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We did this hike a little different and we had a great time. great views and rock formations. It was worth the trip. Check out my full write up along with some things to look out for.

Hiked solo until I made a few friends on the descend from the summit. What I REALLY love the most about this trail and hiking in general is that most of the people you meet on the trail are friendly and encouraging. I would say this is a pretty challenging trail, but that's only because there was about a foot and half of snow on the ground near the summit. Overall, the view from the summit is breath taking and well worth all the effort getting there!

April 14, 2018 - The trail was not closed and didn't need any repair. No snow, well marked, good trail condition, this was overall a nice trail. However, this trail isn't really "hard", more like a moderate. The gain is spread throughout the whole hike so there is no particularly hard segment. As for the view, maybe it was too early in the season but nothing spectacular. I'm sure it's much nicer when the trees have more foliage. With that being said, it's probably one of the nicest trail around.

Can't wait to do it again! Recommend pants and bug spray. I think my children scared away any wildlife for miles around. The dog even slept on the way home. They all have been very quiet and calm. Oh, wait! They are sleeping and it is a little after 9pm on a Saturday.

April 13, 2018 we hiked the trail probably a quarter way there was a sign saying the trail is closed past a certain point didn’t want to continue since they closed it for repair. Not very difficult for beginners

I’ve been hiking this trail since I was a kid growing up in the area. I would call it moderate, not hard. Great summit hike for all ages and abilities. An average hiker will take 1.5 to 2 hrs to get to the summit, with breaks. There’s a good break spot about 2/3 of the way up at a bridge, just before you get to the AT. The last bit before the summit on the AT is the toughest, but very manageable. You’ll also see an AT shelter set next to a cute pond in this section, great picture spot. Summit views are well worth it and a great spot for lunch before heading back down. Overall, a good trail for a walk in the woods and the easiest way to achieve this summit.

Great hike! Pretty easy until you get towards the top. Still a good amount of snow on the last mile. Best view you'll get is about 3 miles in. Off to the left an opening. Not much of a view on top but still an a good experience to go up

Hiked this in October 2017 with my dad who is in good physical shape in his 60s. It was a 60-degree day but felt a bit colder as much as of this trail is shaded. We parked one car on Old Mountain Road off Route 40, then drove to the Notch Visitors Center on Route 116 to park the other car. We crossed 116 and headed east. My dad had no problems doing a 6.2-mile point-to-point of the Seven Sisters with me. He wore jeans and brought poles but didn't really need them. For the first mile or so, we passed lots of people without water or bags, in yoga pants, with their dogs. Eventually, we stopped seeing "those kind" of people and actually would only pass other people every quarter- to half-mile or so. There were lots of steep climbs and descents, a few rock scrambles, several fallen trees, a cool wooden staircase, and about a zillion ladybugs. Once we got to Taylor Notch and the auto road up to the summit, we started seeing more casual walkers again, but this part of the hike wasn't terribly easy. The summit was crowded and covered in bugs, and we still had a long way to go (over 1.5 miles) to our second car so we didn't linger long but the views were amazing. I remember coming here as a kid by car, and this view was much more rewarding having already hiked 4+ miles of somewhat challenging terrain. The last 1.5ish miles - the portion east of the summit house back to where we parked on Old Mountain Road - were much easier but still not something I would do with small kids or anyone not in good shape. Once we left the "woods" and found ourselves on the dirt road, it was almost exactly 0.4 miles back to where we parked. All in all, a great 4.5 hours for two people who only hike 1-2 times a year but are in otherwise good to excellent shape.

11 days ago

The east loop is actually 22.4 miles long and the west loop is 33 miles. If you are going to do this trail I recommend a map and giving yourself plenty of time. Did the east loop in 2 days. Lots and lots of steep hills and hills that had a gradual incline that lasted for a while. The landscapes all along the trail were breathtaking. Plenty of water sources available and lots of campsites. All in all, a great, but difficult trail!

11 days ago

Nice hike, you cross a small stream back and force many times so wet feet could be a problem if the water is running good. My GPS tracker said it was a 10.08 mile hike. Hiked it the end of March.

We did a small part of this about six months ago and came back to do from the PA line to ASP 3. There was about 8 inches of fresh snow on the trail, and parts of it had deep mud under the snow, so it was slow and slippery. We recalled the trail being pretty clear to see when there isn't snow, but with the ground covered it wasn't always easy to find where we were meant to go. At about the 6.5 mile mark the blazes disappeared. We spent quite a while trying to find any markers, but ended up having to bushwhack our way downhill to the Mt. Tuscarora trail to take us back to the road and our car. There were footprints in the snow from a few other people who had also wandered around trying to find where the trail continued (and failing). It's a pretty forest trail when you can find it.

