on. Once we got off the main path, it was a nice quite hike. Nice views and once the leaves drop I'm sure even better.

one of my favorite hikes! sunken forrest is quite magical... went mid october and the weather was perfect!

18 days ago

Great place with amazing views. The trails are dog friendly and allowed. You aren’t “supposed” to have dogs on the beach but there were many of them playing on the sand and water. Nice and clean. Highly recommend

very scenic and perfect trail for leisure biking!!

Beautiful scenery. Easy to moderate ride. Paved loop is easy, even for children. Mountain biking trails more challenging & definitely require mountain bike tires with heavier treads than recreational cruiser bicycle.

mountain biking
29 days ago

Very nice trail for a hike or bike ride. Only grip is it's a little short. Rode my bike and did all of the connected trails it only took an hour. The bluffs over looking the water are beautiful and one of the two bunkers are open if you look carefully. Not that I would know, but it seems like it would have a great view from the roof that may or may not be accessible from a ladder on the inside.

nice views, some nice nature pics if you take photos.

BEWARE of CHIGGERS. Some good views along the coast but the aftermath of the chiggers made me resent this trail.

Beautiful views and loved the hike, but BEWARE taking your dog! Despite staying in the middle of the trail, all 3 of ours were literally covered, no joke, in thousands of "seed ticks" (tick larvae) from paw to chest. We had never heard of this before and it's absolutely disgusting. Will go again, but not taking the dogs unless it's the dead of winter.

Light walk with a beautiful field of flowers at the end of the trail as a surprise. There is a great change of landscape as you walk from the pond to the field. Great for beginners and folks with families

2 months ago

Family friendly, Well marked trails. No dogs allowed. A bit crowded and noisy in areas. Stay on the green belt, or take some side trails. Some climbs a bit steep, in soft sand, making footing a bit challenging. We took our time and loved the views when we got to the purple painted trees. Ate lunch and continued on our way.

Incredible gem tucked away right next to the marina. Built and maintained by a local family, the space is full of beauty and positivity.

Beautiful and interesting secluded walk through a shady haven forest of Fire Island

This one is well worth it. One of the most scenic trails I have done.

Nice easy walk for after work. Well maintained.

Beautiful views for either a run or casual walk

Good trail. Lots of variety and cross trails. Reasonably well marked. Steep climbs and descents if you come from or go down to the beach from the main trail. One of my favorite trails in Suffolk County.

2 months ago

Beautiful and well-maintained! There are, as expected, mosquitoes in the pond area. The swans in the pond are lovely.

beautiful run, but a bit short. you can push it to a 30ish minute run using side trails and just sort of staying to the outside.

beautiful walk nice quiet beach

The bike ride was a quick loop, took about a half hour to go around (maybe less). We found a view of the water and parked our bikes. We took a steep trail down to the beach and enjoyed the view and the breeze. Very nice and relaxing afternoon. I wouldn't recommend this trail if you are looking for a work out, but was pretty, well kept and overall a pleasant experience.

trail running
3 months ago

This place is perfect for dog walking/running. They really stress on keeping them on a leash. When it’s not as crowded and you have a dog that is trained on call back like mine, it’s five stars!!!

Literally a walk in the park. Suitable for all ages and skill levels to walk, bike or trail run.

Lots of pretty sights in the woods and on the shore to see. Great place to watch the wildlife.

This is the type of place to get away from is all, enjoy nature, and relax with out going to far.

Fantastic and so pretty! The trails are somewhat marked, but they can get a little confusing, especially since the map at the trail makes the trail seem a lot larger than it really is. But it is gorgeous, and a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Decent beginner walking trail. Have to pay $10 per car and additional for the tour. there are quite a few trails and forks however barely any are listed on the trail map. It is a fairly small park so we were able to walk everything at leisurely pace (except dino trail) in about 2 hrs. the beach is pretty nice and there's a pretty nice picnic area by parking lot. the beach is also close to parking area.

Camusett State Park was a great local hike. We walked along the beach as well which was nice.

One of the absolute gems of New York City!!!

This trail is super easy for anyone. Great spot to bring the kids too because it won’t be too hard for them. It was a bit short for my liking but I still loved the scenery

I would have given in 5 stars,but I found that the trail markers while on the beach were nonexistent,and so I ended up on a private road leading to someone's home,and had to backtrack. Walking the beach was strenuous,and so a 5.3 mile hike turned into more of a 6.5 mile hike. Don't get me wrong,all in all it was a decent hike and the views of the LI Sound were beautiful. It was very peaceful being I was the only one on the trail. Definitely would like to come back in the summer so I can take a swim when I get hot.

I live by the Avalon and it my go to trail when I want to hike on a whim. It’s got a lot to see at the opening of trail at the duck pond. Once you cross the street you get more trails. My dog loves it here and it’s very peaceful once deep in the trails.

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