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I appreciate all the directions and the instructions on this site
We’ve done this park so many time s I didn t. Even know this trail existed and how to find it !!
Finally did It today .. best and the coolest hike ever ! Not to miss

Nice trail we went rock climbing too
Got off the trail a little. It was easy to find way back

Been back there so many times. Beautiful, quiet, a peaceful place to think. Going off the trail to explore new areas is just as fun and staying on it. But be careful you dont accidentally wander onto the mountain biker trails. Almost got taken out a couple times by mistake!

My 2 daughters love this waterfall and the trek. They say “we are sisters. And the waterfalls are sisters.” Best to go after a heavy rain or during the spring. Summer is a bit dry. But still amazing. It is rather difficult. But my 5 and 7 year old didn’t really have a problem.

Was a little confused on how to get to the trail, but was very fun to hike and explore! Didn’t get far enough to see the waterfall but i guess that means i have to go back (:

Hard, but well worth it!

Great hike and the twin sisters were great. The smaller stream in front of the mudcatcher was pretty high so I had to cross it closer to the 82 bridge just off the unpaved section of the towpath trail that veers off of the paved trail. The crossing was right before the iron walking bridge before the un paved trail connects with the paved trail again.

My first time there today,loved it,even though I had to cut my hike short due to pouring rain.

The trailhead near Snowville Rd was fairly swampy today - but that's to be expected with recent weather (snow meltage). I really enjoyed this trail. The hills make it fun with great views. Parts of the trail are narrow with lots of tree roots. We only had time to do half of the trail out and back. I'm looking forward to coming back and completing the whole trail.

2 months ago

little confusing to find where to start. pretty simple though. I'll try to help.

leave the parking lot, cross the iron bridge, walk towards and under the 82 bridge, come to the mudcatcher on your right. cross the river go up that valley... walk the river, the hillside, what ever, till you get there.

I did it in the snow with no visible trail. but very worthwhile.

Came in January and the trails were closed.

I got a little lost by the water crossing after coming down the dense pine area. it looked like the trail kept going along the side. other than that, it was wonderfully muddy, icy, steep, quiet, and fun for me and my dog who had to drag me up one of the hills. lol :) if you are with your dog I reccomend an extension leash as it will be easier on you and your dog.

Difficult hike during 10 degree weather. Amazing and beautiful sight. Make sure you have good boots!

So cool we did it twice in 3 weeks

4 months ago

Beautiful area, the hike to Ansel cave was a good distance. Got to feed the chickadees out by the sunset scenic lookout

4 months ago

Short but difficult. Some loops are confusing to navigate

Excellent little used trail system. After a good climb up the ridge, which looks like it could be muddy in wet weather, the trail follows the edges of the large ridge. Easy to spend 1-2 hours on the loops and overlooks. Nice views of the valleys with quite a few benches to rest and take in the forest. There’s sufficient signs but it’s best to take a map or gps if you don’t want too much exploring to get back to the parking lot. The area is named Forest Ridge Preserve.

trails are not clear and very buggy

Wasn't bad but there are 2 river crossing that most people won't be prepared for but not bad if you take you shoes and socks off

Easy to get to when the canal is low just cross at the mud at her and to the left slightly,then follow the river bank and it will dead end into the falls. Beautiful find ! With or without water flowing.

No water was flowing which made the hike easier, but it would have been nice to see the sisters

6 months ago

6 months ago

Nice hike. Be sure to go the whole way to the marsh/swamp. It's stunning and the walking bridges are charming. We did see a few non hiking, non fishing, men who just stood around and made me feel a bit uneasy. There is a bunch of litter as well. Many beer cans. Other than that it was a fun hike.

Beautiful and peaceful hike. Mostly single track and very wooded.

mountain biking
7 months ago

My son, granddaughter, my wife, and rode the Huffman Trail for the first time. It was challenging, and fun. My wife and I are 60 yrs young, and had some problem on the trail, not bad for the first time. We'll be going back to try it again, now we know what to expect!!!

awesome hike with beautiful views!

I walk this trail regularly as I live close by, love the scenery and that it's not all flat

Fun trail! Thank you to those that posted a review, not sure I would've found it without you! Trail is a riverbed with lots of fallen trees and logs, but keep following it and you will see the falls!

Does anyone know how to get to Bedford Reservation from the Brecksville Station area via horseback?
Thank you!

8 months ago

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