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22 days ago

Really great hike. Did it clockwise but thought it’d be better counter-clockwise in future. Wet & plenty of stream crossing; gaiters a bonus.

found it base on your review, Thanks Paul. It does have green blazes that are very widely spaced then they become old faded white blazes, but for the most part the trail is easy to follow as it makes it way over the top towards a view of rt 17 at this time of year. You need not worry about getting seriously lost as the trail does skirt along the back yards or within view of homes along the way. If you'd like to do some addtional expolring there go to "find a grave" type in chester cemeties and then " Board famliy" and " Davis family" with the GPS lat/long you can a find the little cemetieses but you need boots for the Board cemeatry ankle deep water around the little hill .

trail running
27 days ago

First of all, what is highlighted on this page on the map and the elevation profile are NOT Goosepond Mountain Trail, they are of Lazy Hill Road. Goosepond Mountain Trail goes to the west of Lazy Hill Road and actually goes up and over Goosepond Mtn. If you approach the mtn from the south, at the Laroe Rd trailhead, proceed along Lazy Hill Road, which is a old road. After about a half mile, just as you approach a stream, there is a faint trail on the left, which is accessed by crossing the stream. It is then not too hard to follow the trail up to the top of the mountain. It rolls for a while and then climbs more steadily. At times it is blazed. At times it follows old woods road grades. I only went as far as the top of the mtn, and then went back to the trail head. It was a total of just under 4.5 miles round trip according to my phone GPS.

i hiked this trail once this past summer, and twice last summer. it is one of the easier trails.Perfect for beginners - children and adult.

Beautiful nature walk. Easy walk around the lake, but the trail was washed out in several spots. We walked through it, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that as it was up mid-calf at some points and a layer of ice on the bottom. We hiked November 25 and my dog had two ticks on home when we got back to the car.

It was a peaceful hike along this primarily flat terrain. Beautiful view of the mountains and fall foliage.

What's never been mentioned is the .8 mile walk just to enter the woods. Parking may be a problem as well at the train station just to get started too. I did an out and back hike to the Den which was very impressive. The views are nice but not anywhere near as spectacular as "Almost Perpendicular" the view on the way overlooking the town of Tuxedo was decent as well. Trails marked well and definitely a nice hike.

Nice walk through the woods. Little tame one or two nice view spots. Dog loved it - very pretty foliage. Would rate as easy and the trail markers could a little better.

Wet, muddy, lots of streams and you step over stones to cross, which can be fun. Mixed acreage and roads connect several reservoirs, really nice view of Hudson from Black Rock peak. They have an education building for school kids and there are minnows in some streams, nice. Tons of trails, got off trail several times, should have planned colors of flags ahead of time for whole loop.

3 months ago

Not too exiting the first 2 miles on main trail, once off the trail you will need a machete. Hi grass and thorn bushes, that part of the trail is not maintained and completely grown over. Maybe good for a winter hike?

A bit muddy today but overall fun for our group of older gentleman.

3 months ago

Very nice hike, good mix of elevation, scrambles and pathways.

We parked up at the reservoir road parking at around 9:45am, no other cars there; then followed the yellow trail scramble up to the reservoir, followed by the yellow/teal trail pretty much all the way around the first figure eight route shown on the map. Total around 7-7.5 miles, took around 3.5 hours, with some nice passes of the other lakes/reservoirs, but no waterfalls. Trails very easy to follow.

Lots of vibrant colored vegetation, and small wildlife, and we saw a discarded snake skin on the black rock mountain viewpoint rocks, and a large timber rattlesnake about half a mile from the main car park, so keep your eyes open!

3 months ago

love love love this hike! if you’re looking to reach the den without taking the entire loop, follow the loop clockwise and split to the .4 mile shortcut after the .5 mile stretch. out & back is only 2 miles,and atop the den it’s super peaceful with stunning views. awesome for a sunrise hike because of the short distance from trailhead

A nice trail for a hike. Definitely going back to do another loop!

Today was a gorgeous day for a hike and I was able to take some amazing pictures. The views were breathtaking. Once we found where the blue blazer trail started it was very easy for follow. This trail can definitely be done in sneakers. Bring some snacks, there are plenty of nice places to stop and enjoy the view! Beware of snakes!!! We saw 3 snakes today with the last one being a HUGE black snake so keep your eyes open especially when you get to the part of the trail where you are deep in the woods. That is where we spotted the biggest snake any of us have ever seen

4 months ago

Great family outing and perfect for everyone. A few trails to choose from with boating, picnic areas and swings for the kids. Grounds, trails and bathrooms clean. Definitely one to come back to and dog friendly

I give this a 4 but it’s all relative. It’s not a 4 like In the adks or whites but it’s a lovely little hike. Easy side of moderate. Did as a Test run with a loaded backpack (sleeping bag, lots of fluids). Really nice flora, fungi etc to look at. Soft, gently rolling terrain. Like
Other Harriman hikes the intersections are ridiculous with 3+ trails cross crossing all over the place.

