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1 day ago

Nice little Sunday hike. View at the top is incredible. Justin dropped his phone in a crevice but I saved the day with a long stick. Superb hike for when you want to sweat a little but not die completely.

Did this hike on 1/11/19 after 6 inches of fresh snow (and still snowing) that morning. It was beautiful in the trees with all the snow. Can’t comment on the views because it was cloudy and snowing hard. Incline was tough with all the fresh snow, would recommend spikes!!

Did this hike on 1/15/2019 in the late afternoon. Still completely snow covered from 1/11 snowfall. We did not have spikes/yaktrax and still completed this hike with our dog with relative ease. Rather slick on the packed snow in places but overall made it up okay. Difficulty is moderate I would say especially with the packed snow. At the top there is rock scrambles to get to the views but it was worth it. Beautiful short hike with the snow cover. Good views at the top after the rock scramble.

7 days ago

nice short hike, not hard but over short distance can feel steep in spots. out of towners will enjoy the views but feel the climb.

Nice views for such a short hike up. Patches of ice and snowpack but didn't need spikes. There is a bench about 3/4 of the way up and another at the top to catch your breath and enjoy the views

Loved the view from the top, quick and easy hike

1 month ago

Nice easy hike.

Nice trail and not busy at all this time of year. Completed yesterday and the views at the top are well worth the short hike up. Icy in some areas but you don't really need spikes if you just tread carefully around the icy areas. I took them just in case but never used them.

Icy in spots but clear path overall; wore traction going down. Beautiful trail

Great moderate hike. Not much snow today. took about 2 hours including a break at the top and I had a baby on my back. A great view once you get to the top and some nice aspens along the way....somebody even left a pre-rolled out there.

Only saw a few people in the distance on this one. not much traffic on Friday at 1pm.


1 month ago

Nov 21. some snow pack, but not at the top. great weather. my 4 girls loved it.

Short and steep, but great views at the top! Winds were a little crazy today, so didn’t spend too much time up top. Some icy spots on the trail that spikes may have been useful for, but managed just fine.

1 month ago

A good quick and easy hike, beautiful view at the top! Will definitely be back.

Beautiful short hike close to Denver! It’s steady incline to the top, completely worth the short work out for the views! Lovely panoramic views. Great go-to hike.

A fun hike with Kalina Miller today on this easy to find trail with some excellent views. The inclines are not so steep really and there are some nice level sections and a few short downhills. Enjoy the scenery and take lots of pics.

Such a fun little trail! Small bit of scrambling to the rocks at the top. Spikes were useful but probably not required today. Lovely views. Port-o-let at the trailhead. (I always find it useful know!)

2 months ago

Good bang for your buck - great views for minimal effort. Had the path almost completely to ourselves on a Saturday in November. A little bit of snow but still totally doable. Would highly recommend.

It's a short one, but great for a morning away. Had the trail to myself and didn't see anyone til I got back to the parking lot. No snow yet, but the incline is real! Views are amazing at the top (minus the mansions built into the mountainsides).

This one is just a baby hike, so we decided to start at the far side of O’Fallon Park to get in some extra distance. Pence, O’Fallon, and Corwina all easily connect, but most of the trails are not well marked, so use your gps on alltrails to choose your route. As for independence mountain, the views are okay at best—it’s in a residential area, so the surrounding mountains are capped with homes. There is a small view out toward mount Evans on a clear day. Lots of pups!

A new favorite. Short but a great workout with how steep it gets in spots. Nice at the top to sit and hang out, will definitely be back!

A great short hike. The steep incline provides just enough of a challenge. Great views at the top. Ideal for bringing a dog.

Nice short hike that gets a work out in with the elevation gain. Would be good for someone acclimating before tackling a 14er.

Great hike with great views at the top.

Great quick day hike. Awesome view at top. Be prepared for incline!

Did the north and south loop today and it was very pretty. Snowed the whole time making it even better. I’d say it’s a fairly easy hike, took me maybe 30-40 minutes and I was stopping and taking pics. I’m new to Colorado so my lungs ain’t good either, def recommend to anyone looking for a close hike from the city.

Beautiful hike, even through the haze. Awesome views - and loved the drive up!

3 months ago

Amazingly simple and easy hike with great views

Ghost town is neat but we went last weekend and were charged $5 a person to walk to the buildings and also our pup was not allowed otherwise I would have rated higher. We weren’t able to do the trail since we weren’t going to leave her in the car.

3 months ago

Nice foothills loop with some great views of the mountains from the top. There is a road you can drive up to get to the same point.

Just hiked Tenderfoot trail to divide point out and back. Didn’t take the connection to the road so not so sure how that part of the walk would go. Beautiful views the whole way along tenderfoot!

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