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It was challenging to find the start. You have to cross the road. If you park in the parking lot that the directions take you to you’ll go to the trail head sign and stay left. Next you cross the road. Then stay left for towards the stream. You can stay on either side of the stream to get to the falls but left side would probably make it easier to see that you are indeed headed to the falls. My 3 year old didn’t do well but my 5 year loved it. If I do it again, I’ll wear my 3 year old. The ground was challenging for him to navigate.

The trail itself is beautiful right now. Lots of shade and wildflowers. It is a steady incline the whole way to the falls, but is very manageable. The falls themselves were a bit disappointing due to the lack of snowpack from this past winter. Like others have mentioned take timpanooke trail and stay right at the fork with the log. From there it’s a few gradual switchbacks to the falls. Word of caution, getting to the actual falls requires you to do a little bit of climbing up some rocky area ensnared with tree roots and the falls themselves are on a somewhat sheer cliff face.

We hiked it today and the wildflowers are stunning and full bloom! Heads up though, there is road construction and significant delays

2 days ago

This is one of our favorites. Mosquitos are bad at the lake right now but manageable. Wildflowers are beautiful. An easy hike for me and my 5 year old to walk himself. Don't forget $6 if you want to park at Catherine's or cecret parking lots!

2 days ago

Wildflowers are amazing right now!

the falls had little to no water and the trail wasn't well posted. have to be careful you don't continue on the timp trail.

3 days ago

I've been hiking in Utah for as long as I can remember, and I don't think I've ever seen wildflowers like this. GO NOW WHILE THEY'RE STILL AT THEIR PEAK! We went in the evening (around 6:30), so it wasn't as crowded as during the day on a weekend, but still plenty of people.

fun easy hike with and it's fun to play in the water

We saw a rattlesnake on the horse trail about 200 yards south of the Orson Smith trailhead about 10 AM today.

It had about 6 rattles and slithered off into a small patch of scrub oak. It did rattle eventually inside the clump of brush but it wasn't coiled when we saw it.

I hike the trails in the area about once per week. This was the first rattler I've seen on the mountain.

Up hill. Very pretty and friendly people.

I did this loop earlier today...did a little geocaching and then because I am a glutton for punishment I hiked up to the lower falls. Both are good hikes....just different and the difficulty level is harder for the lower falls. This loop trail still gives you a workout because the first part of it is going uphill so ignore the difficulty level rated as easy and give it a try and if it's not enough then go up to the falls....I am sure that will be enough unless you are in incredible shape. have a good one all.

easy hike and super short with beautiful waterfall...

Beautiful and a simple short hike you can take your kids on...

$6 to park or $10 per person to ride the lift to the trailhead. I was not thrilled with the fees, but the ride up the lift was beautiful. The hike itself was easy and the wildflowers are in full bloom. It’s a blanket of colors right now! This is the perfect time to go as it’s so much cooler at the top than in the valley, and the views are magical.

5 days ago

This hike is full of wonder and beauty! The flowers through the Albion Basin are amazing. This hike is a steeper hike. You’re already up 10 thousand plus feet in altitude so the hike can be a bit of a challenge for a newbie but it is worth it if you are able to take it slower. One of my favorites! ❤️

Great hike! I had it all to myself..well except for the mosquitos. lol definately use bug spray! Butterflies were everywhere. Saw a buck. 1/3 of the trail is a bit claustrophobic because the vegetation is as tall as me and overgrowing the trail. The uphill portion got the heart pounding. I'm mid forties, out of shape and did fine.

I was blown away with the beauty of this trail. The wildflowers are currently in bloom and that was amazing. We started hiking around 8:00pm and were able to get to the top by sunset. The alpinglow off the mountains was stunning. You have 360 degree views of the other peaks and canyons all around.

Fun hike for the family. The walk in has shade and the area near the falls is a great place to sit or walk in the water.

great for beginner/intermediate mtb. quick short and easy trails for after work

GO early! very little shade and it was pretty warm by 930 am.
Easy hike... up hills and down hills. beautiful views.
bathroom in parking lot is clean. parking lot small, but if you go early no problem.
we used walking sticks and glad we had them. suspension bridge was a great photo opportunity. walk the trail past the bridge a mile or more and fun rock formation to walk through. fun for children.

Loved this trail. It wasn’t too hard to do even for a newbie like me and my pup. She enjoyed the views and getting out. Luckily I brought lots of water for me and her. Make sure you bring water for yourself and your dogs there’s not much to keep you out of the sun most of the trail so hydration is key!

on Hidden Falls Trail

9 days ago

Short but worth it!

trail is well maintained. easy to moderate. view and bridge is bonus at the end. best to hike in the early early morning!

9 days ago

We parked at Alta and hiked up. The kids complained the whole way (It’s a little bit of an incline) but it was beautiful. So worth it!

on Lagoon Trail

9 days ago

Great family walking trail that we've been using for years. Wide and paved, can be used for strollers and bikes. Added bonus, passes by a section of the Lagoon zoo. Wild berries and fruit trees along the way. A couple of bridges over a stream with no water access. Great place for a photo shoot.

We truly loved this Trail. It was beautiful. once we made our way to the falls, it was easy to walk through the shallow or parts of the Little River to be able to see all sides. Highly recommended.

Fantastic trail. Beautiful, family-friendly while still being a bit of a challenge. Beautiful falls at the end. Can get crowded, but if you go early it's just you and the wilderness! Watch for wild life; I saw a mother moose and 2 calves with her!

10 days ago

Our third time on this trail. We enjoy it every time. Seems to be more wildflowers this time (July 8, 2018) than at the end of July 2017. Keep in mind this trail is a bit steep, so when you get to the top bring something to enjoy your time there like snacks (don't litter, please :) ), a blanket or hammock for lazing for a bit.

This year, they started charging $6 to park at the closest lot to the trail (we parked further away, so did not pay for parking). Some people are complaining about that charge. After seeing three different rangers (one from the US forest service, one from Alta Ski Resort- who came up twice in the time we were there- and the third from Alta city) coming up and down the trail helping people who were struggling and ready to give out water (or probably even first aid if needed), I have no problem to pay that $6 in the future if we park in that lot. And, I am sure at times, they are also picking up garbage people leave/drop. Thank you, rangers!

We only walked one way on this trail today. On the way down, we took the ski lift (mostly as we also went on the nearby Cecret Lake trail, as well). This is our second year on this hike. Since I had read reviews the flowers were already in full bloom, we went on July 8 (2018). Last year we went on July 30. Kind of glad we did not wait as it already seems some flowers are drying out due to the lack of rain this year and also the fact the snow fall was low last year.

Note: Do not go in the midday like we did- the sun was blaring and hot and it made me a tad miserable. The trail starts out with a steady elevation gain, if you aren't used to it, this can add to the misery. Maybe going up on the ski lift and walking down may be a better option. Keep in mind if you go on the lift, you will not go over the meadow where most of the wildflowers are.

It is a steep hike, but is very short. It’s beautiful once you get up there, just watch out for the ducks and geese

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