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Love love loved it! Met the men who built and still improving on this beautiful area. Nature at its finest. My sister and I hiked the bike trail, 6 miles! Will be going again soon!

Very heavily trafficked on weekend. Not a bad trail though, good scenery.

19 days ago

I love this trail! Feels like a little bit of South Carolina in the middle of Florida. I wish it was a bit longer trail, but it's perfect for a morning hike and easy to access.

Enjoyed the length of the trail with the different rewarding views. Bug spray is a must and you will need to check for ticks.

Ticks, both on humans and dog afterwards, hard to follow and unkept “trail”. We were very disappointed and will not be back.

Added the trail to the ocean.

Summer weekday morning hike. MUST have a quality bug spray for this hike. Beautiful woods and very quiet. Bring plenty of water and food. There are no services available here. Followed the trail to the Tolomato River. It is salt water fed from the ocean so there isn’t much small animal activity. However, there is a lot of marsh land and we came across an alligator on the path. Quite a thrill!!! In summer, the morning can be best as afternoon rain patterns persist.

The rock outcropping offers a beautiful view and multiple flora can be seen thought this nature lovers trail.

very beautiful , we had a blast With our dogs, some parts of the trail were muddy from the rain, and we got a few ticks on each of us. But i will be back!

nature trips
2 months ago

This was one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done

2 months ago

Fun trail lots to see.

A good challenge! A little narrow in some spots! Definitely some climbing/scrambling! Great view of the river from the bluffs!

on Hanna Park South Trail

mountain biking
2 months ago

Amazingly Beautiful Trails!
I can’t help but be impressed with these trails.
I was very pleased with the condition, variety and simple beauty of the various trails. The trails themselves are very well maintained and there are a variety of skill levels to be had. From a few flat straightaways to many hairpin turns, to the unlimited rises & falls, all while constantly needing to dodge the unlimited obstacles placed in your way. Needless to say, I found the “More Difficult E-Line Loop” more than enough of a challenge for a guy my age.
In addition to the good condition I found the trails to be in, I was blown away by the scenic images I was exposed to. From the beautiful lakes, rivers, trees and friendly woodland creatures- to the not-so-friendly alligators I saw “sunning” themselves atop logs in the water.
I really didn’t expect to be that close to them.
In fact, at one point of the trail, if you fall off your bike to the left side, you will end up in an extremely thick swamp where an alligator is waiting just under the waters’ surface to snack on you or anyone else that may fall into this guys’ territorial waters. YIKES! I’m not kidding folks.
***I would seriously recommend everyone take a buddy with them for company & protection while riding here.
I found the above, as well as the many other amazing experiences I have had here, reason to RAISE my score of this Parks’ Trails rather than lower it. I feel that I (and I think most other Mt. Bikers), choose to ride my bike in the woods for just this reason. If i wanted to ride my bike on a flat concrete surface and see nothing i would be riding in the streets right?
But if you ARE looking for an amazing experience every time you ride your Mt. Bike- this is definitely a great place to ride!

Dog friendly trail. But for some they think that means no leash. Keep them on a leash. Leash laws still exist. Ive been hiking this trail for years. Nice and close to home. Nice get away from the hustle and bustle.

Basic trials, lots of rules, dogs loved it though. Found some cool looking mushrooms. It was alright.

Had a great time taking out the pup. It’s quite open so prepare to deal with the heat. Outside of that it offers many different activities due to its shear size. The foliage is beautiful and the multiple different loops gives you options depending on what mood you are in.

Trail is challenging in certain areas. certainly not for children. There are a number of steep inclines. Over all it's a good challenge.

3 months ago

This trail was amazing! Was skeptical about how “hard” it would be but it was seriously pretty tough. Biggest downside; lots of yellow flies and a few snakes. Very narrow trail at times. The beginning was weirdly sandy. Also, definitely need lots of water, I lost a good bit of sweat.

