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9 days ago

Really enjoyed each time we’ve visited

on The Chutes Trail

9 days ago

Nice location.
Wonderful views.
Nice parking lot with bathroom
Would recommend

Did this a while back during the summer and loved it! Such beautiful views and unique rock formations! Would definitely go back if I’m ever in this area again!!

10 days ago

A nice little trail that overlooks 7 Falls. The scenery is perfect, overlooking Manitou and Colorado Springs in the distance.

The only thing was that the trail gets very gravelly at the top of one of the slopes. With no guard rail or anything, it could take a little miss-footing to send someone over the edge of the cliff. So be careful of that.

11 days ago

Nice trail. Some snowpack on the shady side of the mountains microspikes advised. I agree with the moderate classification for this trail. only saw 2 people on this trail.

I grew up hiking this trail. Recent changes made you unable to park near the original trail head, but I think this is because there is a new trail head. I'm not 100% sure on this. When I was a kid, my favorite part of this trail was looking forward to finding the old energy station (or something) remnants at the top of the switchbacks. Overall the trail is pretty gentle, and you'll find raspberries at the top if you're lucky.

12 days ago

Just finished this trail today. After bridge 6 u need spikes on the shoes as it is really icy. We went 1 mile past bridge 7 and it was awesome. My hike today was 4.5 hours, 1,271 ascent and 4.7 miles total. Great day

13 days ago

Nice easy trail, great views.

13 days ago

Closed because of government shutdown. We drove out here and had to find out the hard way. The road is blocked off with 5 more miles to drive before getting to the trailhead.

17 days ago

I generally always start on the trail to the right of the trailhead sign. The trail is relatively steep to start but overall, it’s probably a medium-difficulty trail. If you take the entire trail and not stop at the peak (connects with Windsor at the end, I think), there is a meadow and stream. I’ve camped there before and is a nice spot.

I enjoy this trail, but always scared I’m going to get trampled by a mountain biker.

Juan and Jillian, are you sure the bells where not just from my mountain bikes passing by?

The trail was awesome though! Very icy at this time FYI (Christmas hiking)?

26 days ago

I also went clockwise (left trail up) as the steep rocky riverbed terrain was much easier on the incline than would have been coming down. Pleasant forest trail, with no substantial views but great for a trail run. Microspikes were helpful for half of the trail.

not as scary as I was expecting. it was a quiet day and less foot traffic made our hike more enjoyable.

Well marked trail with easy road access. Great hiking in the Slot Canyon...not to hard but fun.

1 month ago

All advice to take the alternate trail up and the Chamisa 183 trail down is good advice. The alternate trail begins to the left of the sign/map in the parking lot you’ll come down/out on the trail just to the right of that same sign. Both routes take you up to intersect at a sign that points towards Saddleback Ridge (to the left). I chose to go down toward the right for about an hour toward Tusecque, then doubled back to that sign to sit and lunch and then traipsed up the Saddleback Trail a bit just to get some different views and then doubled back take 183 back down in the parking lot. 11:30 AM to 3 PM. The trails are good it was a nice workout, moderate.

this is a great creek trail that fallows the valley up. we did this hike with show on the ground and several frozen spots in the creek loved it.

It was pretty, a little overrated. There are prettier hikes of that distance and difficulty at Cheyenne Canon.

1 month ago

This is like 3 separate hikes in 1.
The first mile or so is an easy walk through the slot. Great rock formations and an easy walk for any age. One person in another group did get claustrophobic and turned back.
The next 1/4 mile of so is a climb. Some trail, some stairs some switchbacks. It is a little bit of a challenge. Some smaller kids were having trouble and it is steep. The trail can be narrow with areas to pull over and let oncoming hikers pass. There was ice on the trail when we were there but it didn't cause too much problem.
The last part is on top of the mountain. Fairly flat trail with long views of the valley and other mountains. Again- beautiful.
I highly recommend this hike. The rock formations and the slot are amazing.

1 month ago

Amazing hike, took 2 hours because it was leisurely. I loved going in between and on top. Stunning panoramic view at the top. Really truly breathtaking.

yes, Jillian, I know what you're talking about as far as spooky or spiritual vibe. I've heard chimes, whistling, and bells throughout all the Meyer Ranch trails. And no, they aren't swaying trees. I might have even seen a ghost at one point as a hiker 15-20 feet in front of me disappeared off the trail (went off trail down a ravine?) I met him at the top and he had this other worldly look/feel to him. Strange ravens appear and I always feel like I'm being watched (same with Reynolds Park).

Hiked 12/5. Zero issues getting to the trailhead via Jeep. Light snow is left on the mountain. Easily hiked with spikes. Very cold and windy once at the top section of the trail. First half of the trail was easily marked. I had to verify with my downloaded map during the last half of the trek to the summit as the trail wasn’t as easily distinguished. Beautiful view. Fine in cold weather with a face mask and gloves.

1 month ago

My mom and I did this trek early in the morning on our way to Santa Fe. It’s more easy than moderate other than some elevation gain, but the tent rocks themselves are amazing to see.

1 month ago

Definitely hard finding the trail head. But what was a great hike even with the snow and ice.

I’ve been trying to find this stinking trail head for months and was so excited to finally hike it!!! Probably not the smartest in late November seeing as it was a ton of ice and we slid the whole way. I will come back to it in the spring but this time of year I don’t recommend for kids or older people or anyone who doesnt mind falling a lot. So exciting to find all 7 bridges though.

Beautiful just very busy

Loved it!!

better go before more snow comes, only me and 2 other hikers were on the trail, and they luckily marked the way with their feet. Awesome views all around. Bring snow chains if in a small vehicle, I passed a sedan that slid into a ditch in my Nissan Sentra, i had no issue with chains on my tires. snow is about 6 inches at TH, more at the top, very quiet and a nice getaway

2 months ago

What a great hike! Definitely do the slot canyon, and if you want to avoid any crowds go early morning weekdays. There was practically no one there.

Beautiful hike. Lots of trail junctions so I was glad to have the GPS map!

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