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go to ensign then head east to the upper most radio towers, its a great hike an a great view.

2 days ago

I've been in Colorado for 4 years but, in Manitou Springs for 3. I started doing it after I got here but, hated it and quit after about 30 climbs. I got serious again with it about 2 months ago and do it 6 times a week at 5:20am. As of yesterday my 81st trip up and down is in the books...it also helps that the walk from my front door is about a mile to incline trailhead!

A beautiful and magical hike when there's several feet of snow and even more falling. Nothing too strenuous, but it's not noted that you have to park right of the highway and hike roughly an additional .5 mile to get to the trailhead. The snow was hard packed enough that hiking boots were sufficient, though many people had snowshoes. The little climb to get to the cave where the falls are was a bit slick without any kind of spikes, but still doable.

Pretty easy, but great view!

There's a lot of snow still there and it gets slippery coming back down. But I personally didn't mind. It made more for the adventure!

Great workout. Started at 6:30 and got to see great view of sunrise. Very few people on the trail that early. Great 60 min morning hike

Really quick hike. Starts through a neighborhood then works up to some stairs and a short climb. Right now you definitely need books if not spikes as there are some iced out steep runs. Good payoff for such a short, accessible spot.

Starts off going through a neighborhood. Went yesterday and it’s still covered in snow and slippery. The hike seemed very short though due to the rapid change of scenery. Kids lived it. Toddler did struggle with snow though.

If you want to enjoy the sunset in a quiet place, you have to try it.

Short but steep. Beautiful view.

Great views of the city!

Extreme workout. Hydrate hydrate hydrate.

We really enjoyed this hike! Brought our little guy along:)

Love the incline! Great leg workout!

I'm sure it's great when there is no snow. There is currently tons of slippery ice and snow! We did it but it was sketchy!

11 days ago

We actually had a really fun time walking this urban trail. Yes, we threw snowballs at each other along the way—and it was almost 60 degrees outside! Once out of the businesses, the trail continues to follow the creek through a quiet residential area to this cool, old stone mill. The kids loved the place, and it’s always good to have an actual arrival point with kids. Fun 2 miles on a pretty Springlike day!

Great city view, try it night time...

Rough going at first but worth it

13 days ago

Its an amazing view.
Everyone is so friendly and encouraging.
Going to try to make this a weekly event for my family.

This is a beautiful road, but the description is incorrect. Pet dogs are NOT allowed in LCC, even in cars. There is a sign at the mouth of the canyon saying so. There are hefty fines if you do.

Also, traffic is terrible on a snowy day. The road has restrictions on cars without 4WD during inclement weather. It’s impossible to miss when these restrictions are in effect, so don’t ignore them! Weather is always worse at the top than the bottom.

This says it was dog friendly but the path to the falls is part of the watershed so dogs are not allowed. There are multiple trails from this trial head and some are dog friendly but most have signs posted saying no dogs allowed. We ended up just following the Bonneville Shoreline Trail for awhile because it was the only trail that allowed dogs.

We went on the segment from Delta, Utah to the Nevada border. This road goes past Lake Sevier.. Along this route there are a lot of BLM turn offs. I'd like to know more about all the different BLM areas as some looked pretty interesting. Keep in mind that cell service along this route is sparse to non-existent.

By the way, I am confused why there are pictures of Arches National Park on this page. Shouldn't they be on the page for Arches National Park driving trail or the trail of the arch?

great cardio workout and scenery

19 days ago

The trail is hard packed all the way to the falls. Spikes come in handy for the final accent. Really cool icicles on the falls right now.

22 days ago

Very challenging!! Definitely should have worked out more before!! Views are beautiful but the sense of accomplishment at the top is worth the pain!

25 days ago

Haven't been here in 17 years. Went up in January and it was intense with amazing views. Walk down felt like it took longer, watch out for trail runners on your way down.
Cant wait to do it in the summer.

Pretty easy. Awesome that they would build such a fancy bridge for the BST

1 month ago

Yes it was alternating between ice and mud, but it’s winter. I didn’t mind the grade and it’s pretty well signed to the falls. The falls are small but interesting. If you go in winter and there’s no poison ivy, you can crawl up past the falls to a bonus waterfall if you’re up for a little scrambling.

It’s a must do. Was my first time today and damn what a workout

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