We took an extra challenge to make it down to the water, which was beautiful! However, VERY difficult. The erosion along the bluff makes it hard to get any good traction/ footing, but if you have plenty of time and don’t mind getting dirty/ sweaty trying to climb down and then back up, it’s worth it.

3 months ago

Starts off a broad sandy trail with burned foliage all around. Not sure if intentional or recent wild fire, but it smells good. Less than half a mile in and you're in the trees, staying there for about a mile before some more open spaces, then back in the trees around the River Loop. The bugs were annoying but not too out of hand so long as you keep moving. Lots of squirrels, birds, deer, and a few other things crashing around in the trees.

Made it to the River Loop head after about 1.6 miles. Bearing to the right takes you to a nice bluff, if you don't see the obvious sign. Nice views from a good perch of the Apalachicola. You can continue from the bluff to the River Loop or turn around.

I followed the loop, which is definitely the road less traveled. Trees are marked, but not as well, and the trail is not nearly as worn in as the main section. The loop also has some of the most elevation change per distance of the whole trail. If you're losing light and need to get back, I would skip the loop.

Coming back after the loop in the waning light, I came across a copperhead in the trail. Big one too, at about 5 feet long. Watch your step in the twilight.

Well marked trail, perfect distance for a business trip, nice mix of canopy and open views, big river bluff views, and some very un-Floridian elevation changes make this a regional 5 star almost by default.

Will definitely do again! :D

3 months ago

Bring plenty of bug spray and water. One of the best hikes in Florida with a great view from the bluff!! Bring a walking stick as some areas are more challenging going up and down.

Started at the front gate to add more miles. Wish I had this app last weekend. Still have no idea how far we hiked. Beautiful hike and lots of options of views.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Raced the GS360 - it was a hard course but a lot of drop-in, dips and table tops. For the amount of climbing it was flowing and fun. But! Not mtb tandem friendly though, drops are too tigh and some high center potential everywhere.

raced the GS360 and it was a hard course but a lot of drop-in, dips and table tops. For the amount of climbing it was flowing and fun. Not mtb tandem friendly though, drops are too tigh and some high center potential everywhere.

trail running
4 months ago

Very sandy in areas, pretty sure I ran in circles at times, saw heaps of wild life- Birds, turtles, and a huge snake.

So much fun.. we hiked the mountain bike trail, it was pretty cool. will definitely be back.. much longer than 2.9 miles

I really loved this trail! Good wildlife! Saw turkeys, armadillos and a Pygmy rattlesnake! It was well worth it due to the scenery. It was gorgeous on the trail and I’ll definitely go back!

4 months ago

This is one of my favorite places to hike. There are so many butterflies and other wildlife around. Plus the foliage is beautifully mixed with palms, pines, and oaks that provide the perfect amount of shading and density that it feels like you're in a jungle. Note with all the water that there are spots that get muddy but manageable. I always use bug spray but did not notice an issue with mosquitoes.

5 months ago

Definitely a nice little hike. For Florida, I would consider this a moderate-hard hike, depending on your physical abilities.

The elevation changes will be welcomed by anyone that enjoys hiking the foothills of the Appalachian Trail. Some elevation changes are much steeper than those seen on the Torreya Trails.
Due to traffic and washout, one area has become a relatively steep drop-off, of approximately 2 feet, but most areas have steps or roots, to aid in footing.

Many areas through the open fields are very sandy, making the hike a little more strenuous, combined with the elevation changes that come along in the wooded areas.

One stream with clear, but lightly tannic water can be accessed easily for those looking to filter water. The Conservatory has also placed a water fountain at the beginning of the trail.

My only dislike was the lack of maintenance on the one stair case. Some steps have fallen a little, making footing a little unstable, if you're not paying close attention. Otherwise, the trail makes for a nice in and out hike.

If you go early in the morning, beware you will hit every spider web on the trail.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Very Sandy, no single track, nothing to see to distract from the boring double track while pushing thru tons of sand

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