12 days ago

Wow... pretty rugged trail. I did this hike 4/7/18 and the water was high which made crossing the streams a bit challenging. When I say crossing streams, I mean you’ll be doing it like 50+ times so waterproof boots are a must. I hiked counter clockwise... it’s quite the ascent to Raven’s Horn, what a beautiful vista! It was cold when I went so no sight of snakes. Tons of sticks and branches over the trail which will always get stuck on your boots or pant legs. The descent is hard on the knees. This is definitely what I consider a difficult trail, but worth the work. Also, it ended up at 10.6 miles for me.

This is an extremely hard Trail to Snowshoe I'm glad I did it but I would never do it again.

Very nice forest and I had a very enjoyable day hike! My hike along Tracy Ridge was very nice and well marked with white diamond trail markers. Scenic Trail was beautifully marked with freshly painted blue blaze and had some wonderful views through the trees to see the Allegheny Reservoir. But my hike on Johnny Cake trail was very brutal!!! Many of the trail markers were missing and had to depend on following the herd path from other hikers and pink ribbons placed by a trail angel. Lots of down trees to climb over or go around, and mini streams to forge from run off water from the top of the mountain which is expected this time of year. The only downfall going this trail head, was that there is a gate at the road which was closed and locked. So I had to park my car there at the gate instead of the parking lot at the trail head, because it also serves as a camp grounds, which is closed this time of year. So there is additional 1/2 mile hike from gate to trail head that I was not expecting, and did not have calculated during my planning stages of my hike.

Did this trail in late March of 2018. Beautiful trail! We did it counter clockwise and if you do it this way your first mile will be tough but well worth it. After that its pretty easy.

The snow is still quite deep (in some places up to our knees) which made for slow going. We did an out an back on a section of the trail from the southern-most trailhead. It's a pretty forest hike. Not sure why this is rated as hard-- the section we covered was all easy to moderate (other than the deep snow) and the elevation profile for the rest of the trail doesn't appear to be much different.

Have done this trail both up.and down in both fall and winter. Winter and climbing up is most fun - in 3 steps forward 1 step is lost to slipping down. It's a short hike, but a good workout.

Use the hiking poles when getting down to avoid damaging your knees and to get a better grip/footing.

Happy Hiking.

Love the area. It may not have vistas and not overly difficult but the area is great to hike in. Plenty of trails to do 10 miles to 40 in a weekend. Very nice camping spots along most of the trails as well and established camp grounds, with privys, if you're not interested in backcountry camping.

Took nearly 5 hours on snowshoes. It was a nice day barely any ice, and trail was broken.. as previous reviewer said false summit has nice views. Actual summit is in the woods. Someone wrote on the marker so you know when you’ve hit the top.

1 month ago

I have hiked this trail twice now, and plan on coming back with my wife and small daughter. It is a level hike most of the way with a lot of laurel. The rock formations at the far end of the loop are fascinating and the vistas are very nice. The trail is very well marked. I did see a rattlesnake on one trip and I am sure there is a good chance of seeing many more, so some caution is advised.

Great trails but really need snowshoes in the avalanche pass , be well prepare in winter . A lot of « lean-to » near the trails. Enjoy !

Great hike! Great view!

Hiked solo. Perfect day, still ice on trail for last mile needed crampons

I took Bellows Pipe from Gould Rd. tried to hike up Thunderbolt but found it to be to difficult to get footings due to ice. I continued to take Bellows Pipe up to the summit, still very slippery but doable.. Great trip!

1 month ago

Hiked this trail with my fiance and my 8 year old daughter. Thought it was a great hike and tough in spots. Getting closer to the top it gets difficult and steep but well worth the view. A lot of water source and camping spots. We will hike this again but in the late afternoon to catch the sunset!

1 month ago

I hiked this trail in the middle of Feb from the trail head on 62 to Hearts Content. I really enjoyed the hike. The trail is well marked for the most part. There are a couple places were I had to stop and search for the next blaze. There was a couple of inches of new snow on the ground. The trail starting at 62 has a fairly steep incline. The elevation change is a gain of over 700ft in the first mile. Watch your footing on that section of the trial. There are a few spots that you could get seriously hurt if you fell. There are numerous streams on this trail. You shouldn't have an issue getting water. I also passed a few good campsites over the course of this hike. I did the trail as an out and back. There are some amazing rock formations along this trail as you get closer to Hearts Content.

1 month ago

Hiked on Feb 18/18. Only one other on trail who i caught up with at summit. Trail not particularily well marked though the other hiker broke trail which made finding my way easy. Little snow but lots of ice ,some very challenging, a few ice covered scrambles that required thought on how to climb
False summit has nice views, actual summit is in the woods. There is supposed to be a marker at the summit but could not be found. Likey some jerk took it for a souvenir. Decent was like the assent with a few challenging spots.
My first winter solo.Enjoy

A lot of overlap with the snowmobile route so watch out. Even after a few inches of new snow, still dangerously icy underneath.

outstanding views at summit. Trails well travelled. Spikes essential No need for snowshoes

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