Holy mosquitos

Awesome park staff is very friendly helpful

We took 3 kids, ages 11, 7 and 4 on the yellow trail to the lake and then back up. About 5 miles round trip.
We were looking for a fun, not to strenuous stream hike that we could do with the kids and that would involve getting wet on a hot day. This was perfect.
The kids loved hiking through the streams and climbing up some of the waterfalls along the way. We saw lots of frogs, a lizard and a snake. At the lake, we turned left and found a nice cleared area to sit, eat lunch and look at the fish up close. The hike back was more uphill but even our 4 year old persevered and made it. Be prepared for lots of mud along with the fun.

Its not 1.8 miles but actually 2.4 which is fine. 1 pretty decent viewpoint and thats about it. Orange very easy to lookout and green going south a bit more challenging. Its not really a difficult hike and should be rated as easy, not moderate.

I definitely went off the trail that’s listed here on AllTrails and it was pretty awesome. Some decent climbing up. Nothing to technical or hard but got my heart rate up nicely. It was a perfect hike with my dog who is super athletic but she’s also 11. I’d go back to explore more for sure!

Black Rock Forest is absolutely wonderful. Recently went hiking with buddies through over 9 miles of the park's various trails (and there's still at least 1/3 of the park we didn't even get a chance to see), Black Rock Forest is definitely staying as one of my favorite parks. Lots of great hiking, well maintained trails. Trails are very scenic, lots of wildlife and flora. Parking lot is spacious. Encountered a couple of people towards the beginning and end of the hike, but otherwise didn't see anyone.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Started at the 17m entrance across the road from the parking lot. There's an initial climb, but nothing too intense. It transitioned from gravel to blacktop, so it's pretty easy riding. I noticed trails that offshoot from the main path and I ventured off on one that was fun to ride, but ended running into a tall grass open field. Lots of thorny plants too so gloves were helpful, pants would have been nice too. Got back onto the main path and followed to the end at Laroe Rd. On the way back found a trail that went right, up the hill (had to push it) and eventually up to the top. There was a wide path through grass and woods that takes you under the power lines. I turned around and headed back which was all downhill and lots of fun. Followed a different trail that cut across and eventually popped out on the main path. Definitely recommend making the climb up that trail, if you're looking for something more challenging and fun. On a Sunday I did encounter 4 or 5 others, some with dogs, and there was a group of 4 on bikes.

6 months ago

Very nice hike with rocky parts. Amazing view on the Greenwood lake, also lakes on the way make the trail more interesting.
Can be challenging when it's 94F ;). The hike itself is beautiful.This trail was a
little bit too crowded for me.The parking is tiny, so it's better go there early in the morning.

7 months ago

A really nice hike. Rhododendron forest. Some rock scrambles. Some nice views. Took about 2 hours.

Did the longer trail. View at the end of the trail is great. The look out point is super cool. The way back is definitely moderate (rocky, muddy and a little steep at points. while the way up is pretty easy.

7 months ago

Lovely hike. Good amount of up and down, with 3 scenic viewpoints. Went counter clockwise, felt like a good decision with a natural lunch stopping point midway at the titular den. Not too crowded when Memorial Day Weekend. Easy to get to from Tuxedo train station. Overall great day hike.

8 months ago

First hike for season to become acclimated. good workout on legs. No rock scrambles. Doable with sneakers but I am getting hiking boots for next time. prolly wont do this trail again for 2018 (5/5/2018 did it). Will try to tackle something a little harder.

I did both the north and south trails this morning. Both were very nice, short peaceful hikes. The view from lookout at the end of the north side (the trail across from the parking lot) was lovely! The markers were more clear on the north side than on the south side, but both were clearly marked. Took about an hour and 15 to do both hikes at a leisurely pace. On the south side, the loop did require crossing the stream, which involved getting my sneakers wet. But it rained a lot yesterday so maybe that it isn't typical.We didn't run into anyone on either of the trails, which was nice since parking at crowded trails is always a pain. I also saw the wood carving/shrine that someone including in a picture. Does anyone know what that is about?

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