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Was a great little hike. Nice to get away and spend some time alone with God and read my Bible. Glad I made the choice of going out.

Most of the hike was without wind except the top of the mountain. Wonderful hike! I agree with the previous review, this hike is a gem!

2 days ago

Some great views for an easy walk.

4 days ago

No city views - just peaceful, green, rejuvenating nature and mountains. See snow capped mountains in the distance, rolling hills, huge trees, and some cacti and succulents. Instead of going there and back, take Chapman Dr fire trail for a loop.

Like 95% downhill start to end point, uphill on the way back.

4 days ago

A gem with a short hike! A short drive from Denver but it felt as if you were deep in the mountains with an amazing 360 view. The steep incline makes it a challenging hike but definitely worth it.

It was a nice stroll!


Snow was not a concern for the most part, but I will say there was about a mile long stretch where I wish I had my spikes. still totally doable, but would have made things a little more enjoyable.

with the warm weather coming I assume beautiful conditions from here on out.

What a view! What a view! A short little trail up to the top. Up the north side down the south! Once you get on top it’s time to send a Peaker! There’s a great rock spot that gives you a 360 view of the Rocky’s! Oh boy! We sat for about an hour or so a peaked up two cones and a peakerwood! I would forsure come back for the views brah!

Peak level.. 8.3/10

An easy trail with unnecessary switchbacks rendering it even easier. Short and quick.

Every other person had a dog; it was lovely! i ended up at South Vslley Park because Deer Creek Canyon was closed due to significant mud. i was suprised by the beautiful scenery. I was solo hiking, so I didn't mind that it was well trafficked today. I heard someone on the trail say that they've never seen it so busy, so I imagine future hikes won't be as crowded. it was very easy hiking, but not boring by any means. I started on coyote song, hopped over to columbine trail loop, and back to coyote song. I came back to the parking lot via swallow trail. It ended up being just a little over 5 miles.

Did it last week and it was great! Definitely had to stop for breaks at a few points- took the north trail up and south trail down. Few icy spots- boots were fine, especially w pup to hurry me up. View at the top is amazing with few people. Quick and easy:

3/31/18. Trail was mostly clear of snow in the sun spots, where there was snow, you didn’t need micro spikes. Not many views, but a nice hike

19 days ago

Back side of the trail was still pretty snowy but no need for spikes!

a bit of incline.. beautiful hike and not to busy! love it

Our first trail in Colorado, it was beautiful. The rock formations amazed me. The other people and dogs were all really friendly. Even saw some wildlife. I’m astonished it is only a county open space park.

Perfect for an in town hike/stroll.

This trail is perfect for what it is - a short leisurely walk with some nice views close to south Denver. We love to hit this after work with the dogs to catch a sunset (pictures uploaded of some of the better ones). Obviously can't compare to real mountain hikes, but when you don't have the time to drive an hour into the mountains (or don't want to deal with the traffic) it's a great easy local option.

Great for a leisurely stroll! Beautiful scenery, will be significantly better once there’s more life in the summer. Strange point in the loop where you walk on the road for a bit. Nice trail otherwise. Earlier the better to avoid the afternoon/early evening crowd.

Wide open easy trail. Took my dog. Enjoyed it. Pretty busy.

Great hike! Barely any snow. Saw a moose!

Not horribly strenuous but definitely steep in parts.. Good length. North and south loop meet halfway up the hike. I preferred the N loop because it was more forresty. The second half was a bit muddy, but ice was minimal. Nice variety of trees and terrain. Views were gorgeous- 360degree pretty much- snowy peaks and the city!

I have slowly fallen in love with this place over the last 9 months or so. It's a great little walk and has some incredible panoramic views of the mountains.

1 month ago

Back to one of our favorite spots close to Denver. Patchy ice but was able to make it to Windy Peak without extra traction. Great snow capped views today. The stream along Mountain Lion is still frozen over making for some interesting sound effects. As usual it was pretty quiet. This is a great hike if you don't want to drive far form Denver but still want to avoid the crowds.

Steep hike so bring an extra pair of lungs if you’re built for speed, not for comfort. Great views with rock formations at top. Great place to hang out in the sun for a bit.

1 month ago

Decent trail for walking close to the south side of Denver metro. Even if it was a sunny day, it got quite windy out there and felt the cold.

Would recommend taking a short detour walks to the outlook points - which will give you a panorama of front range mountains, Denver downtown and nearby areas.

We saw two herds (3 and 4) of mule deers while on the trail.

Hiked entire Mountain Lion trail plus went up to Windy Peak (amazing views). Trails mostly clear. Can easily do without any additional traction, but there's a few spots (no more than 50-60 yard stretches) that it may be nice to have, but don't have to have traction.

Great interval training, good views and not crowded

Very easy and fun trail! My dog loved it :)

A quick steep climb. A good walk in the woods.

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